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Cyprus Student Visa – Documentation and Application

Do you want to obtain a Cyprus student visa but do not know how to go about it? Studying in Cyprus has become a dream for many international citizens. And there are many reasons for that. For instance, you will not need an IETLS or TOEFL to study in the country. 

Also, the universities offer cheap tuition fees and many more. So, many international students go in their numbers every year to study at Cypriot universities. But, of course, you to can join these numbers. 

You may wonder how possible it is to become an international student in Cyprus. With your Cyprus student visa sorted out, the rest is straightforward. We at WorkStudyVisa have spent time researching valuable information for you. 

In this article, you will learn everything about Cyprus Student Visa, including the eligibility, requirements, application procedure, and more. So dive in to learn more!

Why study in Cyprus

Suppose you are wondering why you should study in Cyprus, there are many beautiful reasons for that. Besides, below are our top five reasons. They include:


You may not believe it. But you don’t need any language exam or certificate to study in Cyprus. So, once you study in an English-speaking country, you can enroll in Cypriot universities. There is nothing like proof of language sufficiency. Therefore, many students from India, Nigeria, and other third countries rush to Cypriot universities.

#2. Low tuition cost

Not only that you do not need IELTS or TOEFL, but you also have access to a low tuition fee. One thing common among Cypriot universities is the cost of tuition. However, this is usually low compared to other European countries. Therefore, it attracts so many international students.

#3. High quality of education

The quality of education in Cypriot universities is still high, even with the low cost of tuition. So, you have double advantages. Again, you will study for cheap and get a quality education comparable to the rest of Europe. No wonder international students go in their numbers every year into Cypriot universities.

#4. Pleasant climate

Nobody wants to stay in a harsh place. The climate in Cyprus is not too harsh on the body. So, you don’t have to bother about too much cold. The country is suitable for all. That means you can quickly adapt to the climate and focus on your studies.

What is Cyprus Student Visa

Cyprus student Visa is the type of visa that allows international students to study in Cyprus. With this visa, you can stay in Cyprus for 90 days. But if your study will last more than this period, you must apply for a temporary residence permit.

Temporary residence permit

A temporary residence permit allows international students to live and study in Cyprus. Generally, it is valid for only one year. However, you can renew it every year until you complete your studies.

Exemptions from Cyprus Student Visa

Only citizens of non-EU countries need a visa to study in Cyprus. Therefore, you do not need a visa to enter Cyprus if you are a citizen of an EU/EEA country or a Schengen area. However, if you plan to remain in the country longer than 90 days, you must apply for a residence permit. In addition, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway, and Switzerland nationals may not apply for a visa to study in Cyprus.

Requirements to apply for a Cyprus Student Visa

Ok, you now know why you need to study in Cyprus. But you may wonder what documents you need. In this section, you will learn about the requirements to check in Cyprus from anywhere in the world. So, before applying for a Cyprus Student Visa, you must prepare the following documents. Or else you may not obtain your visa. They include:

  1. Your application form.
  2. Proof of payment for your visa.
  3. Your passport must be valid for one year. It must also have a blank space.
  4. Four colored and recent passports.
  5. Proof of financial means.
  6. Academic credentials.
  7. Proof of sufficiency in English.
  8. Police clearance form.
  9. Travel insurance from a Cypriot insurer.
  10. Admission letter from the university you will attend.

Documents for a residence permit in Cyprus

In addition to the documents above, you will need the following documents for your residence permit. All international students, including citizens of EU and EEA countries, need a residency permit to stay in Cyprus for more than 90 days. Therefore, you must keep these documents ready. they include:

  1. Cyprus residency permit form with correct details.
  2. Cyprus Student Visa.
  3. Admission letter from your university
  4. Your passport
  5. Proof of accommodation in Cyprus.
  6. Evidence that you cover your expenses while living in Cyprus,
  7. Medical certificate of not more than four months.
  8. A police clearance form.

Steps to apply for a Cyprus Student Visa

Though it may be hard to get a Cyprus Student Visa, you can get it quickly with the steps below. Therefore, ensure that you follow the instructions we give in these steps. They include:

Step 1. Look for admission to a Cypriot university

The first step is to get admission into a Cypriot university. Once the university offers you admission, they will send you a letter of admission. They may also ask you to pay for your enrolment.

Step 2. Gather your documents for Cyprus Student Visa

You must also assemble all the necessary documents as you apply for admission. This is because you will send the documents to your university. Then, the university will apply for a Cyprus Student Visa for you.

Step 3. Send your documents to your university

You will send the following documents to your university. They include your application form, photos, academic credentials, and passport. Again, you will send your certificate for language sufficiency. The university will, in turn, use them to apply for a visa on your behalf.

Step 4. Your university will contact the embassy for your Cyprus Student Visa

The university must arrange a visa interview. So, they will contact the Cypriot embassy in your country for that purpose. Once they have done this, they will send the arrangement to you.

Step 5. Prepare for your Cyprus Student Visa interview

Once you receive the arrangement, you will begin preparation for your visa interview. So, you must gather the remaining documents. If you miss any of the documents, it will lead to visa denial. Therefore, make sure that you take your time to prepare.

Step 6. Attend your Cyprus Student Visa interview

On the interview day, you must be at the embassy ahead of schedule. Then, expect to answer questions on your identity and purpose for going to Cyprus.

Step 7. Processing time

This usually takes about 10 to 15 days. So, it is a quick process. And that’s why you must come with all your documents for the interview. It will help to avoid delays in the processing time.

Step 8. Apply for a residency permit

As the processing is going on, you must apply for a residency permit. Your Cyprus Student Visa only permits you to stay in Cyprus for 90 days. Therefore, you will need a residence permit to stay longer than this. And you have only three months to get it while in Cyprus. Consequently, you must apply for it while in your country.

Step 9. Move to Cyprus for your studies

Once you get your visa, you can prepare to move to Cyprus. However, once in Cyprus, you must try to obtain your residency permit within three months. Otherwise, you cannot live and study in the country.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much is a Cyprus Student Visa

The cost of obtaining a student visa in Cyprus is €20. In addition, you must also pay a residency fee of €70.

How long does it to process Cyprus Student Visa?

Usually, you obtain a visa to study in Cyprus in less than 15 days. But it can take longer if there are many applications. However, getting a residency permit in Cyprus will take up to three months.

Can I bring family members to Cyprus with my student visa>

It depends on many factors. For instance, EU citizens have the right to stay in any EU country. So, suppose your family members follow the proper process. In that case, they can obtain their residency permit and join you in Cyprus.

However, for non-EU citizens, your family member can apply for a family reunification visa. With this, they can join you in Cyprus. This visa usually lasts for a year but is renewable yearly.

Can I work in Cyprus as an international student?

International students from EU countries can work up to 20 hours in Cyprus. They do not need to apply for a work permit. However, they can only work in specific sectors. Other international students must get a work permit before they can work in Cyprus.


It may not be an easy process to get a Cyprus Student Visa. However, it is achievable with the instructions in this article. So, you have to follow the instructions carefully, and you will obtain your visa. Meanwhile, you can share the information here with your friends if it is helpful to you. Cheers.

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