Croatia Business Visa: Application, Fees, and Validity

Business in Croatia has been quite blooming. Old businesses are prosperous, while new companies are taking shape. If you want to visit Croatia for business-related activities, you may need to obtain a Croatia business visa.

Croatia is one of the European countries that is between southeast Europe and central Europe. Therefore, many visitors trooping into the country for business purposes and related courses often testify to the people’s warmth and the land’s beauty.

To obtain the Croatia business visa to carry out activities that have to do with business, we have provided you with truthful information in this prosé. Read on!

Croatia Business Visa

The Croatia business visa is a short-term visa that can be used for business meetings, conferences, or other short-term activities. This visa type is relevant for only three months. You can meet with business organizations, firms, and business-related minds during this time. And suppose you would love to establish a business in Croatia. In that case, you can carry out a brief business background check in Croatia using this visa.

Eligibility Requirements for a Croatia Business Visa

Obtaining the Croatia business visa is easy, as it does not require extreme criteria to be eligible. Whereas the country is not part of the Schengen member countries, it offers visa-free access to citizens of Schengen member states. These citizens must be willing to carry out business-related activities for not more than ninety days. However, Croatia is among the European Union. Hence, the European Union States citizens have free access to carry out business tours in Croatia.

Suppose your country hasn’t gotten a visa-free agreement with Croatia. In that case, you will have to obtain this business visa to be in Croatia for business activities. Note that this visa type does not give you the freedom to work.

Application fee for a Croatia Business Visa

The Croatia business visa fee is paid in installments. You can make the first payment when you fill in the application form. The second installment payment can be made after you are called upon for an interview at the visa center, consulate, or embassy you attend in your home country.

However, in general, the application fee is a total of €70

Requirements for a Croatia Business Visa

Undoubtedly, the Croatia business visa is unique for business in Croatia. But you’d have to meet different requirements for the visa. Check below for more information.

#1. Visa application

You must obtain the visa application form online, input your correct details, print it out, and sign it.

#2. Copy of Passport

You need a copy of your valid international passport to apply for the Croatia business visa. The standard rule is that your passport must have no less than three months validity to your date of returning to your home country. It must also not have no less than two blank pages to append your visa.

#3. Passport size photograph

You need not less than two perfectly shot passport-size photographs for your application. Note that the photo must be taken against a white background, having a size of 35 by 45 mm.

#4. Flight itinerary

Your flight itinerary is your ordered document about your flight ticket to ascertain when you intend to leave Croatia. This document is crucial for your application process, without which your application will not be approved.

#5. Health insurance

Health is wealth; hence, you must take it with utmost care. So, transiting to Croatia for business, you need to invest not less than 30,000 Euros for your health insurance. This is to settle the bills related to your health while you are away in Croatia.

#6. Proof of sufficient finance

Going to Croatia for business, you need funds and adequate money to carry out your aims in the county successfully. According to the economy of Croatia, you will need the sum of 70 euros daily for the time you spend in Croatia. And to prove that you can afford this, you can provide either your pension slip, salary slip for the past six months, current bank statements, etc.

#7. Evidence of accommodation

Peradventure will be staying in a hotel in Croatia; you must tender hotel reservation documents. But, if you be staying with an individual in Croatia, you must provide a letter of invitation from the host.

#8. Proof that you will return to your home country

This proof can be any evidence that you’re employed in your home country (hence you need to return for your work). It involves a flight reservation, itinerary, or a letter from your employer, permitting you to be absent from work.

#9. Evidence of the purpose of your visit

Without a doubt, you need proof given by a legal body to guarantee that you are applying for a Croatian business visa to carry out business-related activities.

#10. Proof of sponsorship

Suppose you are not visiting Croatia on your own accord. In that case, you must provide a document to certify that a company or legal body sponsors you.

How to Apply for Croatia Business Visa

Applying for the Croatia business visa is quite simple but tactical. Therefore you need to follow this step-by-step guide for a successful visa application.

Step one: Obtain a letter of invitation

You can get this invitation letter from the organization, company, or firm you want to visit. Note that this letter must be written by a recognized organization in Croatia, bearing the stamp and company recognition.

Step two: Prepare your documents

Once you can settle and collate all necessary documents for your Croatia business visa application, you are halfway prepared. Note that all documents must be valid, updated, and authentic. However, failure to collect your documents may lead to a delay in your visa application.

Step three: Book an interview

Before visiting the application, you must book an interview with the Croatia consulate or embassy in your home country. The visa application form you obtain must be signed before your interview date.

Step four: Attend the interview

You must adhere to the date and time given for your visa application appointment. Once your document is available, you can pay the visa fees by bank transfer and submit evidence of payment.

And yes, you must visit the visa application center yourself; you cannot do this with the courier service.

Step five: Retrieve your documents

Once the embassy, consulate, or visa center you attend has assessed your application and documents, they will return your documents. After that, you can collect it through the courier service. Still, if someone is receiving it on your behalf, they must get a letter of authority.

Reasons for Croatia Business visa application rejection

There are several reasons why a business visa application may be rejected. Some of the most common causes include:

  • Not having the correct documentation.
  • Not meeting the eligibility criteria.
  • Providing false information.

It is essential to read the visa requirements carefully and to ensure that all information is accurate and complete before applying.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Croatia Open for a working visa?

Yes, Croatia is open to working visas. The process is relatively straightforward, and the Croatian government has prioritized welcoming foreign workers. There are a few things to keep in mind, however. First, you will need to secure a job offer from a Croatian company before you can apply for a visa. Second, the visa process can be lengthy, so be sure to start well in advance of your desired departure date.

Is a Croatia visa easy to get?

Croatia is visa-free for citizens of the European Union, the United States, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. However, for other nationalities, a visa may be required.

How do I get residency in Croatia?

There are a few ways to get residency in Croatia. One way is to have a job in Croatia. You may apply for a work permit if you obtain a job offer from a Croatian company. Once you have the work permit, you can apply for residency. Another way to get residency is to invest in Croatia. You can invest in property, businesses, or government bonds. You can also get residency through marriage or family reunification.

What is the cost of living in Croatia?

The cost of living in Croatia varies depending on the city you are living in. In general, though, it is relatively affordable. For example, a one-bedroom apartment in the city center will cost you around €500-700 per month, and a meal at a restaurant will set you back about €10-15.

How can I immigrate to Croatia?

There are a few ways to immigrate to Croatia. One way is to have a relative who is a Croatian citizen sponsor you. Another way is to find a job in Croatia and apply for a work visa. Again, you can study in Croatia and apply for a student visa.


The Croatian business visa has proven to liberate many business minds and ideas in Croatia. So if you are planning to go on a business trip to Croatia, you shouldn’t wait any longer- apply now!.

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