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Cyprus Visa Requirements: How to Apply

Are you wondering about Cyprus visa requirements to be eligible to enter the country without restrictions? This blog post will be resourceful to you in obtaining a visa to Cyprus.

Cyprus is an island country with a total area of 9,251 km2. The country has a population of nearly 1.2 million. Some great places to visit in Cyprus include Nissi Beach, Konnos Beach, Coral Bay, Fig Tree, Cape Greco, Akamas, Larnaca Salt Lake, and the Archaeological Site of Nea Paphos.

The Republic of Cyprus is welcoming to people of diverse cultures. Choosing the country for any purpose whatsoever will offer unique experiences and opportunities. Whether your purpose of travel is for study, work, or tour, Cyprus is one of the best destinations for you.

Please continue reading to explore the different types of Cypriot visas, including their requirements, fees, processing time, application procedure, and more.

What is a Cyprus Visa?

A Cypriot visa is a document that enables foreigners to enter and exit the Republic of Cyprus without hindrance at the border or port of entry. There are many different types of visas open to foreigners who want to enter Cyprus for a specific reason.

You can get a Cyprus visa to gain legal entry into the country for transit, tourism, work, research, and educational purposes.

Types of Cypriot Visas

The following are the types of visas open to foreigners who want to enter Cyprus.

#1. Cypriot Short-Stay Visas

This type of Cypriot visa is valid for a maximum period of 90 days. They permit foreigners to enter and exit the Republic of Cyprus on single or multiple occasions.

Foreigners who intend to enter Cyprus frequently for business purposes can get a multiple entry visa, which has a validity period of twelve months.

#2. Cypriot Long-Stay Visas

This type of visa makes it possible for foreigners to stay in Cyprus for any period over 90 days. Without a doubt, you can apply for a long-stay visa to enter the country for work or education purposes.

#3. Cypriot Transit Visas

This visa is for travelers who must transit through Cyprus to another country. Cyprus Transit Visas are valid for up to five days.

#4. Cypriot Airport Transit Visa (ATV)

A Cypriot Airport Transit Visa authorizes travelers to journey through any of Cypriot airports to a destination country. The visa is ideal for travelers who want to take their connecting flight in Cyprus.

#5. Cyprus Group Visas

This type of visa is valid for up to one month. To obtain a Cypriot group visa, you must possess a membership with a group that will enter, stay and leave Cyprus simultaneously.

Besides, Cyprus Group Visas are issuable to groups with at least five members and a maximum of 50 members.

Cost of Getting A Cyprus Visa

Here are the fees applicable to each type of Cypriot visa.

  • Cyprus Short-Stay Visa: €10.25
  • Cyprus National Long-Stay Visa: €34.17
  • Cypriot Transit Visa: €10.25
  • Cyrus Airport Transit Visa: €10.25
  • Cyprus Multiple Entry Visa: €34.17
  • Cyprus Group Visa: €34.17 with an additional fee of €1,71 per group member
  • Cypriot visa issued at the border: €10.25

Cyprus Visa Requirements

Below is a list of documents you need to process Cyprus visa applications.

  • A Cypriot visa application form is obtainable from an embassy or consulate. Be sure to sign the visa application form.
  • A valid passport or any recognized travel document with not less than two pages remaining.

Besides, supposing you wish to apply through mail, you have to attest your signature via a Notary Public

  • Two (2) passport photos sized at 40mm x 50mm
  • A round-trip flight ticket or travel itinerary
  • Proof of funds such as an accounts statement, saving books, or traveler’s cheques
  • Valid travel health insurance
  • A cover letter (if requested by the Cypriot embassy or consulate)
  • Proof of Cypriot visa fee payment
  • Evidence of legal residence, which includes a duplicate copy of your visa or residence permit
  • Self-addressed envelope (required by persons submitting their applications via mail). Note that the envelope’s return to your address must have been paid for in advance.
  • A No Objection Letter from your employer (applicable to employed visa applicants)
  • Your academic certificates
  • Evidence of paid accommodation in the Republic of Cyprus
  • Letter of acceptance from a Cypriot university (if applying for a visa for study purposes)
  • Police Clearance Certificate (PCC)
  • An invitation letter from your employer in Cyprus
  • A photocopy of your host’s passport
  • A signed Assumption of Responsibility for Hosting Form
  • A Bank Guarantee Letter from your host

Proof of employment status:-

  • A valid job offer bearing the stamp of Cyprus’ Ministry of Labor and Social Insurance – Department of Labor
  • A letter from your college or university (applicable to students applying for a Cypriot visa)
  • A letter from your account officer or lawyer or a copy of the trade license (applicable to self-employed individuals)

Cyprus Visa Processing Times

The processing time for a Cyprus visa varies based on the type of visa you want and on the Cypriot embassy or consulate in charge of your visa application.

