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10 Student-Friendly Countries with Post-Study Work Visa

Are you looking for a job after graduation? If yes, then you should consider applying for a post-study work visa. These visas allow students to stay in their host country for some time after graduating from university.

Countries around the globe offer post-study work visas. They provide opportunities for international students who want to continue their studies or start working in another country.

There are ten student-friendly countries with post-study work visa programs. Find out where they are located and what kind of jobs are available.

About Post-Study Work Visa

Using the United Kingdom as an example, the Post Study Work Visa, otherwise called the Alumni Course, is another visa that offers an open door for TBC understudies graduating in (or later) 2021 to live and work in the UK.

Post-Study work visas (PSW) in the U.K are for global understudies who are graduating whenever, beginning from the Late spring of 2021. It will permit qualified understudies to live and work in the UK for as long as two years after finishing their Undergrad or Graduate degree or three years after their Ph.D.

The PSW Visa will be accessible to global understudies who have a legitimate understudy visa at the hour of use and have finished a certification at undergrad level or above at an endorsed Advanced Education Suppliers, like The College of the West of Britain (UWE, Bristol) or Leeds Beckett College.

TBC accomplices with both of these English Colleges, and as such, understudies have the choice to move to one of them after finishing either their establishment, first-year, or lone rangers’ degree with TBC. In case you’re interested in getting a Visa to work in the U.Kgetting a Visa to work in the U.K, do check our other topics out.

Advantages of Post Study Work Visa

Freedoms of working all day and acquiring Profit from Speculation

The PSW work visa will permit qualified understudies to work or search for work at any expertise level for two/three years after fulfilling their courses. They will want to bring in cash and get the Profit from Interest in advanced education.

Fantastic chance to rehearse scholarly learning in a work environment

The visa time frame will open another window for understudies to apply their academic learning into training at work, a chance to change theoretical understanding into pragmatic errands.

Amazing chance to acquire adaptable abilities

As graduates will have the potential to work with their picked businesses or areas. They will acquire adaptable abilities, including insightful, successful correspondence, convincing, collaboration, administration, independent direction, association and arranging, mindfulness, and other delicate skills essential to succeed.

A chance for systems administration with experts

During the work time frame, forward-looking alums might utilize the stage to organize and associate with experts from their enterprises and grow their chance fields for future advantages.

10 Student-Friendly Countries with Post-Study Work Visa

Post-Study Work visa choices are a significant charm for worldwide understudies. It’s a valuable chance to work in another culture, gain new abilities and see the world according to another point of view.

Listed below are the 10 Student-Friendly Countries with Post-Study Work Visas:

#1. Australia

Australia is quite possibly the most famous country that gives work licenses after study and is very tolerant of global understudies. Consequently, it turns into a well-known objective for understudies to seek after their advanced education and further launch their expert vocations.

Australia’s work visa program permits understudies to incorporate their relatives. Under Brief Alumni Visa (subclass 485), one can apply for a post-concentrate on work license in Australia.

There are two streams for this:

Graduate Work: This visa is for worldwide understudies who have graduated in fields that are sought after in Australia. This visa permits understudies to remain for a long time.

Post-Study Work: This visa is for worldwide understudies who have, as of late, graduated with a degree from an Australian college. Understudies can generally remain somewhere in the range of 2 and 4 years with this visa in light of their capabilities.

#2. New Zealand

Next up on our rundown of top nations that give work licenses after study is, as a matter of fact, New Zealand. If you are in the field of Cordiality, the travel industry, Food Science, the board, Agribusiness, and so on, then New Zealand is a definitive work objective for you.

Regarding positioning, New Zealand is ranked twelfth among the best nations to give work licenses after concentrating on the planet. Post-concentrate on work visas for understudies abroad depends on different regulations and guidelines. Understudies probably concentrated on New Zealand and have essentially finished Level 4 of the schooling capability system, if not higher.

#3. The United Kingdom

Another great review objective would be the UK. The UK Workspace opened its new post-concentrate on a work visa, the Alumni Course, for global understudies on July 1, which would permit worldwide alumni to apply for the option to remain for professional training toward the finish of their college programs.

It is legitimate for as long as two years. After that, you can’t expand your Alumni visa. However, you can change to an alternate visa, for instance, a Gifted Laborer visa, which permits you to come to or remain in the UK to make a qualified showing with a supported business. This visa has supplanted the Level 2 (General) work visa.

#4. Ireland

There are many motivations to concentrate on in Ireland: quality training to the side, the nation is likewise the European center to the north of 1,000 worldwide driving organizations, notes Schooling in Ireland.

North of 1,000 FDI monsters in ICT, Virtual Entertainment, Drugs, and Money have made Ireland the center point of their European tasks, with names like Google, HP, Apple, IBM, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pfizer, GSK, and Genzyme. They need the ability to drive their prosperity.

It’s feasible for global understudies to remain in the nation after graduating under the Reconsidered Third Level Alumni Plan Authorization. This permits non-EU/EEA understudies who have moved on from Irish advanced education establishments to stay in Ireland for a long time to look for business.

#5. The United States

The US has forever been known as a place that is known for fresh new chances, which makes it obvious why many flocks to the country to pursue the Pursuit of happiness. To work in the US in the wake of finishing your certificate, your F-1 visa will make it conceivable.

Worldwide understudies on an F-1 visa are qualified to apply for Discretionary Commonsense Preparation (Pick), given that they’re reading up in the US for a base one-year time span. Under this, worldwide understudies are allowed to remain and work in the US for a considerable time without being supported by a business.

