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How to obtain a Dominican Republic Family Reunion Visa

The Dominican Republic family reunion visa grants family members the opportunity to spend time with one another. Spending quality time with family – spouses and children all year long is what everybody enjoys and would always want; however, it does not turn out that way all the time.

At the same time, the inner desire to give them every good thing that life has to offer can make this dream seem almost impossible. But no matter how far you are away from them if you want to, you can always spend quality time with them, and the distance wouldn’t matter anymore.

With the Dominican Republic family reunion visa, you can invite your family over or visit them in Dominica. You can have the luxury of reigniting the bond that is slipping away due to distance.

This hope, although alive, might not be hitch-free as it looks. In this article, you will get everything you need to get started with the Dominican republic family reunion visa. Including the application requirements, as well as a step-by-step guide to acquiring your visa.

Dominican Republic family reunion visa

The Dominican Republic family reunion visa is a long-term visa that grants non-Dominicans the right to stay in Dominica for a long time. This visa permits the holder to stay in the Dominican for not more than 90 days. Furthermore, this visa is specifically for the family members of citizens of the Dominican Republic who wish to visit and stay for a long time too.

Although the visa and its application are not so strict with the foreign applicants, however, without a residence permit, a foreign applicant can’t invite their family over to Dominica. What this means for them is that they must have lived in the country for a minimum of one year and have a valid visa. If their residence visa expires within their family members’ period of stay, they need to request a permit renewal before thinking of anything else.

The rich culture, stunning landscape, warm weather, friendly locals, and incredible opportunities in the Dominican make it a more comforting place for family reunification. In addition, the healthcare system of the country is highly rated in the world. Moreover, the Dominican Republic experiences a low crime rate making it one of the safest countries on the Island.

Documents required to apply for a Dominican Republic family reunion visa

#1. Visa application form

The visa application form must be duly completed and printed.

#2. Visa application letter

Which is written and submitted by the applicant. It must also be signed and addressed to the corresponding consular office. The application letter should contain the information of the applicant, such as; the name, nationality, place of residence, and the activity they are engaged in. It must also include the reason for their visit.

#3. A copy of the civil passport

The passport required should be a recently taken photo not exceeding six months and taken against a white background. It should visibly show the headshot, which should take 70-80% of the photo. The facial expression in the camera must be neutral (no smile and mouth closed) and should not capture headgear or eyeglasses.

#4. A copy of an international passport

The passport must have a six (6) months validity beyond the return date and must have at least two unused pages.

#5. A photocopy of the Residence Card

This is to confirm that the family member hosting the applicant has a Dominican residence permit. It will be challenging to grant a family reunion visa application without a residency permit.

#6. Certificate of No Criminal Record

This certificate must be gotten directly from the police department of the applicant’s local country or the country they have lived in for the last five years. The certificate of no criminal record that is acceptable must be issued less than twelve months after application.

This certificate is not required in the case of minors.

#7. Proof of Relationship

This is a document that proves the relationship of both parties. It includes a marriage certificate and birth certificate. This document must be duly signed and presented in its original copy.

#8. Notarized Declaration

This is a document that certifies the free union of both parties for not less than two months. However, it is required in the case of married partners.

#9. Medical certification

A certificate that certifies the health fitness of the applicant. It has to be authorized and signed by a certified medical doctor.

While applying for a Dominican Republic family reunion visa, the host also has some documents they are to present too. However, these documents are presented and submitted by the applicant to their local consulate. The documents include;

UTThe cedula is an identification that proves the migration status of the guarantor.

#11. Guarantee Letter

This is a letter written by the guarantor to support the applicant’s claim. The document, however, must be duly notarized and legalized in the Attorney General’s Office and must be presented by the applicant along with other documents. They have to present it to their country’s Dominican Republic embassy on the day of their interview.

#12. Proof of Economic Solvency

This document is proof that the guarantor can cater to the applicant throughout their stay in the country.

​How to get a visa for a family reunion in the Dominican Republic

Have you decided to apply for a Dominican Republic family reunion visa? Below is detailed instruction on how to proceed with your application.

#1. Enter the DGM (General Directorate of Migration)

Enter the DGM website. This is where you make your online application.

#2. After you enter the official DGM website,

You have to register a username and a password in the system. Once your registration is approved, an interface where you can enter your personal information opens up on the website.

#3. Select the service you need

A list of instructions will open up on the interface. Follow every instruction accordingly and fill in the information requested correctly too.

#4. Upload all documents

Before the registration, you must scan all your documents and save them in pdf form. When you have entered all information, an interface where you will upload the scanned documents will open up. Upload and name the documents accordingly.

#5. Submit all documents

After successfully uploading all information on the website, click the submit button, and your registration will be submitted.

After submitting your Dominican Republic family reunion visa application, Once you have lodged your application for the visa, you have to wait for a response from the embassy. Also, you have to request your Dominican Identity Card (Cédula).

To do this, go to the Central Electoral Board and send in your request. It will take you approximately an hour or more to get a response from the embassy concerning your ID card, and that would be all you need to finish the application process.

Turn around the time and cost of acquiring a Dominican Republic family reunion visa

It takes about 45 days to process the visa for a VIP application request and about 90 days for a normal request. However, these times are subject to change as there is the possibility of delays.

Costs are as follows;

  • For medical examinations, RD$ 4,500
  • For an application for a file deposit of RD$ 10,000.00
  • For Insurance Policy, US$ 115.00
  • For VIP service, RD$ 5,000.00
  • Penalty for exceeding the thirty-day term RD$ 5,000.00

Things to note about the Dominican Republic family reunion visa

  • This is one of the visa categories with the least amount of application documents. 
  • It is very much affordable.
  • The Dominican Republic Family reunion residence is one of the most undemanding among all Dominican residence visas.
  • With a Dominican visa, you are not eligible to work in the country, and you will not be able to open a bank account.
  • This already makes you ineligible to obtain a financial loan and monetary financing
  • If you are a foreigner with irregular status, renting an apartment will be impossible.

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Frequently Asked Question

Can you get Dominican citizenship through marriage?

Yes, a non-Dominican citizen can get Dominican citizenship by marriage. What they have to do is submit the requirements for citizenship application. After that, they can apply for this citizenship before about six months of marriage.

Does the Dominican Republic allow for dual citizenship?

Yes, the government of Dominica recognizes dual citizenships. This means foreign citizens interested in acquiring Dominican Republic citizenship do not need to renounce their country’s citizenship.

Can I extend my stay in the Dominican Republic?

Yes, you can extend your stay in the Dominican Republic. Once your visa expires but you are not done with your activity, you must apply for a visa extension. However, this comes with a requirement too. You should apply for the visa extension about three to four weeks before your visa expires.

Can I be granted a Dominican visa if I invest in the country?

The answer is yes. Recently, the Dominican government launched an investment program that allows foreign investors to invest in the country and get a residence permit. Some investment visa categories grant the applicant a permanent residence visa and rights. However, there is a fixed amount that is required. Furthermore, if you stop investing or selling off your properties, you risk losing the residence permit.


Finally, if you live in Dominica, you should find ways to get your family members over to the country. Reuniting with your husband, wife, children, or any other family member is the most pleasant experience, mainly if you have stayed away for a long time.

In addition to presenting you with the opportunity to see your family, Dominican Republic offers you sights of pleasant attraction.

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