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Duration To Process A Postgraduate Work Permit. For one to have a postgraduate work permit, he has to know the duration of time. see details.,

Meaning Of a Postgraduate Work Permit

The postgraduate work permit is that which allows students who have graduated from a Canadian post-secondary institution to gain an excellent Canadian work experience. Getting this work permit depends on the course and its duration. The maximum length of getting this permit is three years. The work experience gained will help international graduates qualify for permanent residence.

Amount To Be paid For A Postgraduate Work Permit

The amount to be paid for this work permit is CDN$100.00 Holder fee plus CDN$155.00 work permit processing fee.

Eligibility Criteria To Apply For A Postgraduate Work Permit

To be eligible for the postgraduate work permit, you must

  • Study a full-time course in which its duration is about 8 months
  • Have applied for a work permit within 90 days of your course completion
  • Present a transcript
  • Have a valid visa


You can work without a work permit until a decision is made on your application

How To Get A Postgraduate Work Permit Online

To get a work permit online, you have to.,

  • first get a written agreement from the foreign worker
  • Fill out the application by logging into the work permit online
  • pay a fee of $30 for each application
  • Ensure to check your application status after a week

Extension Of A Postgraduate Work Permit

The postgraduate work permit can only be extended if you have renewed your passport as it is issued based on your duration of stay.

See details about visa invitation and how to get it

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