Easy Steps To Apply For Admission At Camosun College, Canada

As you consider your wish to study at the Capital city of British Columbia on Vancouver Island, you can also stay calm while undergoing the easy steps to apply for admission at Camosun College, Canada.

Indeed, Victoria, British Columbia, is one of the best cities to study as a Canadian international student.

Victoria is among Canada’s best cities for young professionals. The province of BC has an approximate population of 367,000. If you are new to Victoria, you’ll be able to cope with its moderate weather.

Moreover, Victoria, BC, was voted as Canada’s friendliest city. Concerning this, you can improve your career and study comfortably and safely with the assurance of living among ardent community members. 

About Camosun College, Canada

Founded in 1971, Camosun College is a Public post-secondary community college situated in Victoria, British Columbia (BC), Canada. The College has 2 campuses within Victoria, which are located in Lansdowne and Interurban. Camosun College’s logo is crafted in Green.

Camosun College has been in existence for more than 59 years. The public tertiary institution has up to 160 programs and accepts admission applications of undergraduates to learn through their university transfer, upgrading & preparatory, as well as to get certifications in several areas of study.

Camosun College also offers various applied learning to its students. Among which are study abroad, co-op and career services, South Island partnership, and apprentice training.

More so, Camosun College offers a large variety of programs in Business, Sport and Exercise Education, Health & Human Services, Engineering and Technology, and Arts and Science.

They conduct teaching practicals in small classes that contain 30 to 40 students.

Camosun College programs and courses for international students

As an international applicant of Camosun College, you have the privilege to choose your preferred program from 160 available programs.

These programs can help you build your portfolio, improve your experience, and make you an expert in the field.

Camosun College Application fees

Details Fee Amount (Canadian Dollars)
Application Fee (non-refundable) 100
Open Program Tuition and Fee Deposit (Refund Policy) 8,500
Seated Program Tuition and Fee Deposit (Refund Policy) 15,000
Registration Deposit (For continuing students only; non-refundable) 175

Easy Steps to Apply for Admission at Camosun College, Canada

It Is quite easy to apply for admission at Camosun College, Canada. They avail a 2-part application process for international applicants.

Their application process comprises EducationPlannerBC and the collation and submission of supporting documents.

Thus, you are mandated to first apply online via EducationPlannerBC. Afterward, you can progress to submit your supporting documents to [email protected].

Also, ensure that you note your application number and save your e-payment receipt.

First part: EducationPlannerBC

#1 Confirm the availability of the program you are applying for

Even though Camosun College provides 160 programs to its students, you should confirm if your preferred is among their available programs.

#2 Make provision for proof of English language skills

Camosun College will mostly request proof of your skills in the English language. You are required to make provisions for one of the following;

  • Completion of British Columbia English 12 provincial exams or English Studies 12 with a C+ or more
  • a recognized Pathway Partner certificate
  • External assessment of English language proficiency
External assessment of English language proficiency (reading, writing, speaking, and listening)

Camosun College will request a valid English language proficiency test that hasn’t exceeded two years. This is because the majority of language tests expire after two years.

On the other hand, an alternative is to apply for English Upgrading to qualify for the English language proficiency test requirements.

The following are English language proficiency tests that Camosun College Canada accepts:

  • International English Language Testing System (IELTS): You need an IELTS Academic score of 6.0 overall (no sub-score less than 6.0)
  • Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL): An internet-based test score of 78 overall (no sub-score less than 19)
  • Pearson Test of English, Academic (PTE Academic): PTE Academic score of 54 overall (no sub-score less than 50)
  • Cambridge English tests: C1 Advanced score of 174 overall (no sub-score less than 169)
  • Canadian Academic English Language (CAEL) test: CAEL CE score of 60 overall (no sub-score less than 60)
  • Duolingo English Test: Test score of 105 for general admission to several certificates and diploma programs, including Bachelor of Business Administration programs.

(This does not apply to Nursing and other programs that have to do with health).

Besides, you need a Duolingo English test score of 115 for admission into all major post-degree programs and Camosun College Centre for Sport and Exercise Education degree programs.

  • GTEC: A computer-based test score of 1200 overall (Minimum sub-scores: reading = 325, writing = 270, speaking = 260, listening = 335)

#3 Commence your admission application

Submission deadlines for international applicants who are outside Canada

Here are the submission deadlines for supporting documents for international applicants of Camosun College who are still in their home country:

Admission into Submission Deadlines
Fall term (September) June 30
Winter term (January) October 31
Summer term (May) February 28

Submission deadlines for applicants who are already in Canada, and has a valid study permit
Admission into Submission Deadlines
Fall term (September) July 10
Winter term (January) November 10
Summer term (May) March 10

However, some Camosun College programs require you to submit your supporting documents on different deadlines.

