20 Incredibly Beautiful Countries to Visit in Africa

Seriously speaking, the Best Countries to Visit in Africa will not only blow your mind but will motivate your spirit and reveal what a great continent Africa is.

Africa is a massive and diverse continent home to many cultures, ethnicities, stunning natural beauty, and fascinating history. When we hear “Africa” described as a destination, we frequently forget about the vast diversity of its substance. Even though we often witness this on television, radio, and in print, it is very challenging to condense the spirit of Africa into a single location.

Fortunately, traveling helps us to see past these misconceptions and allows us to recognize how wonderfully diverse Africa is.

Whatever your motivation, visiting Africa will undoubtedly be an unforgettable experience. Are you still undecided on where to go in Africa?

Here are our top 20 incredibly beautiful countries to visit in Africa.

#1. Morocco

Morocco offers everything, from charming beach resorts to snowy highlands and fascinating cities. It borders both the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea.

Due to its diverse history, it is a very intriguing place to visit. Almost wherever you turn, you can discover signs of the cultural influences of European, Berber, and Arabian people.

 While there, don’t forget to sample some of the famed Moroccan food for yourself!

#2. Egypt – One of the Countries to visit in Africa

Egypt is unlike any other nation on Earth. It is renowned for its historic structures and sites, including the Valley of the Kings, the Great Sphinx, and the Giza Pyramids. Everywhere you look, evidence of one of the greatest civilizations and cultures can be seen, including finely carved sculptures, obelisks, tombs, and temples.

 The Mediterranean and Red oceans and the Sahara Desert encircle Egypt, which is situated in the northeastern corner of the continent. The Nile River flows through Egypt and is the nation’s lifeblood.

#3. South Africa – One of the Countries to visit in Africa

Because some regions of South Africa resemble locations in the US or Europe, it is conceivably the most unique African destination. But the nation exceeds your expectations of a typical African country in every way.

 Thanks to well-known natural treasures like Table Mountain, nature is unsurpassed. Kruger National Park has some of the continent’s most diverse fauna. While the towns might seem quite rural, their more prominent cities, including Cape Town and Johannesburg, are the most cosmopolitan in Africa. In general, a nation is a must-visit place for various reasons.

#4. Ethiopia – One of the Countries to visit in Africa

With archaeological discoveries reaching back more than 3 million years, Ethiopia is a nation with a rich history. Examples of this heritage include the 12th-century cathedrals in Lalibela and the ruins of the ancient city of Aksum. If you love history as I do, you should go there.

 Notably, Gondar Castle offers a wide variety of historical and archaeological sites that are simply too excellent to miss.

 Visit Simien Mountains National Park and Nechisar National Park if you like natural settings; both are breathtaking and worth a few days of exploration.

Always observe safety procedures and pay attention to local advice when traveling, especially when it comes to those more giant creatures.

#5. Seychelles – One of the Countries to visit in Africa

It’s understandable why Seychelles is regarded as one of the most exquisite travel destinations in the world.

 There is much to discover if you want to do more than simply unwind on the beach. The national parks that have been established on several of its smaller islands serve to preserve their natural beauty and cultural history.

 Visit the breathtakingly lovely Curieuse Island and experience snorkeling in the stunning Sainte Anne Marine National Park.

#6. Kenya – One of the Countries to visit in Africa

For many, Kenya is the birthplace of the safari, one of the greatest sites in the world to observe animals up close. Lions, elephants, and buffalo wander with herds of antelope, flocks of flamingos, and the rare black rhino amid its endless savannah and dry deserts, which are teeming with life.

 Some of the most well-known peoples and civilizations on the continent, such as the Maasai, Kikuyu, and Swahili, of their distinct languages and customs, call their spectacular landscapes home. Kenya’s vibrant and swarming capital, Nairobi, stands in sharp contrast to the country’s residents’ centuries-old ways of life. Nairobi is one of the continent’s most exciting cities.

#7. Tanzania

Knowing where to start in Tanzania might be challenging because there is so much to see and do. Suppose you want to go on a safari and see the Big Five. In that case, you must visit the magnificent Ngorongoro Crater and the renowned Serengeti in the country’s north. The tallest mountain in Africa, snow-capped Mount Kilimanjaro, is also nearby.

