Guide on how to apply for Ecuador permanent residency

Are you planning on residing permanently in Ecuador? Then you have to apply for Ecuador permanent residency.

Undoubtedly, Ecuador permits foreigners to stay permanently in Ecuador after getting their temporary residency permit and must have lived in Ecuador for at least 21 months (without traveling out of the country). After that, they can apply for their Ecuador permanent residency visa (EPRV) and subsequently become a citizen after two years of consistent stay in Ecuador.

In this article, you will know the proper procedures for applying for Ecuador permanent residency and the requirements you will need to get it without difficulty. Let’s get started!

About Ecuador

Ecuador is ranked the fourth-smallest country in South America. However, the country is known worldwide for its fast-growing economy. Foreign investors are motivated to invest in Ecuador because the government is centered on infrastructure, network, optic-fiber coverage, and airport, which has helped boost the country’s economy.

Ecuador is famous for exporting agricultural products such as fruits and nuts, bananas, wood, plant, and trees. Likewise, it has been a renowned country in oil production since 2014, with consistent daily output of not less than 500,000 barrels, trading majorly with China, Peru, the United States of America, Chile, and Panama.

Having obtained your Ecuador permanent residency, you will have the opportunity and freedom to do business, live freely, and enjoy more of all Ecuador offers.

Eligibility criteria for the Ecuador Permanent Residency

Since Ecuador has a lenient visa policy, you can quickly get a resident permit if you are married to an Ecuadorian. However, your marriage must be legalized, and you will need to provide the original certificate at the public health insurance to get your permanent residency.

Also, you can get the Ecuador permanent residency provided you have a family member who resides in Ecuador. Note that your family must also have a permanent residency visa or become citizens.

However, if your parents travel to Ecuador and you are born in the country, you can become a citizen of the country. As a disabled person, you will be allowed to stay in Ecuador and, of course, be privileged to get the Ecuador permanent residency if you have someone who is an Ecuadorian or a permanent resident of the country.

Requirements for Ecuador permanent residency

To qualify for Ecuador permanent residency, you will need the following documents. And yes, all these documents must be original.

#1. Temporary residency visa

This is the visa you must first get at your entry into Ecuador. Although, not everyone is expected to have this visa, provided the Ecuador government exempts your country.

#2. International Passport

You will have to provide your recent passport during your application, and it must remain valid for at least six months upon entry into Ecuador. This will certify your country of origin and that your home country is qualified to enter Ecuador.

#3. Passport photo

You will need to provide two recent color passport photographs taken against a white background. The size should be 2×2 inches, and you should gently fix it on your documents.

#3. Provision of your Movimiento Migratorio

During your Ecuador permanent residency application, you will need to get the record or data of your movements within and outside Ecuador from the immigration office. This provides information about where you have been while residing in the country. It also tracks if you have not departed the country within 21 months of your stay in Ecuador.

#4. Provision of Background check

Ecuador will not allow a criminal to get a permanent residency. Therefore, you must provide evidence from the police station that you are not a criminal. If you have been in Ecuador on a temporary resident visa for at least 21 months, you can go to the local police station in Ecuador to get this form. However, If you do not have a temporary residence visa, you will need to go to your country of origin or go to the country you have recently lived in for at least five years to get the background form to attest to your way of life.

#5. Proof of fund

You must provide your bank statements when applying for your Ecuador permanent presidency. This is to certify that you have sufficient funds to cater to your needs while staying in Ecuador. You must earn at least $800 monthly.

#6. Marriage certificate

This document is exceptional for the single, but if you are married, you must provide your legal marriage certificate during your application for Ecuador permanent residency. Otherwise, you will not be granted.

#7. Birth certificate

You should include your birth certificate while applying for the permit residency because Ecuador would like to know and have a record of your age.

#8. Provision of Vaccination certificate

Recently, the outbreak of COVID-19 and other infectious diseases across the country has made countries worldwide mandate that everyone should be vaccinated. Unfortunately, Ecuador doesn’t joke with this certificate. Therefore, as you apply for your Ecuador permanent residency, you must provide the original vaccination certificate as proof that you have been immune and cannot contact or spread the disease.

How to Apply for Ecuador permanent residency

Applying for Ecuador permanent residency is not as difficult as you think. However, you will have to follow the steps below to get it without stress strictly.

Step one: Check your eligibility

First and foremost, you will need to check if you are qualified to get Ecuador permanent residency before proceeding to the next stage of your application. However, the primary criteria are to have the Ecuador temporary residency. However, other requirements stated above will also be of help.

Step two: Obtain the Ecuador permanent residency form

You will need to obtain the Ecuador permanent residency form and fill it up appropriately without omitting any questions asked on the form. This is to get your information for proper documentation.

Step three: Gather your documents for submission and approval

After filling out the application form, the next step is to gather all the documents you need and put them in a file to prevent them from rumpling.

Step four: Book an appointment with the Ecuadorian embassy

You must book an appointment at the consulate or Ecuadorian embassy before proceeding with your documentation and necessary biometrics.

Subsequently, submit your document to the Ecuadorian embassy for verification and approval of your permanent residency in Ecuador. Of course, the embassy will send a mail to you when your application is successful.

Step five: Go and get your residence permit

Once you get the mail for the success of your Permanent residency in Ecuador, you can proceed to the embassy to receive it.

Frequently asked question

Can I get Ecuador permanent residency easily?

Yes, it is possible to get permanent residency in Ecuador relatively quickly. There are a few different ways to do this, but the most common way is to invest in a property in the country. Other options include having a certain income level or marrying an Ecuadorian citizen.

Can I become a citizen of Ecuador?

Yes, you can become a citizen of Ecuador if you meet the requirements. To be eligible for citizenship, you must be a legal resident of Ecuador and have resided in the country for at least five years. You must also be able to speak Spanish and pass a citizenship test.

Can you immigrate to Ecuador?

Yes, you can immigrate to Ecuador. The process is relatively simple, and there are several visa options available. However, it is essential to consult with an immigration lawyer to ensure you choose the proper visa and fill out all the paperwork correctly.

What are the dangers of living in Ecuador?

There are a few dangers to living in Ecuador. The first is the weather. The country is near the equator, so it is hot and humid all year. This can be difficult for some people to adjust to. The other danger is that Ecuador is a developing country. There are a lot of thieves and scams happening here, so it is essential to be aware of your surroundings and not carry too much cash around with you.

Is healthcare free in Ecuador?

Yes, healthcare is free in Ecuador. The government provides free healthcare to all citizens and permanent residents. Expatriates are not eligible for free healthcare but can purchase health insurance through the government or private companies.

Is it cheaper to live in Ecuador?

It can be cheaper to live in Ecuador, depending on your lifestyle and needs. For example, food and transportation are inexpensive, but rent and utilities can be more costly than in other countries. But, overall, Ecuador is a relatively affordable place to live.


Undoubtedly, Ecuador is the ideal place to live, raise a family and explore. With the Ecuador permanent residency, you get to enjoy more of all Ecuador has in store. If you long for this status, you must meet all requirements stressed in prose.

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