Ease Your Settlement In Canada

If you wish to settle easily in Canada as an immigrant, you must follow the proper procedures.

Every immigrant longs for easy settlement in Canada. However, you cannot easily settle here if you do not do the right thing. As one of the top countries of the world that takes care of their immigrants, Canada has earned a place in the heart of nationals of numerous countries. Most people immigrate to Canada for several reasons.

Some of the reasons are, especially, for the fact that the country can offer the best standard of living, adequate employment, career development, good healthcare personal growth and affordable education for one’s kids.

So, if you are planning to immigrate to Canada and need tips on the possible ways to enjoy an easy settlement, this article is for you. Ensure to have a good read.

Reasons people immigrate to Canada

Citizens and residents of other countries want to immigrate to Canada for a range of reasons. They include:

  • Furthering their education
  • Increasing their knowledge and skills in form of specialized skilled trades
  • Searching for greener pastures up North American market

If you are looking forward to immigrating to Canada, you may go as a/an:

  • International student
  • Foreign skilled worker
  • Skilled professional
  • Recipient of sponsor by a family member who has a Canadian residency or citizenship status.

What is the cost of easy settlement in Canada?

The cost of settling in Canada cannot be overemphasized. As long as you have received the approval to immigrate to Canada, your journey has begun. As a result, you would start making expenses in preparation for the journey ahead. This includes your cost of travelling and settling in Canada. This cost can vary based on many factors, including your destination province and what you are coming to Canada for.

Besides, it could be between thousands and tens of thousands. After you have arrived in Canada, settling here will not be cheap as well. The cost of living in Canada can vary depending on the location and number of people moving with you.

According to Numbeo, the average cost of living in Canada for a family of four without rent is approximately $3,674 a month, while that of a single is approximately $1,109 per month.

Just the same way cost of living can vary significantly; rent can vary too depending on the location and kind of house. As an immigrant, you are expected to pay approximately $350 per month to rent a room and $2000 to rent a big house.

In addition to the cost of living, you must consider the average salaries in the province or territory, lifestyle, weather, and other factors. That is because these factors will help for your easy settlement in Canada.

What to do once you immigrate to Canada for easy settlement?

Once you arrive in Canada, you are going to seek ways to easily settle and focus on other issues. The essentials to take care of include finding a place to live, getting health insurance and social insurance number, connecting with the wider world, obtaining your Canadian bank account, acquiring your driver’s licence, etc.

Below are the things to do to enjoy an easy settlement in Canada:

Find a comfortable place to stay

Coming to Canada, you probably had not got a permanent place. That means your first accommodation is likely to be a temporary place like a hotel room, short rental or a friend’s or family’s house. Whatever you opt for, make sure it is a comfortable place. You can hardly think straight if you are not comfortable.

And by comfortable, we do not mean expensive or luxury place. While spending your time in your temporary house, you would be better equipped to get something more comfortable to stay.

In finding the accommodation, check the rental websites in your area, social media, rental agents, organizations for newcomers, ask family and friends or your institution, etc.

Apply for your social insurance number (SIN)

This is one of the first things you must do when you arrive in Canada. The social insurance number is the national identification number which the Canadian government issues. The essence of the number is to receive government benefits or working in Canada.

More to the point, you can apply online or go to their service office nearest to you. Remember, your SIN is not your ID. So, you must handle it with confidentiality.

Apply for health insurance

Although Canadian permanent residents and citizens are entitled to free medical assistance, it is not so for newcomers. Therefore, you would need to obtain temporary health insurance coverage until you become eligible for free healthcare.

Again, get other kinds of insurance like life, car, home and other insurance policies. Some employers offer group insurance to reduce the cost of insurance for their staff. You may, likewise, be lucky to work in such a place.

Open a bank account

You will need to visit a Canadian bank branch closest to you to open a bank account or finish up the one you started online. When you have finalized the account opening, you will be issued a card to aid you shop in stores and withdraw cash from ATMs. However, it is better to start the process online to make it easier for you.

Register with your country’s consulate in Canada

Although this option may not be compulsory, it is often to your advantage if you do so. Your country’s consulate in Canada may help you with official documents, registering to vote in your country, scholarships, assistance in emergencies, retirement pension, etc. So, to enjoy an easy settlement in Canada, ensure to register with your country’s consulate.

Request help from organizations for newcomers

Chances are that at this point, you have registered with newcomers’ organizations to find a place to live or complete some paperwork. This process mostly starts before you arrive in Canada. However, if you have not identified with them, you can do that now because they exist to easily help you settle in Canada.

Find a sustainable job or go into business

You may have started the job search before you arrive in Canada. If there is something you need as soon as you arrive, it is a job.

Notably, if your purpose of arriving in the country is for study purposes, this may not be the first option. Finding a job helps you to get easy settlement in Canada and take care of the bills that would start pouring in once you get your accommodation.

Additionally, you will need to complete some processes with the government of Canada, depending on the pathway you immigrated from. Most jobs require your educational qualifications and experience, except you want to get a casual job.

Find your way around

Cars are most widely used means of transportation in Canada. If you plan to drive, you will need to get a driver’s licence from your province or territory. If not, your next option is the public transport system, which is not bad, anyway. You can also take advantage of bikes and shuttles, depending on your area.

Get to know others

You cannot remain a newcomer forever. So, you will get to meet people and build a network of friends and acquaintances. You can benefit greatly from these people as they help you for easy settlement in Canada.

Participate in some volunteer work and professional activities, join a relevant organization, sign up for cultural activities, join a sport club, and do other stuff that will increase your network. You may remain eternally grateful for this.

Why does Canada need immigrants?

Canada, as a thriving and high-ranking country of the world, has several reasons it needs people from other countries to fill in the gap in so many places. Some of such reasons include:

Immigrants create jobs and contribute to the Canadian economy

The labour force and tax-paying individuals contribute to the health and growth of Canada. Since the decision to welcome immigrants from diverse countries, Canada’s labour force has experienced tremendous growth.

Having trouble getting people to fill the available vacancies, the presence of the immigrants who came into Canada through various pathways, have been more rewarding to the country. While working in Canada, immigrants pay taxes, spend money on several factors and increase the GPD of the country.

Immigrants improve the health and social services of the country

Having carefully selected only immigrants within the working age, Canada has enjoyed unequal contribution from this group. Many of such immigrants exist in the health sector and contribute to improving the health and social status of Canadians and fellow immigrants.

Immigrants respect the law

Canada does not just accept immigrants; it makes sure they undergo the right screening. As such, only the best hands immigrate here. Likewise, any immigrant who does not respect the law would risk the chances of being deported from the country.

They help the minority communities thrive

Most immigrants settle in small and midsize communities and help their growth. Through them, the government of Canada helps to promote the Francophone minority communities as well.


It is very easy to immigrate and settle in Canada, much easier than people think. But that is only possible if you go through the right steps. Although some people may complain that they find it difficult to adjust in Canada, that can never be your case because going through this guide will help in solving that problem.