Croatian Embassy in Canada: Popular Consular Services

As a Croatian on visit, study or work in Canada, you can get consular help at the Croatian Embassy in Canada.

As a Croatian citizen residing in Canada, you stand a lot to benefit from the Croatian Embassy in Canada. What are these benefits, and where can you locate the embassy’s office in Canada? This page seeks to provide answers to these and many more questions.

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What is an Embassy?

For the sake of our context, an embassy is a diplomatic representation from one country to another country. In essence, the embassy of Country A represents that country in country B. Basically, the importance of an embassy is to promote mutual diplomatic relations between both countries.

Usually, two countries with valid mutual relations will each have their embassies in the other country. Sometimes, however, a country may merge its embassy to two different countries in one location if it has not had the means to create a foreign embassy in one of the countries.

Officially, the head of an embassy is the ambassador, who is also the representative of his country in a strange land. In most situations, the ambassador serves as the voice of his country people and the spokesman for his country’s political head.

About Croatia

Croatia, officially the Republic of Croatia, is a small country located between Central and Southeast Europe. Croatia borders Slovenia, Hungary, Serbia, Bosnia, Herzegovina, Montenegro, and Italy.

The official language in Croatia is Croatian, and the country utilizes a Latin writing system. It is a member of many international bodies such as the European Union, the United Nations, the World Trade Organization, and the Council of Europe.

Furthermore, Croatia is known for its popular tourist sites, ancient Roman and Latin cultural influence, and a stable, high-income economy.

Diplomatic Relations between Canada and the Democratic Republic of Congo

Bilateral relations between Croatia and Canada dates as far back as the 16th century. However, formal ties between both countries did not begin until the last ten years of the 20th century. History has it that Jacques Cartier was the first explorer to visit Canada. As a matter of fact, he had two Croatians in his crew, one of whom became Quebec’s founder. Quebec is the only French-dominated province in Canada today.

Much later, in 1992, Canada was one of the first countries to grant recognition to Croatia. After Croatia gained independence in 1993, its formal bilateral relations with Canada began officially on April 14 of that same year. In February 1994, the Croatian Embassy opened in Canada, while Canada opened its Embassy in Croatia later in November.

Although there was diplomatic distancing at some point, both countries have intensified their mutual support and have initiated several successful negotiations.

In fact, did you know that Croatia is one of the 67 countries that Canadian citizens can currently travel to visa-free? In essence, Canadians do not need to apply for a travel visa or pay a visa application fee if they are visiting Croatia. This is especially true if you will be staying in Croatia for a 90-day period. Suppose you are staying longer than 90 days; in that case, you will apply for a Croatian visa.

This exciting information goes to a large extent to explain the cordial relationship between both countries.

Address of Croatian Embassy in Canada

The Embassy of the Republic of Croatia

Located in the Sandy Hill neighbourhood, the Croatian Embassy is one of the foreign embassies represented in Ottawa, in the province of Ontario. Currently, Marica Matkovic is the Croatian ambassador to Canada and has his office at the embassy.

Evidently, the Croatian embassy office is located in a heritage building whose history dates back to 1875. The Croatian-Canadian community had purchased the building in 1993 after Croatia gained its independence. The building would, later on, open as the Croatian embassy in 1999.

Canada has up to 647 foreign representations on its grounds, and the Croatian embassy is one of them. Croatia has diplomatic representations with 188 different countries, out of which Canada is one.

The Croatian Embassy in Canada is located at:

229 Chapel St,

Ottawa, Ontario

K1N 7Y6, Canada

Opening Days: Monday to Thursday (10 am to 2 pm) (Consular Department)

Monday to Friday (8 am to 4 pm) (Embassy office)

(Office may be closed on Canadian and Croatian public holidays.)