The STEM Select is an augmentation of the standard Pick, permitting understudies two years rather than 12 to work in the US after graduation.

The H-1B visa is generally alluded to as the US’s staple work visa. It’s an impermanent work visa that permits non-US occupants to work in the country for as long as six years. In addition, they must have graduated with a base four-year certification in the equivalent or related field of the gig scope.

You can’t make a difference for this visa yourself — your manager needs to record it for you. Therefore, arranging construct associations is essential while you’re still on Pick status.

#6. Canada

Quality training and high expectations for everyday comforts are among the appeal of concentrating in Canada.

You might be qualified for a post-graduation work permit (PGWP) on the off chance that you have moved on from an assigned learning establishment (DLI) in Canada.

The PGWP permits you to briefly remain in Canada to work. However, to apply for a Canadian work grant, you will initially have to meet specific rules to work in Canada.

The PGWP might be given in light of the length of the review program, at least eight months up to three years.

#7. Germany

Alumni of non-EU/EEA nationals can work in Germany after they finish their examinations by broadening their home license for as long as a year and a half after graduation.

This year and a half start when you finish your last, most important tests, so you should begin searching for work while you are at college or during your last semester.

Remember that during this year and a half, you can work any position to help yourself until you figure out a full-opportunity business. However, it isn’t guaranteed to be connected with your field of study.

After getting some work in Germany, you can apply for the EU Blue Card program, a work-and-home license for non-EU/EEA nationals. All EU part states, except for the UK, Denmark, and Ireland, issue the EU Blue Card.

You could be qualified on the off chance that you are a non-EU resident and have finished tertiary schooling, and you have three years or more expert involvement with the calling connected with your profile.

#8. South Korea

South Korea has areas of strength, and its colleges are among the best on the planet in the quest for educational greatness. For example, entertainer Angelina Jolie’s oldest child, Maddox, is supposed to concentrate on natural chemistry studies at Yonsei College.

There are chances to work in the country after graduation. Understudies can apply for the D-10 visa or the occupation searchers visa to track down work in the country. The D-10 Visa is accessible for understudies who have procured a partner or four-year college education.

You can change to an E-1 Visa after tracking down your business. There are seven classifications: Teacher (E-1), Unknown dialect Educator (E-2), Analyst (E-3), Specialized Teacher/Expert (E-4), Proficient (E-5), Craftsman/Competitor (E-6) or Unfamiliar Public of Unique Capacity (E-7).

Independently, the South Korean government is presenting another kind of movement visa explicitly intended to attract worldwide abilities. Named the “Hallyu” visa, which in a real sense means “Korean wave,” it alludes to the sharp ascent in the ubiquity of Korea’s diversion, music, television dramatizations, and films.

#9. Singapore

Situated in Southeast Asia, the little, however powerful nation of Singapore is famous for its nature of advanced education and exploration. Instances of A-list organizations incorporate the Public College of Singapore and Nanyang Innovative College.

For worldwide understudies, you will be awarded a Transient Visit Pass after your understudy pass has lapsed, which will allow you 90 days to search for the business.

If you are moving on from one of the accompanying Establishments of Higher Learning (IHL) in Singapore, you can apply for a one-year Long haul Social Visit Pass, which is non-sustainable.

Worldwide, understudies could be qualified for three sorts of post-Study on work visas:

The Work Pass is for unfamiliar experts, chiefs, and leaders

The S Pass is for mid-level talented staff — competitors must procure no less than SG$2,500 per month and meet the evaluation models.

The EntrePass is for qualified unfamiliar business people who are quick to begin and work in a business in Singapore that is adventure upheld or has imaginative advances.

#10. Finland

Elite schooling, great life, and free understudy medical care administrations. Who would have no desire to live and concentrate on the most joyful nation — Finland — on the planet?

After your examinations, non-EU understudies can apply for a lengthy home license for as long as a year after graduation. This is expected to help graduates as they continue looking for work. Then, when you secure some work as an alumnus, you can apply for another home grant because of your new work situation.

Concentrating on Finland takes note that getting a new line of work in Finland can be trying, as not all fields of study offer open doors for work before graduation. They add that work candidates may be expected to have Finnish or Swedish language abilities.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Which nation has the best post-study work visa?

Nations with the best post-study work visas include; New Zealand, Canada, Australia, the United Kingdom, US.

Which nation has the longest Post-Study work permit?

Germany. Please note that alumni from non-EU/EEA nationals can work in Germany after they finish their examinations by broadening their home license for as long as a year and a half after graduation.

Which nation is best for studying, working, and PR?

The best nations to study abroad and work in 2023 include;

France, Singapore, Italy, The Netherlands, Germany, The USA, Ireland, The United Kingdom, New Zealand, Australia, and Canada.

Which nation is ideal to settle in after examinations?

Some of the ideal nations to settle in after examination include;

Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Germany, Ireland, Singapore, the United Kingdom, and Denmark.


Learning in an alternate nation is an excellent method for getting to probably the best schools on the planet while submerging yourself in distinctive new culture.

However, picking the right area to concentrate on is not simple 100% of the time. You may ask yourself if it is advisable to learn in the UK, Australia, or New Zealand.

At last, there’s no one-size-fits-all choice. Instead, you must contemplate the yearly educational expenses you must confront. Also, what sort of renowned schools can you access in a locale, and what are the living expenses in a particular city?

Above all, you will have to understand what sort of chances you will approach in your chosen country. To work abroad after graduation and gain insight to intrigue future bosses, finding a country that offers an extraordinary post-study work visa is critical. You can choose from the list of 10 Student-Friendly Countries with Post-Study Work Visas.

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