Steps on how to apply for a Dominican Republic Residence Permit

Are you looking forward to residing in the Dominican Republic? If yes, you may have to obtain a Dominican Republic residence permit. However, getting the permit is relatively simple, and we are set to get you started.

The Dominican Republic is a Caribbean country that shares the island of Hispaniola with Haiti. It is home to some of the most beautiful beaches in the world, and its capital city, Santo Domingo, is a significant tourist destination.

This article will enlighten you on the steps to take to apply for a Dominican Republic residence permit, the eligibility requirements, exemptions, and much more.

What is Dominican Republic Residence Permit

The Dominican Republic Residence Permit is a document that allows you to stay in the country for an extended period. It is a requirement for anyone who wants to stay in the country for more than 90 days. Unfortunately, although this status has many advantages, you won’t be able to vote with it.

Some of the grounds on which you can obtain the Dominican Republic Residence Permit include:

  • To prove residence of the Dominican Republic.
  • For Family reunification.
  • The conclusion of a marriage union with a Dominican.
  • Relocation because of employment in the Dominican.
  • To set up your own business.
  • Likewise, to invest in any financial sector in the Dominican Republic.

Eligibility criteria for the Dominican Republic Residence Permit

To be eligible for a Dominican Republic residence permit, you must show a valid reason for wanting to live in the country. Some of the most common reasons include raising a family in the Dominican, being married to a Dominican national, or having a job offer in the country. You must also show that you have the financial resources to support yourself while living in the country.

Benefits of obtaining a Dominican Republic residence permit

Interestingly, the Dominican Republic residence permit has a lot of advantages. Some of which may include:

  • Without renewing your visa, you will live in the Dominican Republic throughout the year.
  • The resident permit eliminates the risk of overstaying your visa and paying a fine for your offense.
  • Also, with the permit, you will get the Express opportunity to study, work and do business in the Dominican Republic.
  • It will facilitate your permanent residency, and eventually, you will become a citizen of the Dominican.

Note that the process of getting this residency permit is quite easy. However, to make things much more comfortable, you should get a professional lawyer to help you with the documentation. You may encounter some problems if you prepare the documents yourself.

Exemptions from the Dominican Republic Residence Permit

The Dominican Republic residence permit is governed by immigration law and immigration regulations. Therefore, if you fall into these categories, you will be exempted from entering the country for residential purposes.

  • Suppose you have an infectious illness threatening public health; you will be exempted from the residential permit. However, there are exceptions under certain requirements when your sponsor relative is living in the Dominican Republic.
  • In the case of mental illness or physical disabilities, you wouldn’t be eligible for a residence permit.
  • Also, you will be denied access to the residential permit if you are engaged in crimes such as prostitution, human trafficking, drug terrorism, and other serious offenses.

Steps on how to apply for a Dominican Republic Residence Permit

Obtaining the Dominican Republic residence permit is a three-step process. They are:

  • Firstly, you must obtain a resident visa for the Dominican Republic at the ministry of foreign affairs.
  • After which, you should file for provisional residency within the next two months at the immigration department. This local residency is often valid for one year and can take about four months to process.
  • Lastly, file for a permanent residency after the expiration of your provisional residency. You can make this application at the immigration department.

Applying for a Residency visa

To apply for the Dominican Republic residency visa, you must prepare the following documents:

  • At least two photocopies of your valid international passport are essential for your application.
  • Include your marriage certificate if you’re applying with your spouse.
  • Also, include the business card or tourist card with proof of your last date of entry into the Dominican Republic.
  • Evidence of financial buoyancy such as property titles, bank deposits, work contracts, or vehicle registrations.
  • You need a letter of guarantee from a Dominican corporation, individual, or permanent resident.
  • You should get a letter or certificate of good ordinances from Dominican authorities.
  • Also, you need at least four identical passport photos with a size or dimension of 2×2.
  • A completed application form

Note that you can submit your application on a business or tourist visa. However, you can only apply to the ministry of foreign affairs.

Provisional Residency

After getting a residency visa, the next step is to apply for a provisional residency. The documents you need to apply for the residency include:

  • Two copies of the tourist or residency visa are crucial for your application.
  • Your birth certificate. Note that the Dominican official translator must translate the certificate into Spanish.
  • If you are applying for the Dominican Republic residence permit with your spouse, you must include your marriage certificate.
  • Evidence of financial buoyancy such as property titles, bank deposits, etc., of your guarantor.
  • You must include your work contract if you work in the Dominican Republic.
  • You must also submit a chest x-ray, blood test, and medical fitness examination in the Dominican Republic.
  • You must present at least six passport-size photographs for profile and documentation.
  • Provisional residency application form.

You will receive a provincial residency card once your application is approved. Also, you will get an identity card for subsequent identification in the country. In addition, the immigration department has a lenient residency visa for those who enter the country with a tourist visa. Hence, your chances of selection using the visa for tourism are high.

Permanent Residency

The provisional residency is valid for one year, after which you are eligible to apply for a permanent residency. Here are the requirements for permanent residency in the Dominican Republic.

  • Provisional residency card.
  • You must also present a notarized guarantee letter from a Dominican corporation, permanent resident, or citizen.
  • Also, a letter that is written by two residents of the Dominican Republic attesting to your good behavior and morals.
  • Certificate of good conduct given by the Dominican authorities.
  • Chest x-rays, blood tests, or other medical exams are performed in the Dominican Republic.
  • About six passport-size photographs for your application
  • A completed application form.

Without a doubt, you will receive a permanent resident card after the approval of your petition. Note that the card is valid for two years, after which you can renew it for additional two years.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I buy citizenship in the Dominican Republic?

Yes, you can buy citizenship in the Dominican Republic. The process is relatively simple, and the cost is relatively low. However, you will need to provide proof of citizenship in another country, and you will need to meet certain financial requirements.

What are the benefits of Dominican citizenship?

There are a few benefits to obtaining Dominican citizenship. One is that you can travel to other countries in the Caribbean without a visa. Another benefit is that you can own property in the Dominican Republic. Finally, you can vote in the Dominican elections.

How do I get my dual citizenship for the Dominican Republic?

There are a few ways to get dual citizenship in the Dominican Republic. One way is to have parents who are both Dominican citizens. If one of your parents is not a Dominican citizen, you can still get dual citizenship if you can prove that you have been living in the Dominican Republic for at least five years before applying. You will also need to have a valid Dominican passport and be able to speak Spanish.

How can I retire in the Dominican Republic?

You’ll need to do a few things to retire in the Dominican Republic. First, you’ll need to get a residency visa. You can meet certain requirements, such as having a retirement income of at least $1,000 per month. You’ll also need a valid passport and proof of health insurance. Once you have all of that, you can apply for residency.

What are the advantages of residing in the Dominican Republic?

There are many advantages to living in the Dominican Republic, including its proximity to the United States, its beautiful beaches and mountains, and its friendly people. The Dominican Republic is also a relatively affordable place to live and has a thriving economy.

Is healthcare free in the Dominican Republic?

Yes, healthcare is free in the Dominican Republic. However, the quality of care may not be as good as in other countries.


With a tourist or business visa, you can begin your journey of becoming a permanent resident in the Dominican Republic. However, some countries have reached a visa-free agreement with the Dominican Republic. If your country is lucky to be among it, you don’t have to worry about the bureaucratic obstacles and additional costs of traveling to the Dominican Republic.

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