Top 16 Digital Skills in-Demand by Canadian employers

The following digital skills are in demand by Canadian employers in Canada.

Digital skills in-demand are the top jobs in which Canadian employers need more workers. With more emphasis now in digital marketing, many employers are looking for people who have different digital skills. The digital transformation has come to stay and the work place is also experiencing the change.

Therefore, employees have to acquire the skills which will enable them to adapt to the change.  As a worker, you can help to fill the gap if you are able to learn the digital skill required for a particular job.

With constant digitization and growth of online industry, many skills necessary for office work have become outdated. New skills have already replaced them and that is digital skills. However, among digital skills, there are skills in-demand by canadian employers.   

Therefore, as an employee, you must try to be one step ahead. This will help you to adapt quickly to the new demands of modern day workplace.

Hence, you will need to be proactive and also have continuous information on the trends in technicals skills in your industry.

In this article, we are going to discuss the top 16 digital skills in-demand by Canadian employers.  

In this article

Top 16 Digital Skills In-demand by Canadian Employers 

#1 Data analytics

Data analytics is one of the most digital skills in-demand in Canada. This is because almost every business have a database that they have to analyse regularly. Every industry needs a data analyst who will help in collecting data. 

Digital analytics has many advantages as it covers many roles including digital marketing as well as supply chain management. 

In order to be a skilled data analyst, you must be able to understand the digital language. In addition, you must also know how to interpret such language.

#2 Coding

This is another digital skill in-demand in Canada. Many have described coding as the most important digital skill to learn in 2021 and beyond.

This soft skill has to do with software development. Therefore you must have the necessary skills and experience to adapt to the demands of the skill. 

Recently, the demand for coders have increased and because of that, the pay has also increased. Therefore, coding has become a high in demands tech job in Canada.  

Almost all industries has a role for coders. For instance, coding has applications in compliance and risk management, digital marketing and quality assurance.

However, this skill is not for everyone as it requires a lot of hard work. But if you are a tech type, surely, you can go for coding. 

#3 Cloud computing

With the emergence of the COVID-19, cloud computing has continued to rise over the last two years. And there is no evidence that its rise will not continue. Since the COVID-19 pandemic  working physically from the office has become unsafe. However, cloud computing came to the rescue and makes working remotely possible.  

Just like the traditional office, everything happens through cloud computing, though this time, it happens online.

With the help of this new technology, working from home is made possible through the use of enhanced collaboration and connectivity with increased data security.

#4 Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML)

One of the new and digital skills in-demand by Canadian employers is artificial intelligence. AI and ML help businesses to improve their already existing products and services online.

This innovation can make them more relevant, customized and innovative. Therefore, AI and ML are the right skills to learn in order to remain relevant in the digital workplace.  

You must not be an AI engineer to learn this skill, all you need is to learn how AI and ML work for businesses. This is because, almost every business needs this skill. 

#5 Digital business analysis

With digital business Analysis, organizations are able to make the right choices by providing an independent and objective mind set. It also helps them in applying a range of proven analysis techniques. This in turn helps them to make a convincing business case for investment in a digital solution. 

The recent transformation in business is changing how organizations operate, therefore, there is a need for digital analyst by all businesses.  

#6 Digital design and data visualization

All websites, apps and digital services have one thing in common; a user interface. As such, they need a designer with experience who can create effective, dynamic user experiences. If you have this skill, you will be in high demand with most tech companies.

Another function of designers is to visualize complex data to help management make vital business decisions. This skill known as data visualization help business leaders to gain valuable insights from data.

To be a top designer, you will need tools like Tableau and Power BI.

#7 Digital project management

Another digital skills in-demand in Canada is digital project management. This is a vital part of developing digital products and services in a timely and cost effective manner.

In order to stand out in digital project management, you must be good in methodologies like SCRUM and AGILE. In addition, you must understand how digital projects are developed. 

#8 Digital product management

With this skill, you can manage any digital product including software development. Software services in particular need to have a lifecycle management plan put in place. Every industry now needs a product manager to help them manage their digital products. 

If you have this skill, you will be demanded by many top tech companies as well as other industries that have digital products.

#9 Digital Marketing

This may sound common but it is one of the most digital skills in-demand in Canada. This is because every business needs a marketer to market their goods. Digital marketers help companies to promote their products and services digitally.

To succeed as a digital marker, you will need the skill to help you get the most value for money. You will also have good usage of social media. As a digital marketer, you will need the following skills:

  • Digital marketing tools 
  • Analytics tools
  • Social media marketing 
  • Content marketing 
  • SEO 
  • UX (User Experience Design) 

#11 Social Media

If you love social media, you can still take advantage of the skill in Canada. In today’s world, some of the best PR is carried out almost exclusively through social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, Instagram.

These platforms help tech companies to have direct access to customers, thought leaders and evangelists. Therefore, if you have the skill set to operate social media handles, it is a skill in-demand by Canadian employers.  

#13 Quality assurance analyst

Almost all companies need quality assurance analyst who will help in making sure that the products and services of the company maintain their original quality. This is one of the best IT jobs in Canada.

However, recently there has been a decline in demand but many top tech companies still need the services of quantity assurance analyst to maintain their standard.

Quality assurance analysts mitigate risk for their employer, which is especially critical during the pandemic. They ensure that software is bug-free, user-friendly, and runs like a well-oiled machine.

#14 Security analysts & architects

Security system analysts help to protect the personal information that their employers share online. Therefore, it has become a digital skill in-demand in Canada.

There has been an increase in data breaches where hackers now invade the websites of many companies. Therefore, the top companies need security analysts who help them find weaknesses in their systems as well as cure them.

#15 Business system analyst

This is a new trending and digital skill in-demand by Canadian employers. However, you should not confuse business system analyst with broader business analyst. Though, both are in demand in Canada in 2021. While business systems analysts focus on the creation and implementation of specific systems for their employer. Business analysts, on the other hand, deal broadly with business requirements. 

#16 Network engineer

The last on the least but not the least digital skill in-demand in Canada is network engineers. The work of network engineers include overseeing planning and upgrades for their employer’s IT network and setup.

Since the pandemic and with many tech companies beginning to work remotely, networking is especially important. Therefore, network engineers manage servers for companies.

In addition to that, they also manage the internal and external network equipment of the company. Therefore, they ensure that everything runs smoothly for both employees and customers.

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Digital In-demand IT skills in Canada

Apart from the above mentioned digital skills in-demand in Canada, if you have the following skills, you will also succeed in the Canadian workplace. This is because many employers will be needing your services. They include:

  1. java
  2. linux
  3. javascript
  4. SQL
  5. python
  6. C# / .NET
  7. C / C++
  8. cloud technologies
  9. content creation
  10. Social media marketing
  11. Content marketing
  12. SEO

Digital in-demand IT skills salaries in canada in 2021

Because of the nature and increase in IT jobs in Canada, the salary of tech jobs has increased over the years. In 2021, the average salary of tech jobs is around CAD $97,000. This is an increase from the previous year.

However, the pay can increase or decrease depending on your skill and experience. Some people with high experience and skill earn as much as CAD $140,000 while those who are not well skilled can earn as low as CAD $47,000.