Duke University Scholarships For International Students, 2019

Duke University Scholarships are available for international students. The university is awarding scholarships for both domestic and must students. Duke University is known to offer high quality education, as a result, international students wants to study here. Studying abroad can be very expensive for them and so, the institution is offering these awards to help financial need students pursue their dreams.

About Duke University

With its excellent academic standard, the university was founded in 1838 and was called by many different names. It changed its name in 1924 to Duke in order to the memory of the father of James Duke. He was a successfully tobacco and electric power businessman and he provided large funds to the university. As a result of this large funds, the university honored the request of its generous donor and changed its name to Duke University.

The university which started as a small college has become a huge institution in recent time. It has 15,000 students including 7, 000 undergraduate and 8,000 postgraduate students currently studying at this university. It is a renowned university and those attending the school are a group of the best students in the world. Most students who attends the university are financially challenged and they are able to continue their education because of the generous Duke University scholarships. The institution has a fabulous academic staff of over 3,500. These staff and faculty are one of the best professors in the world and has earned their place at such a prestigious university.

Duke University has four campuses located in Durham, North Caroline. We have the West, Central, East and Medical Center, and these campuses account for 8,691 acres. In these beautiful campuses, many activities takes place. One most important activities is research. The university places an emphasis in research, spending $1.037 billion in one year. Part of this research money is use for Duke University Scholarships in order to attract intellectual minds. However, the huge endowment of $7.9 billion helps in awarding scholarships to both the domestic and international students.

Duke University Scholarships (Undergraduate)

Many students are currently studying at this university, some of them do not pay a dime to attend here. International students are qualified to apply for full ride Duke University Scholarships, which cover tuition, room, books and board. Each year, there are approximately 20-25 international students who receive all their cost covered by scholarships.

Admissions (Undergraduate)

Application used by domestic students also apply to international undergraduate students. Also, they are required to submit extra documents such as English proficiency scores. Students can apply to Duke University through the Common Application and the Coalition Application.

Duke University Scholarships (Graduate)

Unfortunately, there are only federal support, external scholarships, and very limited institutional aid for Master’s students. International students are not qualified for federal support as a result of them not been a US citizens. There are limited institutional scholarships for Master’s students.

PhD students has many Duke University Scholarships made available to them. Most PhD students at Duke University get fully funded scholarships which covers tuition, living stipend and board. These scholarships are renewable for five years and can even be extended into the sixth year due to some certain circumstances. If you are lucky to be admitted into this university for PhD program, you stand a chance of receiving of receiving fully funded scholarships.

Admissions (Graduate)

Department at Duke University determine the graduate admissions. Because, the graduate admissions in most universities are decentralized, this simply meaning that individual departments make their own decisions. So, the required documents, application deadline, as well as application form might differ by the departments. However, there are application instructions that are common to all departments.