 There are many distinct landscapes in this beautiful region of East Africa, each one more striking than the previous. For instance, the country’s largest and most populous city, Dar Es Salaam, is situated along the Indian Ocean shoreline. You may also locate the magnificent Zanzibar archipelago just offshore, which is home to several beautiful beaches and is a popular tourist destination.

 Suppose you like more information on places to visit in Tanzania. In that case, you may want to read Visit Tanzania – Top places, food, arts, and culture.

 #8. Namibia

Namibia, a neighboring nation of Botswana, is a terrific place for an adventure through some of Africa’s beautiful scenery and is also rich in wildlife.

Etosha National Park is a must-visit since it is home to 300 different bird species and 114 different animal families.

You may also visit the Cheetah Conservation Fund, go on a quad bike journey across the Namib Desert, and explore Kolmanskop, a deserted village.

#9. Malawi

We travelers frequently overlook this landlocked nation in southern Africa, favoring its more well-known sisters, Kenya and Tanzania.

 It truly is a unique area to visit, with a physically diversified terrain that ranges from the towering peaks of Mount Mulanje to the expansive grasslands of the Nyika Plateau, not to mention Lake Malawi. Malawi is a nation of incredible beauty, whether you come here to trekking and kayaking or to take in some of its unique traditions.

 Don’t forget to sample Nsima, a native delicacy prepared from ground maize that goes well with grilled meats and vegetables.

#10. Botswana

One of the safest countries on the continent is Botswana, which has a long history of having the most stable economy in Africa. With a sizable portion of its territory for wildlife, it is also a top safari destination.

 Several antelope species and predators that have long evolved to dry climates live in the semi-arid Kalahari area and the Makgadikgadi Pans. The country’s north, in contrast, has a warmer subtropical climate and an abundance of water resources in the Okavango Delta and Chobe National Park. Overall, the nation is one of the greatest to travel to in Africa since it offers a vast diversity of species due to the various temperature and vegetation.

#11. Zambia

Because Victoria Falls possesses the most significant mass of free-falling water, it has been named one of the world’s seven natural wonders. Tourists are now focusing on Zambia, which also borders the falls, because of the political unrest in Zimbabwe.

 There are various reasonably priced lodging alternatives in the adjacent town of Livingstone for tourists. Zambia draws visitors to its safari parks and nature reserves, which are noted for having some of the densest wildlife populations in Southern Africa and Victoria Falls.

 #12. Mauritius

Although Mauritius may take some getting accustomed to, visitors often leave in awe of the breathtaking beaches, mountains, and waterfalls on display. Because of its distance from Madagascar—more than 1,000 kilometers—it is home to some of the world’s rarest vegetation and animals.

Trekking into its hilly core while groups of colorful birds whirl above the tropical rainforest canopy is a genuine delight. You’ll find rocky gorges, soaring waterfalls, and steep ravines hidden among the thick vegetation. Overall, the volcanic landscapes provide some of the most idyllic settings imaginable.

Beautiful white sand beaches with the welcoming waves of the Indian Ocean are there for you to relax on, while the offshore seas are perfect for snorkeling and scuba diving. Mauritius is known for its delectable and varied food due to the diverse makeup of its population and unique cultural history. Any one of the peaceful, laid-back fishing communities that dot its coastlines is a great place to sample some of its fantastic French, Chinese, or East African-influenced meals. 

#13. Ghana

Ghana is a nation that rose from the ruins. Long periods of military control were followed by a long period of British authority. At the same time, it was known as the Gold Coast. Ghana is currently the economic powerhouse of West Africa because of its gold riches. With recognizable castles and forts, colonial architecture is still widely visible.

 Additionally, the nation is home to the vast Ashanti Kingdom remains encircled by sandy beaches, lakes, mountains, and jungles. Most tourists must get a visa, which is suitable for up to 90 days. You may save time and hasten the visa application procedure using iVisa.

#14. Rwanda

Because you could see mountain gorillas up close at Volcanoes National Park, Rwanda is the top African destination for gorilla enthusiasts.

Although it is not inexpensive, the proceeds go toward the park’s excellent conservation efforts as well as the construction of schools and health facilities for the neighborhood.

You cannot ignore the sad past of this nation. Still, you may learn about and reflect on the atrocities to ensure they are never forgotten by paying a memorable visit to the Kigali Genocide Memorial Centre.

Try some delicious Matoke, which is made chiefly of steamed plantains. 

