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Dominican Republic Transit Visa – Requirements and Application

You can transit from the beautiful airport of the Dominican Republic to the country of your choice that is legally allowed. All you would need is to obtain the Dominican Republic Transit Visa. You would be allowed to have two entries after getting your Dominican Republic Transit Visa. This visa is always short-term, but not all foreigners need it to travel through the country.

However, it would help if you had your passport to show your Dominican Republic Transit Visa eligibility. Then, you would legally gain access to the country to use its airport.

This article will inform you whether your country needs a Dominican Republic Transit Visa to travel via the country to your final destination. In addition, we will discuss its application process with the fee to pay and provide answers to some common questions about Dominican Republic Transit Visa.

About the Dominican Republic

The Dominican Republic is a country in the Caribbean known to share its boundary with the famous Hispaniola in Haiti. The country is unique because of its energetic golfing activities, luxuriant beaches, and breathtaking resorts.

The airports in the Dominican Republic are safe, neat, and secure. So taking transit from the country’s airport comes at no risk. You would only need to present your Dominican Republic visa to the border officials, and you will access the country peacefully to commence your journey from their airport.

What is Dominican Republic Transit Visa?

The Dominican Republic Transit Visa, also known as a nonimmigrant visa is an official document stamped on a passport. It shows that the holder is eligible to pass through the Dominican Republic Airport.

Without this visa, you can’t use the Dominican Republic Airport to transit to another country or your destination. So one always needs to find out if they need it before embarking on a trip. The validity of this visa takes up to 48 hours, with a possibility of two entries.

Who needs the Dominican Republic Transit Visa? 

The only countries that might not need Dominican Republic transit visas are the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, the Union, Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Mexico, many South American countries, Central America, Japan, and Israel. So if your country is not among these countries, you would need to get a Dominican Republic transit visa to immediately continue your trip en-route the Dominican republic to your destination. However, the transit visa would only be available for two days. So you are to use your Dominican Republic transit visa before it expires.

Documents required for the Dominican Republic Transit Visa 

If you are a citizen from the country that needs to get a Dominican republic transit visa, you would need to provide some documents that would give access to the country. For example, you would need to present the following documents.

  1. Proof of a completed Dominican Transit Visa Application Form by you with other essential declaration
  2. A valid copy of your national passport
  3. Passport photographs: 2 passport size photographs
  4. A copy of your original valid visa ( if you are a citizen of another country)
  5. Financial stability proof; This is to show your financial strength; You can show your latest bank statement or a bank reference report.
  6. Proof of travel health insurance: This is to confirm your travel insurance for the Dominican Republic which must show the coverage.
  7. Proof of group travel; if you are traveling in a group, you will show the proof
  8. Confirm airline ticket reservation: You will show your airfare ticket for the Dominican Republic. But if you intend to get a flight reservation for the Dominican Republic Transit visa, you can do the following. Go to the visa reservation website of the airline and choose the package you want. You must submit the travel details and get the flight itinerary sent to your email.

How to Apply for the Dominican Republic Transit Visa 

If you are to get the Dominican Republic transit visa then you would need to apply for it. The process you must go through is as follows:

  1. Start by completing the Application form. You can meet it online or download and fill it out.
  2. Next will be for you to book an appointment date with the consulate. Remember, you would have to submit all the documents in person. So you would need to choose a convenient date that you would be available. You can do this online.
  3. Then you go ahead to gather the original copy of the documents that are required. They are listed above, so you need to get them ready. You need to get your documents translated. Then go ahead to verify them with an apostille stamp. If not, get them certified at the official office.
  4. Go for the interview on the scheduled or agreed date. Through a question and answering section, this will allow you to convince the embassy officers why you should be issued a transit visa. The aim is to confirm all the information you would be presenting in your documents.
  5. Make your visa payment and wait to get your visa. Note that your transit visa won’t be processed without making the necessary payment. So make your payment either with a money order, debit, or credit card,
  6. Getting the visa, you will be notified through the email in your application form when your visa is ready. So you can get it yourself or use a third party. Alternatively, you asked to be mailed to you; in this case, you would attach with your documents a self-addressed envelope to receive further communication from the embassy through the mail.
  7. You must get your visa before heading to the airport for your trip. Don’t expect to get the visa the same day you apply; therefore, you must apply early enough. You might be disappointed.

Dominican Republic Transit Visa -fee and processing time

The processing time for a Dominican Republic transit visa can take about twelve to fourteen days. It is determined by the embassy or consulate where you apply for the transit visa. Therefore, you need to find out to know if you need the transit so that you can apply at an earlier date.

The processing fee for a transit visa is sixty Euros or sixty-eight dollars. This is the price at the moment, but you can still make your findings before you apply.

Frequently Asked Questions 

 How to know you would need a Dominican Republic transit visa?

  • When you would change your flight in the Dominican Republic airport to board another to your destination
  • If you would be stopping briefly in the Dominican Republic before coming on your trip
  • When you are not eligible for an automatic Dominican Republic visa, or you have no waiver of this visa because of your country.
  • Better, you should contact the consulate or embassy before you travel to confirm if you will need a transit visa

Can I reside in the Dominican Republic if I have a transit visa?

No, you are only allowed to stay within the airport or the international zone for onward movement to your final destination,

What is the Dominican Republic Transit Visa validity?

The visa is valid for 48 hours, but if you have to spend more time, you would need to get a tourist visa. But this one expires in 2 days.

Where do I stay until my connecting flight is ready?

You would stay at the transit zone, the designated area in the airport for travelers to wait until the connecting flight is ready. This area permits you to stay at the airport without having to go through any immigration checks. It happens if you don’t leave the airport, but if you must, you need another type of Dominican Republic visa.

Can my Dominican Republic transit visa be denied?

 Yes, you can be denied if you do not sign your application form, if your passport isn’t valid for six months, also if your documents are not legit.

What are the reasons for Dominican Republic Exemptions?

You can be exempted from a Dominican Republic transit visa even if your country needs to obtain it for the following reasons:

  • You have a diplomatic passport
  • You already have a valid visa for the Dominican Republic
  • You have less than 24 hours to spend in the Dominican Republic airport though some countries may spend more.
  • For some countries, if you won’t leave the transit zone
  • If your country has a bilateral agreement with the Dominican Republic


If your sole aim of stopping by in the Dominican Republic is to get a connecting flight at an airport in the Dominican Republic, then you have no issues. The truth is that there are some journeys you can’t finish at a go. So you would need to stop somewhere to get another flight. As for the Dominican Republic stoppage, you need to get a Dominican Republic transit visa. You need first to check if you need to get a transit visa. It is because some countries are exempted, as stated above. But if your country is not among them, it is compulsory to get a transit visa. So If you are to take a boarding flight routed through the Dominican Republic, you would need to apply to get Transit Visa for The Dominican republic. The information above will help you.

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