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Czech Embassy in Canada – Top 5 Services

Most of the time, Czech citizens inquire if there is a Czech embassy in Canada where they can get consular services. Fortunately, the answer is yes and it gives them joy, therefore, every Czech in Canada can go to the embassy for any service.

However, as a result of the COVID-19, you are advised to book an appointment with the embassy before going there in-person. This will help to uphold the COVID-19 protocols put in place in Canada. Moreover, it will help the embassy to serve you better. 

Meanwhile, as a good citizen, you have to find the address of the embassy once you move to Canada. Apart from that, you have to register with the embassy immediately when you arrive in Canada. With this, you will get immediate consular assistance from the Czech embassy in Canada once in need of one.   

What an embassy means

An embassy means the representative of a foreign country, in other words, you can say it is the headquarters of another country in a host country. Generally, it is headed by an ambassador who is appointed by the head of state. 

Therefore, the embassy represents the interest of the government and protects the citizens of their home country. Thus, the Czech embassy in Canada represents the Czech government in Canada. 

About  Cyprus

The Czech Republic is a landlocked country located in Central Europe. It is also known by its short-form name Czechia. Though formerly, it is known as Bohemia. 

The Czech Republic shares borders with Austria to the south, Germany to the west, Poland to the northeast, and Slovakia to the east. It covers an area of 78,871 square kilometers (30,452 sq mi). The country has a population of 10,701,777 as of 2021. 

Czech Embassy in Canada

The provides consular services and assistance to all Czech citizens in Canada. It also helps Canadian citizens who want to go to the Czech Republic with visa information. However, as a result of the new rules, you are advised to book an appointment with the embassy before going there for any service. 

Moreover, you have to know the particular office where you will get the service that you need. That also means that you have to know the location of the Czech embassy in Canada and the consulates as well. 

For consular services like visa, passports, authentications of documents, you can visit the Czech embassy in Canada from Monday to Friday. This can be done between 9 a.m. to noon.

Address of Czech Embassy in Canada 

The Czech embassy in Canada is located in the address below:


251 Cooper Street, 

Ottawa, Ontario, K2P 0G2


Tel.: 001.613.562.3875

Fax: 001.613.562.3878

Email: [email protected]

Consular Jurisdiction:   

British Columbia, Ontario (only the following counties: New Brunswick, Newfoundland and Labrador, Northwest Territories, Nova Scotia, Nunavut, Ontario (Prescott a Russell, Stormont, Dundas a Glengarry, Ottawa-Carleton, Leeds a Grenville, Lanark, Renfrew, Nipissing, Lennox and Addington, Frontenac), Prince Edward Island, Québec, Yukon

Consulate General of the Czech Republic in Toronto

2 Bloor Street West, 

Suite 1500, Ontario

M4W 3E2, Toronto


Phone: +1 416 972 1476

Fax: +1 416 972 6991

E-mail: [email protected]

Honorary Consulates

There are also a number of honorary consulates in Canada. However, they are under the Czech embassy in Ottawa and the consulate in Toronto: 

The Czech Embassy in Ottawa is in charge of:

  • Czech Honorary Consulate in Victoria, Vancouver Island
  • Czech Honorary Consulate in Montreal, Québec
  • Honorary Consulate in St. John´s, Newfoundland and Labrador Province
  • Czech Honorary Consulate in Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island and New Brunswick

The Czech General Consulate in Toronto is in charge of:

  • Czech Honorary Consulate in Calgary, Alberta
  • Czech Honorary Consulate in Winnipeg, Manitoba

Meanwhile, the honorary consulates provide the following services:

  • signature authentication
  • certified copy authentication
  • certification of translation 
Burundian Embassy in Canada

Top 5 Consular services provided by Czech Embassy in Canada

To make sure that both  Czech citizens in Canada and Canadian citizens who are in need of information about Cyprus get the information they need, the  Czech embassy in Canada, therefore, provides the following consular services.

#1: Certificate of Czech citizenship

For your Certificate of Czech citizenship, you can contact the Czech embassy in Canada. This is proof of Czech citizenship. Moreover, the certificate of Czech citizenship must be accompanied by any passport application if the applicant’s previous Czech passport has expired, especially, if you have no other proof of citizenship. 

Below is a list of required items:

  • Application form  
  • Proof of acquisition of foreign citizenship containing the date of such acquisition;
  • Personal Information form 

#2: Czech criminal record check

All Czech citizens in Canada who need Czech criminal records can apply from the Czech embassy in Canada. 

Then, to apply you must have the following documents:  

  • a filled-out application form 
  • birth certificate or any other official document containing the names of your parents;
  • personal information form  
  • administrative fee in the form of cash or a debit/credit card. 

#3: Czech passport

Another duty of the Czech embassy in Canada is the issuance of a Czech passport. Any person can get this passport irrespective of their age. This is very important because it is the primary document of international travel issued by the Czech Republic. 

With this passport, you have free rights of movement and residence in any of the states of the European Union and European Free Trade Association.

Applicants must submit the following:

  • Previously issued Czech/Czechoslovak passport;
  • Document proving the residency status in Canada 
  • Proof of Czech citizenship 
  • Document containing “rodné číslo” 
  • A passport picture
  • Consular fee 

#4: Authentication of documents

For authentication and legalization of documents, you can still visit the Czech embassy in Canada. Thus, you can visit the embassy for the following authentication services: 

  1. Signature authentication (notarization)
  2. Translation authentication
  3. True copy authentication
  4. Superlegalization

#5: Visa for Canadian citizens 

For Canadian citizens who wish to travel to the Czech Republic, they can contact the Czech embassy in Canada for their Czech visas. All visa applications during the months of June, July and August must be done by booking an appointment. However, after booking an appointment, you can visit the embassy in person.  


To end with, for whatever reason you need any assistance from the Czech embassy in Canada, you can contact the embassy through their email or phone number. Therefore, all Czech citizens in Canada must book an appointment before they can go to the embassy for any service. 

Moreover, you can contact us at workstudyvisa.com for your information about immigrating, studying and working in Canada. 

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