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How to obtain a Cyprus Immigration Permit – requirements

Are you planning to immigrate to Cyprus from your home country? If yes, you’re making an ideal decision. Cyprus has been recording many immigrants who have positively influenced the country, some of which obtained a Cyprus immigration permit.

Cyprus is a Mediterranean island country located in the eastern Mediterranean Sea. It is the third-largest and third most populous island in the region and a member state of the European Union. Immigration permits have proven to be one of the viable ways people gain entrance to the country.

So in this article, we are set to explain how to obtain a Cyprus immigration permit, its requirements, and its categories. You will be glad to see it!

What is a Cyprus immigration permit?

Cyprus immigration permit is an unlimited residency that allows any citizen from around the world to settle in Cyprus. By immigrating to Cyprus, you will have the freedom to work, live, love, study, and do activities that will positively influence you, your career, and the economy of Cyprus.

Without a doubt, this permit will give you the freedom and entitlement to enter and stay in Cyprus as a permanent residence even though you are a non-European Union citizen. Therefore, not only will you be able to live in Cyprus with the immigration permit, but you will also be entitled to many opportunities that all the citizens and residents enjoy. And yes, you don’t need to renew it because it is permanent.

To crown it all, you can decide to buy a property, start a business, own a business, and earn money without limitations in Cyprus. However, the only restriction to this permit is that if you leave Cyprus for twenty-four months, your permit may be canceled.

Eligibility Criteria for obtaining Cyprus immigration permit

Without a doubt, one of the ways to obtain a Cyprus immigration permit is to get a property in Cyprus. This could be a landed property, a company, a house, etc.

For instance, as a family of four, buying a three-bedroom flat in Cyprus will be an excellent move for you to immigrate to Cyprus. Also, you can obtain a support immigration permit if you have good businesses or sources of income from your home countries or other countries. You can use it to fend for your expenses in Cyprus.

Note that as an independent individual, you need not less than a yearly income of about 10,000 Euro for your survival in Cyprus. However, suppose you have a dependent (which could be your spouse, children, relative, or close family member that follows you to Cyprus). In that case, you will have to add 4,613 euros for each dependent.

Requirements for Cyprus immigration permit

Applying for a Cyprus Immigration Permit has some requirements you must note. Some of which are as given below.

#1. Evidence of long-term residency

As a non-European Union citizen who has lived continuously and legally in Cyprus for not less than five years, you will be eligible to apply for the long-term residence permit, so far, you have a clean record with no negative influence on the security of Cyprus.

#2. Registration of EU Citizens (“Yellow Slip”)

All European Union citizens have the right to live in Cyprus under European Union law. So, suppose you are a citizen of the EU and plan to live and work in Cyprus. In that case, you need to register at the immigration office in Cyprus about 120 days after your arrival. If you do not do so, you may not have access to the education, health, and other privileges required to register. Likewise, you may have to suffer penalties in form of a fine.

#3. Citizenship

To obtain citizenship status in Cyprus, you can marry a citizen of Cyprus (for this, you will gain citizenship after three years). You may also be born in Cyprus or through naturalization (this often happens seven years after you gain permanent residence).

Nevertheless, suppose you invest in Cyprus or purchase a house or other properties in the country. In that case, you can formally apply for citizenship, provided you continue living there for about seven years. However, if you need to travel out of Cyprus, it must not be more than ten months.

#4. Passport

It would help if you had a valid international passport to travel to Cyprus to gain your immigration permit. Note that your passport must be valid, issued not more than ten years ago at the time of your registration.

#5. Proof of sufficient fund

Settling in Cyprus requires that you are financially independent of fending for your needs and the needs of your dependent (spouse, children, or other family relatives) in Cyprus. Therefore, you need to tender proof of financial stability, which could be in the form of your bank statements, proof of property, investment plan, etc.

Categories of Cyprus Immigration permit

Without a doubt, there are different categories of immigration permits in Cyprus. To be eligible for the permit, you must fall under any of these categories, having met its requirements.

Category A

This category includes foreign self-employed citizens or entrepreneurs in cultural sectors, agriculture, or bird/cattle breeding in Cyprus. In addition, they have the necessary financial capacity to obtain land or own land in Cyprus, with no activities that will negatively affect the economy of Cyprus.

Category B

Category B of the Cyprus immigration permit is for foreign nationals who are entrepreneurs and in the mining sector in Cyprus. They must have enough financial capacity for activities that will positively influence the economy of Cyprus.

Category C

Category C immigration permit involves foreigners that are self-employed in the trade profession. You must have enough finances to run your business and a relative permit. In addition, they must have no suspicious activities or characters that negatively influence Cyprus’s economy.

Category D

The category D immigration permit involves self-employed individuals in the scientific profession or scientific field. It is important to note that the profession must be high in demand in Cyprus. Hence, it is crucial to have relevant professional skills and academic qualifications for the job, including stable financial means.

Category E

Foreigners who have gained employment positions to work as permanent workers in Cyprus are eligible for this category of immigration permit. Likewise, it must not cause relevant competition within the local vicinity.

Category F

Category F is for citizens of foreign countries that earn an annual income independently. The payment must be sufficient to live a happy and comfortable life in Cyprus, even without a job. Some of the individuals that fall in this category are retirees.

How to obtain a Cyprus immigration permit

Having talked about the categories of the Cyprus immigration permit, knowing how to obtain this Permit is sacrosanct. To get this permit, you should apply through either of the following bodies:

  • Civil Registry and Migration Department in Cyprus
  • Aliens and Immigration Branch of the Police (if you are abroad).

Upon application, it is noteworthy to understand that before you can receive the permit, you must be recommended to the Interior Minister by the immigration control committee. Besides, the condition is that you must satisfy the requirements and meet the eligibility criteria.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do immigrate to Cyprus?

There are a few ways to immigrate to Cyprus. One way is to be sponsored by a Cypriot citizen or company. Another way is to have a valid visa for another country in the European Union. And then apply for permanent residency in Cyprus. There are also a few other ways to qualify for residency in Cyprus, so it’s best to consult with an immigration lawyer to find out which option would be best for you.

Can I buy a Cyprus passport?

There are a few different ways to buy a Cyprus passport. One way is to be born in Cyprus. If you are not born in Cyprus, you can apply for citizenship through naturalization. To be eligible for naturalization, you must have resided in Cyprus for at least seven years and have a clean criminal record. You must also pass a language test and an interview with the Ministry of Interior.

What is a Cyprus Golden passport?

Cyprus Golden passport is an investment visa that offers citizenship to investors and their families. To be eligible for the program, investors must make a significant financial contribution to the country. In addition to citizenship, investors and their families receive various benefits, including visa-free travel to over 160 countries.

Can I travel to Europe with a Cyprus residence permit?

Yes, you can travel to Europe with a Cyprus residence permit. However, you will need to check with the authorities in each country you visit to see if they will allow you to enter.

Can I live in Cyprus permanently?

Yes, you can live in Cyprus permanently if you meet the eligibility requirements. To be eligible, you must be a European Union (EU) citizen. Or a country with a visa-free agreement with Cyprus or obtaining a residence or immigration permit.


The economy of Cyprus is reasonably stable, and obtaining a Cyprus immigration permit is relatively easy. Therefore, we have provided the different categories, eligibility criteria, requirements, and applications for the Cyprus immigration permit.

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