#15. Uganda

Landlocked Uganda, which borders the biggest lake in Africa, is also home to the highest mountain range on the continent and the source of the Nile. Although its infrastructure and tourism sector is underdeveloped compared to Tanzania’s and Kenya’s neighboring countries, this just adds to the allure of exploring its breathtaking scenery.

Due to its turbulent and sad past, Uganda was long ignored by travelers visiting the continent. Still, it gradually reclaims its moniker as the “Pearl of Africa.” This is primarily because it is one of only three nations worldwide where mountain gorillas may be seen in the wild. When visiting the Rwenzori Mountains’ cloud rainforests, it is a must-do to witness the gorgeous animals up close. 

#16. Senegal

Senegal is one of the best-kept secrets in Africa, with a small but growing tourist sector. It also has a sobering history of the slave trade, which everyone should research to avoid repeating the same mistakes. Goree Island is home to several museums and historical ruins. Still, it was initially well-known as a significant slave trade fort.

Aside from its terrible past, Senegal is the hub of West Africa’s wildlife, with national parks that promote ecotourism. Rare mangrove and baobab trees and threatened species like West African lions may be found in these parks.

#17. Tunisia

Tunisia, a long-established tourism hotspot, is situated between Algeria and Libya on North Africa’s Mediterranean coast. Numerous Europeans travel here to relax on the golden sands. They swim in the water because of the region’s fantastic weather, welcoming beaches, and thriving tourist business.

 Tunisia is more than simply sand, sea, and sun; it is also home to several awe-inspiring ancient historical monuments. This is because, throughout its history, it has been controlled by many people, including the Carthaginians, Romans, Ottomans, Arabs, and, subsequently, the French. The breathtaking Roman amphitheater at El Jem and the remains and ruins of Carthage are, without a doubt, the centerpieces of its numerous historical sites.

#18. Cape Verde

Northwest Africa is home to the tiny archipelago of Cape Verde. Cape Verde is referred described as the Brazil of Africa because of its Portuguese heritage, thriving beach cities, and volcanic scenery. Thanks to the flourishing ecotourism industry, numerous hiking and water sports are available to guests.

 It is the most suitable time of year to visit Africa since it is colder. The capital city of Sao Vicente holds a carnival in February that is on par with Rio Carnival in Brazil. Psst! A foodie’s dream, Cape Verde!

#19. Madagascar

Madagascar is the biggest island in Africa, and there is a much to see and do there that it might be challenging to choose just a few.

 Be sure to see the breathtaking Isalo National Park, Ranomafana National Park, and the Avenue of the Baobabs.

 Visit the walled Royal town and UNESCO World Heritage Site of Ambohimanga, which is very close to the capital, for a bit of history.

 The coastline is magnificent, the Malagasy people are friendly and inviting, and to top it all off, it’s the only spot in the world where you can view wild lemurs in their natural environment.

#20. The Gambia

Regarding Africa, The Gambia is a lovely (and very tiny) place to visit. The Gambia, like the majority of the other nations on our list, has a thriving animal population that is simply too excellent to pass up.

 Monkeys, hippos, hyenas, leopards, and several rare bird species may all be seen at Kiang West National Park and Bao Bolong Wetland Reserve.

 The beaches aren’t far away either; they’re famous in the Gambia. The dynamic capital city of Banjul is also a terrific place to visit since it has a fascinating National Museum of Gambian history.

Frequently Asked Questions on Countries to visit in Africa

Which African nations are safe to travel to?

Mauritius, Botswana, and Malawi are the three most peaceful nations in Africa, according to the 2019 Peace Index. Using this information as a reference, it is safe to go to these nations. Read this article on the 15 safest African countries to visit for a detailed list of the continent’s safest nations.

What season is ideal for traveling to Africa?

Although several of the nations of Africa are pleasant all year round, most have distinct dry and warm winters followed by hot and wet summers. Wildlife tends to concentrate around water sources, making them easier to observe. Thus June to September is frequently the ideal time to come.

Which African nations are unsafe to go to?

Several Central and East African nations still present civil conflicts and political disputes. Traveling to Somalia, South Sudan, the Central African Republic, or the Congo might not be safe, mainly when there is political unrest, continuing conflict, or terrorism concerns.


We are happy this list made it to help you make decisions about what destination you will like to visit. They will expand your horizon when it comes to exposure and education.

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