Second part: Collation and submission of supporting documents

Camosun College’s application process requires you to submit some supporting documents. You must scan and send the following documents to [email protected] for the Camosun College registrar’s office to consider your application.

  1. Valid passport. You must scan your passport’s front page/picture page and submit it to Camosun College.
  2. A valid study permit. Canadian study permits are issued by Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC).
  3. English language proficiency test scores. (IELTS, TOEFL, CAEL, Cambridge Assessment of English, Duolingo English test, or PTE Academic)
  4. International Applicant Declaration
  5. First Semester International Student Refund/Deferral Procedure Form
  6. Transcripts and certification documents. Examples of this include your high school transcripts, proof of high school graduation, post-secondary transcripts and credentials, official & notarized English translations, and so on.
  7. Permission to release information form (Only applicable to international applicants who intend to authorize anyone to access their information)

Hence, some forms must be downloaded from Camosun College’s website, filled out, and submitted through a computer.

Moreover, you are advised to visit the Camosun College website to check the admission requirements for the program you’re applying for. Some programs demand program-specific documents.

If you possess the nationality of a country that implements Student Direct Stream (SDS), you must also fulfill SDS criteria.

Examples of such countries using SDS include the Philippines, Senegal, India, China, Vietnam, Morocco, Pakistan, etc.

Camosun College Tuition fees

Camosun College has provisions for safe and secure means of paying tuition fees. You can initiate online and card payments to settle your required fees.

Their system accepts payments processed with Credit Cards like Visa, MasterCard, American Express (Amex), and JCB. Also, Camosun College supports online payments using Flywire.

Moreover, you can make an international bank draft or money order payable to Camosun College Canada. Your tuition fee should be paid before the deadline to avoid paying extra fees for late payments.

Here are the estimated fees you must pay each semester at Camosun College

Academic Studies

Duration of study 4 months (Amount in Canadian Dollars)
Tuition (based on 5 courses)* 7,595**
Non-instructional Fees 246
Student Benefits Plan 278
Subtotal 8,119
Other fees
Medical Insurance (basic medical coverage) from $300
Books and supplies (varies based on course selection) from $1,000
Co-op Term Tuition (if applicable) $1,570
English Language Development (ESL)
Duration of study 4 months
Tuition 5,440***
Non-instructional Fees 246
Student Benefits Plan 278
Subtotal 5,964
Other fees
Medical Insurance (basic medical coverage) from 300
Books and supplies (varies based on course selection) from 100

 Penalties for late fee payment

 Penalties for late fee payment

As a student of Camosun College Canada, all your fees should be fully paid before the deadline. If you didn’t pay the fees before the deadline, additional fees for late payment would be included in your bills.


Amount Owing (Canadian Dollars) Late Payment Fee
Below 50
From 50 to 499 50
Above 500 100

Additional fees for course activities

Additional fees for course activities

Depending on your course, you might need to pay some extra fees apart from your tuition fees. Your tuition fees do not cover these fees.

However, the additional fees cover expert instructors who would be conducting the course. It also covers the course certification. Yearly, Camosun College makes a 2% increment in the fees.

As of the 2020/2021 session, the following fees were attached to each additional course.

Course Activity Fee (Canadian Dollars)
EXW 120 348.75
    ” 121 443.88
    ” 220 158.54
SFL 300 68.37
SFL 430 267.32
SPEX 420 68.37
    ” 135 507.29
    ”   23 221.93


FAQs about the easy steps to apply for admission at Camosun College, Canada

Why study at Camosun College?

Camosun College is one of the largest public post-secondary institutions in the Canadian province of British Columbia. Its campuses hold up to 19,000 students, with 10% of its students as international students from about 80 different countries.

Also, the co-op programs, apprentice training, and practically offered by Camosun College will expose you to more knowledge and work experience.

What are the study areas of Camosun College?

Ans. Camosun College focuses its areas of study on the following; Business; Arts and Humanities; Health sciences; Human services; Nautical training; Natural sciences; Technologies and engineering; University transfer; Sports and exercise; Indigenous education; Upgrading and preparatory; Continuing education; Post-degree programs; Co-operative education and career services; Trades and apprenticeship, etc.

How do I send my transcript to Camosun College?

You can submit your transcript through a courier service provider to Camosun College’s mailing address.

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