Documents Required For Immigration Application To Quebec

Quebec is the largest province of Canada and home to more than 8.2 million people. It earn its recognition as the ” Europe of North America”. This is so evident looking at the multicultural nature of the province. Thousands of immigrants aspirants are constantly heading for Quebec. Quebec is the only Canadian province whose official language is French.

If you are planning to immigrate to Quebec, you might want to know about some vital documents required for immigration application to Quebec. The Quebec province has released a list of documents needed for immigration into the country.

Any lapse in the submission of documents will lead to the rejection of the entire application process and the candidate will have to start a fresh application with the required documents. It is therefore important to pay meticulous attention to details while making document submissions to the immigration process.

Documents Required For Immigration Application To Quebec

Here is the list of documents required for immigration application to Quebec:

Identity and Civil Status Documents:

You will be required to provide proof of identity to show that you are a native of the Country you claimed and you hold legal status there. International passport, marriage certificate, Birth certificate, ID Cards like voter ID etc. are some of the documents which you have to submit in order to fulfill this criterion.

Occupational Background/Work Experience:

These documents will be required to establish your previous work experience and your area of occupation. Normally, the minimum work experience required should be within the last 10 years from the date of submission.

Travel Documents:

All applicants will be required to possess and produce valid and legal traveling documents such as international passport etc. Candidates will have to produce copies of their visa and passport issued by the authorities in their home country, which must contain information such as full names, age, validity, expiry, date of issue etc.

Proof of Language Proficiency:

Candidates must provide a valid language proficiency certificate or result such as TEF to prove their ability to speak French language (the official language of Quebec). Note that your language test result must be valid at the time of submission of application.

Police Clearance Certificate:

An important requirement for official clearance which ensures that the candidate has not been involved in a crime in their home country. The certificate must be valid for at least Six (6) months at the time of submission of application and must have the candidates latest photographs attached with it.