Also, visits should only be made upon scheduled appointments

Ambassador: Marica Matkovic

Diplomatic Personnel: Diana Strkalj, Minister Counsellor

Natalija Bukovec-Osmicevic, Minister Counsellor

Croatian Embassy in Canada Contact Details

Embassy of the Republic of Croatia in Canada

Telephone: +1 (613) 562 7824 (consular section), +1 (613) 562 7820 (ambassador’s office)

Emergency Situations (outside office hours and for Croatian nationals): 00 385 1 4569964

Fax: +1 (613) 562 7821

Email: [email protected]

Email (Consular Section): [email protected]


Croatian Consular Offices in Canada

Interestingly, Croatia also owns consular offices in Canada. This time around, the office is located at:

  1. Consulate General of the Republic of Croatia in Canada, Mississauga

918 Dundas Street E

Suite 302, Mississauga

Ontario, L4Y 2B8


Telephone: ++1 905 277 5432

Emergency Hotline for Croatian Nationals: 001 647 229 6411

Fax: ++1 905 277 5432

Email: [email protected]

Opening Days: Monday to Friday (10 am to 1 pm)

Tuesday (10 am to 1 pm and 4 pm to 6 pm)

Clients are only received by prior appointment. This is usually scheduled via email or phone.

Consul General: Ante Jovic

Diplomatic Personnel: Jelena Peric, Consul Counsellor

  1. Consulate of the Republic of Croatia in Canada, Vancouver

500-720 Robson Steet

Vancouver, British Columbia

V6Z 1A1, Canada

Email: [email protected]

Honorary Consul: Mr. Manjot Hallen

Address of Canadian Consular in Croatia

Canada maintains an embassy in the Republic of Croatia to show mutual diplomatic relations. This is known as the Embassy of Canada in Zagreb, Croatia. The embassy is the recognized Canadian sole representation in Canada. It also houses Canada’s consular section in Canada.

Facts: The Canadian Embassy in Canada is one of the 142 foreign representations in Croatia. Meanwhile, it is one of the 81 foreign representations located in Zagreb. On the other hand, the embassy is one of Canada’s 252 diplomatic and consular representations in other countries.

Embassy of Canada in Zagreb, Croatia


Prilaz Gjure Dezelica

#4 Zagreb 10 000


Telephone: (+385) (1) 488 1200, (+385) (1) 488 1238

Fax: (+385) (1) 488 1230

Email: [email protected]




Opening Hours: Monday to Thursday (10 am to 12 pm and 1 pm to 3 pm)

Friday (10 am to 12 pm)

Head of Mission: Mr. Alan Bowman, Ambassador

Top Services Provided by Croatian Embassy in Canada

The Croatian Embassy in Canada has mentioned that its services are limited due to the COVID-19 pandemic. However, their top services include the following:

  • Processing of passport and visa applications
  • Legalization of documents
  • Emergency issuance of travel documents
  • Of course, the consular offers general assistance to Croatian nationals whenever they need it.
  • Attestation of travel documents
  • Lastly, replacement of a lost, stolen, or damaged passport

How to Apply for Passport at Croatian Embassy in Canada

You could be a Croatian citizen in Canada who needs an emergency renewal of a passport. Or you could be a Canadian who has owned a Croatian passport before but needs to renew it. Whatever be the case, it is possible to apply for a Croatian passport from the Croatian Embassy in Canada. Of course, this is one of the many reasons why the embassy exists.

Documents Required to apply for Croatian Passport

First of all, to apply for renewal of passport from the Croatian Embassy in Canada, you will need the following documents:

  • A complete application form (you can obtain this from the Croatian embassy)
  • Two passport-sized photographs
  • The recently expired passport
  • Also, you will provide a proof of your legal status in Canada
  • The stipulated application fee

However, if you are applying for a Croatian passport for the first time, you will provide the following:

  • A completed application form for the Croatian passport
  • Croatian citizensh8ip certificate (demovnica)
  • In addition, your birth certificate
  • Proof of legal status in Canada (For example, you will need to present your permit or other legal residential documents.)
  • The stipulated application fee.

According to the consular office, applicants for the Croatian passport should submit their applications in person. To prove your Croatian citizenship, you can either submit the Croatian citizenship certificate or instead provide a ruling of the Minister of the Interior of the Republic of Croatia. The ruling will confirm that you had obtained Croatian citizenship at some point in time.

Suppose you are applying for a new passport because the previous one was stolen. In that case, the consulate requests that you provide a police report. The essence of the report is to prove that you had reported the theft incidence to the police. This will be in addition to other document requirements for passport renewal.

In conclusion, we hope that we have been able to expose you to the most important details about the Croatian Embassy in Canada, as well as the Canadian Embassy in Croatia. Suppose you need further clarification about what services you can obtain from any of the consular or embassies.