Indeed, the process should take between five (5) to ten (10) working days.

How to Get a Cyprus Visa

When considering traveling to the Cypriot nation, you should first meet Cyprus visa requirements.

The following are six (6) steps to take in obtaining any Cyprus visa.

  1. Decide on the type of Cyprus visa you wish to obtain
  2. Make sure all supporting documents are at hand
  3. Fix an appointment with a Cyprus diplomatic mission
  4. Fill out the Cyprus visa application form
  5. Submit your application and supporting documents at the diplomatic mission
  6. Wait for a decision

Step 1: Decide on the type of Cyprus visa you wish to obtain

To get a visa to Cyprus, you must first choose the type of Cypriot visa that perfectly suits your purpose of travel to the country.

Available options include Cypriot Short-Stay Visas, Long-stay Visas, Airport Transit Visa (ATV), Transit Visas, and Cypriot Group Visas.

Step 2: Make sure all supporting documents are at hand

The second step in getting a Cypriot visa involves procuring all supporting documents needed to process your visa.

You must ensure that all the documents are at your disposal for submission when the time comes.

Step 3: Fix an appointment with a Cyprus diplomatic mission

This step requires you to arrange an appointment with a Cypriot embassy or consulate.

It is equally important that the diplomatic mission should be within your reach for easy access whenever you want to submit your supporting documents.

Step 4: Obtain and fill out the Cypriot visa application form

Next, you have to obtain the visa application form from the Cypriot embassy or consulate, as well as fill out its blank fields with correct information.

Step 5: Submit your application and supporting documents at the diplomatic mission

#5 out of the six steps in getting a Cypriot visa is to submit the required documents at the diplomatic mission. Moreover, you have to pay your visa fee before leaving the embassy or consulate.

Not paying the fee means that you are not serious with your application. Because of this, the diplomatic mission will refuse your application.

Step 6: Wait for a decision

You must have completed all necessary steps by now and should be on the way to getting your Cypriot visa. This step requires you to wait for a decision from the Cypriot embassy or consulate.

On average, processing Cypriot visa applications takes five to ten working days. However, the embassy may extend the processing time if you don’t meet all of Cyprus’s visa requirements.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is Cyprus an EU country?

Yes, the Republic of Cyprus is a European Union country that became a member state on May 1, 2004.

How much is the Cyprus visa fee?

The fee charged for a Cypriot visa varies depending on your purpose of travel to the Republic of Cyprus. However, it ranges from €10.25 to €34.17.

Is Cyprus visa-free for UAE citizens?

Of course, citizens of the United Arab Emirates are exempt from obtaining a visa for entry into the Republic of Cyprus.

How long does it take to get a Cyprus visa?

It often takes about ten working days to get a visa for the Republic of Cyprus. In a few cases, the application processing time will take more time.

Is Cyprus a cheap place to live?

Yes, living in the Republic of Cyprus won’t cost you much money. The cost of living in Cyprus is relatively affordable compared to other European countries.

Is Cyprus suitable for international students?

Yes, the Republic of Cyprus is a good country for international students. Besides, the country has several first-rate and affordable universities. Some top universities in Cyprus include the University of Cyprus, Eastern Mediterranean University, Frederick University, Cyprus University of Technology, University of Nicosia, and Near East University.


All things considered, a Cypriot visa is required to enter most foreigners into Cyprus. However, with its warm weather throughout the year, spectacular attractions, delicacies, and rich history, there is something for people of different ages in Cyprus.

So, what are you waiting for? Meet Cyprus visa requirements and submit your application today to begin your journey in Cyprus.

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