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Different Types Of Work Permit For Canada

Do you wish to work in Canada? Do you feel like exploring other better opportunities in faraway Canada? Well, It is important to note that a work permit is necessary for all foreign nationals and skilled workers that wish to work and contribute to the Canadian economy. In some circumstances, you may not require a work permit to work in Canada.

There are several different types of work permit for Canada based on your occupation and your reason for entering the country, for instance, if you are coming to Canada as an IT professional for a period of time with a job that is well paid and unionized, then you would likely apply for an Employer Specific Work Permit.

In this article, we will explain the major types of work permit for Canada, who is eligible for a work permit and other important relevant information that you will need understand about work permit.

Major Types of Work Permit For Canada 

There are basically two types of work permits for Canada, depending on your qualifications and occupation your job may fall under any of these two different categories of work permits.

There are two main types of work permits, the Employer Specific Work Permit and the Open Work Permit.

The Employer Specific Work Permit are for those foreign nationals or skilled workers that are working for a specific Canadian employer and have been approved by the LMIA.

If let’s say you are hired on a Television or film production, or as industry worker in a company or religious ogranization or for someone doing charitable work, you may likely be eligible for an employer-specific work permit.

What is An Open Work Permit?

An open work permit is issued by the Immigration Office (i.e Immigration Refugee and Citizenship Canada, IRCC) to immigrants who want to work for any Canadian employer for a certain amount of time.

There are two subcategories for Open Work Permits (OWP), Restricted Permits and Unrestricted permits. The major difference between the two is that Unrestricted Permits allow you to work for any employer in any occupation and location, while the Restricted does not.

The Restricted open work permit allows you to work in a particular job and also give you as much freedom of movement to work in different areas of Canada.

What Visa Programs Use Open Work Permits?

Here below are the types of work permits Canada considers to be open work permits:

  • Temporary Work Permits for Spouses or Common law Partners;
  • Post Graduation Work Permit;
  • Temporary Resident Permit;
  • World Youth Program Permit;
  • Regular Open Work Permit
  • Birding Open Work Permit, and
  • Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program Spousal work Permit;

If you wish to know more about how to apply for a Canadian Work Permit this article will help get started.