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Croatia Visa Requirements: Documentation and Eligibility

The country “Croatia” is currently accepting foreigners from different countries and continents to have a feeling of their incredible hospitality. And yes, knowing about Croatia visa requirements will help you prepare better for your trip.

Undoubtedly, Croatia is one of the most frequently visited Mediterranean tourist destinations that is situated between southeast and central Europe. Every year lots of tourists and individuals visit Croatia to catch a glimpse of its coastline, genuine beauty, and historical heritage. However, if you wish to add Croatia to your following list of travels, you’d need to see the prosé!.

About Croatia

It is a stunning country in southeastern Europe. It has a rich culture and history, and the people are friendly and welcoming. The scenery is attractive, with mountains, lakes, and beaches. There is something for everyone in Croatia, whether you’re looking for a relaxing vacation or an adventure.

Eligibility for Croatia visa

Although Croatia is not part of the Schengen-member countries, it offers visa-free access to citizens of the Schengen states. However, suppose you’re a citizen of countries with no visa-free access to Croatia. In that case, you must have the minimum requirements to obtain a Croatia visa.

Without a doubt, many countries have liaised with Croatia for a visa waiver. Hence, their citizens can enter Croatia without a visa for 90 days. However, suppose your country hasn’t reached a visa fee agreement. In that case, you must obtain a Croatia visa to access the country and be aware of the requirements for getting one.

Types of Croatia visa

Interestingly there are different types of Croatia visas that you can opt for. The type of visa given to you depends on the purpose and duration of your stay in Croatia. And here we have the kinds of Croatia visas you can go for, each having its specific requirements.

#1. Croatia Business Visa

This is a specialized visa for a business. You can travel with this visa type for three months to carry out business-related activities. The primary Croatia visa requirement for this visa is submitting proof that you’ll be going for business-related purposes.

#2. Croatia Tourist Visa

The Croatia tourist visa is a short-stay visa that you can use to enter Croatia for medical treatment, tourism, or even business activities.

#3. Croatia work visa

This long-stay visa type allows you to stay in Croatia for more than 90 days. The primary requirement for this visa is an employer willing to employ you and pay for your service. After that, you can apply for a work permit.

#4. Croatia student visa

Also, a Croatia student visa is a long-stay visa that permits you to pursue academics at any of the educational institutions in Croatia. You must be admitted into a university with a registered course before applying for this visa.

#5. Croatia family visa

This is specific for European Union families who have a legal residence or citizen in Croatia. However, the primary requirement for this Visa is evidence of family relations with the residents or citizens.

#6. Croatia Digital Nomad visa

As a remote worker, if you wish to live in Croatia, you can utilize the digital nomad formed in 2021 to facilitate the movement of remote workers to the country.

Croatia visa requirements

There are different requirements for the Croatia visa. It is noteworthy that meeting these requirements is a vital prerequisite you must satisfy to obtain the visa successfully. Check below for more information.

#1. Visa application form

The application form is one of the requirements for the Croatia visa. You can always access this form online at the official website of Croatia. And yes, ensure you fill in the form with your correct details. Cross-check one or two times and then print it out.

#2. Valid Passport

Equally, it would be best if you had a valid passport to apply for a Croatia visa. Your passport validity must be constant beyond the date you return to your home country. Likewise, it must be in good condition with your front page intact.

#3. Evidence of Accommodation

You may need to tender your proof of accommodation upon arrival in Croatia. These supporting documents certify that you won’t be stranded in the streets of Croatia when you eventually arrive in the country. You can prove this by submitting your Airbnb bookings, hotel reservations, or rental permission.

#4. Professional Documents

You must give details of your capacity or profession if you are on an adept trip. Also, you must provide details of the organization or establishment you’re aiming to visit in Croatia.

#5. Flight Itinerary

The flight itinerary is one of the visa requirements you need to travel to Croatia. This demonstrates that you will return to your home country once you complete your essence in Croatia.

#6. Proof of Financial Resources

Traveling to Croatia requires adequate planning, this cuts across having sufficient finances to fund your trip. Therefore, you need to submit evidence of financial stability that proves your capacity to cater to yourself and your loved ones.

#7. Medical Insurance

Another essential requirement to obtain a Croatia visa is medical health insurance with a minimum coverage of €30,000. Note that your insurance must cover your range for your hospital and medical expenses, including repatriation -in case of demise.

You can contact the Consulate General of Croatia or the embassy for more information about obtaining the insurance.

#8. Passport photo

You will need at least two passport-size photographs for your application. However, suppose you don’t have a recent photo. In that case, you can consider visiting the studio to get a perfect application shot.

Further, you need different documents for different reasons to enter Croatia. They include:

As an employee

Being an employee, working in an organization or firm, the following documents are essential requirements for your Croatia visa.

  • Evidence of employment
  • Your employment contract.
  • Statement of account for the past six months.
  • Your income tax return form.
  • Also, you must submit a letter from your employer that you will be taking a leave from work.

As a self-employed

You need to meet specific requirements for the Croatian visa if you’re a business owner or self-employed. They are:

  • A photocopy of your business license.
  • The bank statement of your establishment -given from the past six months.
  • Letter of status confirmation from your accountant, company’s house, or solicitor.

As a student

The requirements for studying in an academic institution in Croatia are as follows:

  • Admission letter into an educational institution in Croatia (if you’re going to Croatia for studies)
  • However, suppose you’re visiting Croatia for a short course or other activities. In that case, you must provide a letter from the institution that permits you to be absent from school. Also, you need to include evidence that proves that you’re a student, including your cause major, the institution you are attending, personal details, etc. Likewise, you need proof of financial resources to take care of yourself and Croatia.

As a retiree

As a retired individual from an organization or a company, you will need the following document for your application for a Croatia visa.

  • Proof that you are a retiree.
  • The statement of your pension given from the last six months.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Croatia a developing country?

No, Croatia is not a developing country. It is classified as a middle-income country. While some areas of the country are poorer than others, the overall standard of living is relatively high.

Can I work in Croatia?

Yes, you can work in Croatia. The approach for obtaining a work permit is straightforward, and there are several opportunities for foreigners to find employment in the country. You may need to get a Croatia visa to transit to Croatia, but you must meet the requirements

How do I become a citizen of Croatia?

To become a citizen of Croatia, you must first be a legal resident of the country. Then you can apply for citizenship through the Ministry of the Interior. Several requirements include speaking and demonstrating knowledge of Croatian history and culture.

How can I find a job in Croatia?

There are a few ways to find a job in Croatia. Firstly, you can check online job postings on websites. Another way is to network with people who live in Croatia or who have connections in Croatia. Finally, you can also attend job fairs and networking events in Croatia.

Can foreigners work in Croatia?

Yes, foreigners can work in Croatia. You must follow diverse steps to obtain a work permit, but the process is relatively straightforward. However, what is important is that the job must be eligible for a work permit, and the applicant must meet the eligibility criteria.


Meeting the minimum requirements for the Croatia visa is essential to obtain a visa. The eligibility criteria and general and specific requirements for your application have been discussed above. Check back for more updates.

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