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Guide on Applying for a Cuba Residence Permit

If you need to stay in the Republic of Cuba for more than 30 days, then you must obtain Cuba Residence Permit, which application process can be daunting.

Generally speaking, Cuba is an excellent country for everyone, including students, workers, and visitors from overseas. The country is popular for its exciting culture and history. Foreign nationals of different categories must apply for Cuba Residence Permit before they can have an extended stay in the country.

Of course, getting a residence permit can help you prolong your stay in Cuba for up to one year or indefinitely. That is because foreigners with valid Cuban tourist visas can only stay in the country for 30 days. However, it is with an exemption of Canadian citizens who can stay for up to 90 days.

This article will walk you through wide-ranging information on getting a temporary or permanent residence permit for the Republic of Cuba.

What is Cuba Residence Permit?

A Cuba Residence Permit is an authorization for a foreign national to stay in the Republic of Cuba temporarily or permanently.

Two types of residence permits apply to foreign nationals who wish to remain in the Republic of Cuba. They are namely:-

#1. Cuba Temporary Residence Permit

This residence permit applies to foreigners intending to stay in Cuba for a limited time for tourism, educational enrolment, and employment purposes.

The following are categories of temporary resident permits for different classes of foreign nationals who want to stay in the Republic of Cuba for a limited period.

  • Workers with technical/special qualifications – D1 Visas
  • Students and scientists – D2 Visas
  • Artists – D3 Visas
  • Athletes – D4 Visas
  • Asylum seekers and refugees – D5 Visas
  • Journalists – D6 Visas
  • Businesspersons and dealers of specific kinds of products – D7 Visas
  • Religious leaders – D8 Visas
  • Medical tourists – D10 Visas

#2. Cuba Permanent Residence Permit

Holding a valid permanent residence permit of the Republic of Cuba allows you to stay in the country for an extended time. To qualify for this type of residency permit, you must be either a spouse or close relation of a Cuban legal resident eligible for the permit.

Remember that you will be issued an identity document and a ration book upon becoming a Cuban permanent resident.

Cuba Residence Permit Requirements

Before applying for a Cuban temporary or permanent residence permit, make sure you hold both original and photocopies of the required documents, as indicated for each application below.

Documents Required to Apply for Cuba Temporary Residence Permit

The following is a list of the documents required to support your application for a Cuban temporary residence permit.

  • A valid passport that is usable for a minimum of six months following your intended arrival from Cuba
  • An application form filled out correctly for a Cuban visa
  • Your recent photos (passport-sized)
  • Receipt for Cuba visa application fee
  • Evidence of enrolment in a Cuban educational institution (only applicable to international students)
  • An employment contract (required if entering Cuba to assume a job)
  • A round-trip ticket to Cuba (applicable to foreigners who are entering Cuba with a valid tourist visa)

Documents Required for Cuba Permanent Residence Permit Applications

Supposing you are applying for a Cuban permanent residency permit, here is a list of the additional documents needed to facilitate your application.

  • A letter of request regarding your reasons for becoming a permanent resident of Cuba
  • A filled-out application form for permanent residency
  • Birth certificate
  • Marriage certificate
  • Police Clearance Certificate (PCC)
  • Proof of funds obtained recently from a financial institution
  • A home rental agreement for the Republic of Cuba (notarized)
  • 40 Cuban Convertible Pesos in stamps
  • Your close relation’s ID card

How to Get Cuba Residence Permit

Regardless of if you want to become a temporary or permanent resident of Cuba, you must first apply for a visa through the Cuban embassy or consulate in your country of origin. The type of visa obtained determines whether you are eligible for a temporary or permanent residence permit.

Supposing you want to enter Cuba as an international student, foreign worker, businessperson, refugee, journalist, or religious leader, you must apply for a temporary residence permit.

In addition, you are legible to get a Cuban permanent residency permit in case your purpose of travel is to reunite with a close relation in the country.

Validity Period of Cuba Residence Permit

As has been noted, there are two types of residence permits for the Republic of Cuba, which allows for either temporary or permanent stay in the country.

A Cuban temporary residence permit is valid for a maximum period of one year, while a permanent residence permit creates possibilities for you to stay in the country indefinitely.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Where do I apply for Cuba Residence Permit?

Foreign nationals who intend to obtain a Cuban residency permit must apply through an embassy or consulate in their country of residence. The requirements for the application process vary depending on the type of residence permit you want to get.

Why should I move to Cuba?

The Republic of Cuba is renowned as a great country to live in for many reasons. Among these reasons are its warm climate throughout the year and its well-disposed people. But, above all, Cuba is worth considering supposing you seek a new place to call home in the Caribbean.

Is it easy to become a permanent resident of Cuba?

No, it is pretty challenging to become a permanent resident of Cuba. There are several requirements and criteria to satisfy before applying for Cuba permanent residence permit.

How do I become a Cuban permanent resident?

To become a permanent resident of the Republic of Cuba, you can consider getting married to a Cuban citizen, as it’s the most popular pathway for such intention.

Is it safe in Cuba for foreigners?

Yes, the Republic of Cuba is safe for foreign nationals. The country welcomes all visitors without any form of discrimination. Besides, Cuba’s crime rate is relatively low. However, it would be best to take precautions in some regions of the country, as petty crimes like pickpockets are likely to occur.

What is it like living in Cuba?

Precisely, Cuba is an amazing country to live in, no matter your category and nationality. It’s a country with vast culture and a tropical climate. There are many attractions in the Republic of Cuba, such as beautiful beaches, natural reserves, and more. On the contrary, living in Cuba can be quite challenging due to the country’s poor economic situation.

Is Cuba a rich or emerging country?

The Republic of Cuba is a developing country. Many of its residents live on an average monthly salary of $20, which depicts poverty. Besides, Cuba lacks basic infrastructures, such as clean water, healthcare facilities, and more.

What is Cuba’s primary language?

The primary language spoken in the Republic of Cuba is Spanish.

Can a foreigner buy a house in Cuba?

Cuban law does not allow foreign nationals to purchase a house there. Therefore, you can only buy a house in Cuba because you are a Cuban permanent resident.

What are the documents required to apply for Cuba permanent residence permit?

To apply for a Cuban permanent residence permit, as applicable, you must possess a valid passport, recent passport-sized photos, an employment contract, birth certificate, marriage certificate, evidence of accommodation in Cuba, and proof of funds, among other documents.

Can my application for Cuba Permanent Residence Permit be refused?

Yes, your Cuba Permanent Residence Permit application can be refused if you are ineligible, an ex-convict, or could not provide all the required documents.

Is there freedom of speech in Cuba?

Yes, freedom of speech exists in the Republic of Cuba, but it’s inadequate. The reason is that the Cuban government does not allow its citizens to express themselves freely on specific issues.

Can Cuban citizens travel to the US without a visa?

Cuban nationals cannot travel visa-free to the United States of America. Instead, they must apply for a tourist visa at the US embassy at 55 Calzada, La Habana, Cuba.

How long can Canadians stay in Cuba with a tourist visa?

Canadian citizens can stay in the Republic of Cuba for no longer than 90 days with a Cuban tourist visa.

Is the food in Cuba expensive?

No, food is not expensive to buy in the Republic of Cuba. You will find several street food vendors and small restaurants that offer affordable and delicious meals.

Is smoking allowed in Cuba?

Yes, you can smoke in almost all the Republic of Cuba outdoor locations. However, it is pretty expensive to buy cigars in the country.


In summary, applying for Cuba Residence Permit can become very simple with all information provided in this post. By applying the right way and using all the required documents, anyone can apply for a residence permit without seeking professional aid.

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