Croatia Work Visa – Application, Documentation, and Fees

The Republic of Croatia is a great country with high employment opportunities. What non-EU/EEA citizens need to work in the country is a Croatia Work Visa and a permit. Croatia has different sectors, which include tourism, education, construction, etc. With the various and vast job opportunities in Croatia, the country is in dire need of workers. Therefore, the young people in Croatia travel to other destinations, especially EU countries, to work.

 The reason behind great jobs is that the young Croatians don’t enjoy working in the abovementioned sectors. So, this gives people of other nationalities the opportunity to come and work in the country.

As a result, Croatia is now hiring foreign nationals to fill in these job positions that have been left vacant by the locals. To get a job, people outside EU countries must obtain a Croatia Work Visa. Croatia’s work permit is for about twelve months. However, the country still extends its permit to about sixty days before it expires. So, having your work permit in place is an easy way of obtaining a Croatia work visa.

About Croatia

The Republic of Croatia is a country in the Balkans in Southeast and Central Europe. The nation of Croatia is part of a coastline along the Adriatic Sea. This country has about 4,047 populations, and the official language here is Croatian. However, there are other minority languages in the country that are used in the municipalities. The languages are Romani, Italian, Serbian, Hungarian, and Czech.

The country has an alluring climate. No country can beat its unspoiled nature or the historic cities. The breathtaking country is home to a beguiling museum, charismatic galleries, mouth-watering local and foreign delicacies, and enticing shopping places. Croatia offers its visitors blissful islands; appealing Mediterranean shines, an anchorage for yachters, and lots more. The country is a fascinating place to work, live and enjoy.

The Republic of Croatia is an excellent place for economic stability; as such, it is a good place for workers or employees to work. However, you would need a work visa as an employee to work in the country. The truth is that without a work visa, a worker will be stamped with delays because of non-compliant. In some cases, you might be given a fine. This post will show you every step you would take to get your work visa to avoid any consequences as you move to work in Croatia.

How to qualify for a work visa in Croatia?

 To qualify for a Croatia work visa, you must first get a job there. To apply for the visa, you should be a non-EU national (I.e., a third-country national). Better still, you get an offer of a job contract from any company in Croatia. Another way of getting a Croatia visa is when a company applies on your behalf. You would need to get the job first then the company will apply for a visa for you.

How to apply for a Croatia work visa?

Getting a visa to work in Croatia will be solely on the type of visa and the embassy that is used by the applicant. It is sometimes by FCFS (First come, first serve), or it can be through an appointment. But the steps below must be followed to secure a visa in Croatia.

  • Go to the nearest administrative police station of your choice or the consulate in your home country.
  • Then submit all the documents required for your Visa application.
  • Now, when the work and residence permits are approved, you can pay the approved fees, which are about 870 Kuna.
  • Then, you would also pay for administrative fees and biometric residence permit fees
  • The visa will then be ordered when all fees are paid.
  • Lastly, you can pick it up at the police station after 21 days.

Documents needed for the application for a Croatia work visa

For an employee to apply for a visa in Croatia, then the below documents should be presented alongside the application.

  1. A passport copy of the applicant
  2. The photo of the applicant (A passport size)
  3. Show evidence of supporting themselves financially as they work in the country
  4. Proof of Health Insurance and an employment contract
  5. Show evidence of employment contract in the country
  6. Show both qualifications and academic skills and evidence
  7. Proof of the intended company registration

How to pick up a job in Croatia

The fact remains that you need to have a job first before you get a visa to work in Croatia. So you can search for one via a recruitment agency, openings on Croatia websites, Croatian job portals, or government resources. Then, when you are successful with the job outcome, the next thing will be to begin your work visa application.

You would need to get proof of hire from your employer. The following needs to be obtained from the employer: Evidence to show an employment offer from the company, and there should be a legal employment contract. However, other employment proofs can be presented if available. When you have the above, you can now apply for a work visa, but the employer does it on your behalf.

Croatia works visa quotas/ labor market test.

Now Croatia has a rule concerning their labor market that applicants or companies must go through to obtain a work visa. But since January last year, the work quotas have been scrapped. So this means that no more foreign workers hire limitations in the country. This was tremendous progress, but one thing still needs to be done by an applicant or the company employing a worker. It is the labor market test which is a test carried out by the employment agency.

 So before there’s a hire of any non-EU employee, then the hiring employer must take permission from HZZ. The HZZ will then conduct a labor market test to ascertain that the company should hire the applicant. After that, the intended employer will be given the go-ahead to employ the applicant. This test goes for both full-time and part-time hires. But then, any part-time employment will be according to the decision of the HZZ.

Furthermore, a part-time employee must have a Neto salary of at least 3.381 kunas. When this requirement is met, then the applicant will be employed. The labor market test must be done 15 days after the test is requested. The test is about the HZZ checking to see in their database that the applicant meets with what the role entails. The HZZ will look at the work experience and the level of education with their qualification. If the employee meets the fundamental requirement, the applicant will be sent to the employer for hire.

Croatia Work Visa fees

Croatia work visa is not free; therefore, the fees stated must be paid to the relevant pay point in the embassy.

  • For issuing the employment, the fee is 560 Kuna.
  • For a biometric residence permit, the fee is 240 Kuna.
  • For administration costs, the fee is 70 Kuna.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Croatia open for working visas?

Yes, Croatia is a part of the European Union countries. So EU can work and live without a visa. But for non-EU citizens, a working visa must be obtained via the local republic of Croatia diplomatic mission. The Croatia work visa is valid for at least one year.

What’s the duration of getting a Croatia work visa?

It doesn’t take much time to get a Croatia work visa. The work visa should be ready for a minimum of 8-12 weeks. You will be notified when the visa is ready and how It will get to you through the embassy.

Where do I submit my application for Croatia Work Visa?

The application for the work visa should be submitted either to the VFS Global in your country or the Croatia Embassy.

What are work visa types?

Work permit; this is a permit needed by non-EU and EEA Croatia foreign employees to get a job and also stay in Croatia. This visa is always valid for twelve months and can be renewed if need be.

EU Blue Card: the EU Blue Card is issued for only well-qualified employees. It is always valid for twenty-four months. The holders of this work visa can work freely with it.

Work registration certificate: the Work registration certificate is granted to those that work in renowned religious societies and journalists. So this is mostly issued for specific kinds of jobs.

What is the best way to get a Croatia work visa?

Get in touch with the consulate in your country, your local police station, or the local Croatian embassy.

Where to fill the Croatia work permit visa?

To fill your work permit visa for Croatia, you would need to do this online. You complete the form and sign the form before submitting it.

What’s the required amount for health insurance for a Croatia work permit?

The health insurance of thirty thousand Euros should be the least coverage needed. Again, the insurance should be for thirty days from the departure date.


Working in Croatia by foreign nationals is possible now, especially as the market quotas have been suspended. However, non-EU/EEA workers need a Croatia work visa to get hired in the country. So this group of people must apply for and secure a valid Croatia work visa to work in the country. Getting a work visa in Croatia is unique but straightforward for applicants. You need to follow the process as outlined above.

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