Different Ways DACA Improved The Lives Of Dreamers

Different Ways DACA Improved The Lives Of Dreamers.

There are different ways which DACA has improved the lives of dreamers. See details.,

Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA). This is an American policy which helps children receive a renewable two year period of postponed deportation action and make them eligible to have a work permit in the United States. This action was brought illegally to the states mainly for children.

Economic Impact Of DACA On Immigrants

This program offers immigrants who arrived in the United States as children legal waivers allowing them to stay and work in the country.

DACA recipients are required to always renew their waivers after every two years and they must undergo a background check before renewing their waivers.

Although, in the Barrack Obama’s time he wanted to erase the DACA program but this was not accepted the case is still in court for them to decide the suspension. with this, any DACA applicant can apply pending on when the court decides what next to do.

If DACA is not erased and you allow the DACA recipients to work in the country freely, it will cause a boom in the economy that is, they’re going to earn more money and they’re going to pay more taxes.

How DACA Affect/ Impact Dreamers

There are different ways DACA has contributed positively to the lives of dreamers which are:

1) They got jobs with better pay and earn more money which helps their family financially.

2) they were able to get their first credit card

3) They were able to get a job with health insurance.

4) Opened a bank account

5) Bought a home

6) Started their own business.