Ecuador Visa: Application, Types, Requirements, and Fees

It is quite a relief to know that getting an Ecuador visa is not as tricky as obtaining visas for some other countries. But unfortunately, Ecuador is the fourth-smallest nation in South America and is not as popular as its neighboring countries.

It is one of the countries with the most lenient visa policies that enable most citizens from other countries to stay for at least 90 days without a visa. However, some people will still need to obtain an Ecuadorian mission visa before entering Ecuador.

In this article, we are set to teach you the types of Ecuador visas, the requirements, the application process, and the fees to obtain the visa.

Types of Ecuador visa

There are 32 Ecuador visa types, subdivided into categories- temporary resident visas, non-resident visas, and permanent resident visas. The explanation for each category of the visa and its subdivision is as follows:

#1. Temporary Resident Visas

Generally, the Ecuador temporary resident visa allows its holder to stay in Ecuador for 48 months, after which it could get renewed. Under this visa type, there are work visa, retirement visa, investor visa, academic visa, athlete visa, religious visa, episcopal conference visa, volunteer visa, student visa, professional visa, convention visa, Mercosur visa, Unasur visa, and commercial activity visa.

Work Visa or 12-VI Visa for Ecuador

The Ecuador work visa allows you to work in Ecuador indefinitely, provided you have employment from an employer in the country.

Retirement/ Rentista visa 9-I visa

If you are a pensioner who wants to retire in Ecuador, you can obtain the visa in as much as you have a monthly income of at least $800. Also, if you’ll be traveling with any of your family you must justify $100 for each dependent.

Remember, the income generated must be from any Investment outside of Ecuador.

Investor visa 9-II & 9-III

With an investment of $40,000 in various sectors such as industrial, real estate, etc., you can obtain an investment visa to stay and live in Ecuador.

Scientist/ Investigator/ Academic visa

If you have a dedication to scientific, academic, or research activities, you can obtain this type of visa in Ecuador, provided that you have evidence of experience in research.

Athlete/Artist/Cultural Visa

For a visit to Ecuador that involves activities in academics, sport, science, technology, art, innovation, etc., you can opt for this Visa type to stay in Ecuador for six months. Also, you can renew it multiple times after it elapses.

Religious or 9-IV Visa

Without a doubt, you can opt for this visa type if you wish to volunteer in any religious group or carry out other religious activities that have no relation to the Convention of the Ecuadorian Episcopal Conference.

Episcopal Conference Visa

The Episcopal conference visa is for foreigners on an Ecuadorian mission who need to obtain the visa before visiting Ecuador.

Volunteer/12-VII visa

This visa is for social activities and volunteering work in Ecuador. You can register through an authorized NGO and get sustainable evidence of your activities to apply for this Visa type.

Student visa or 12-V visa

The Ecuador student visa is specifically for foreign nationals who want to pursue graduate or undergraduate studies in any of the institutions in Ecuador. You can obtain the visa type from the zonal coordination office or Ecuadorian diplomatic mission in your home country.

Professional/9-V Visa

This professional visa is specific for Ecuador’s technological, technical, professional, or artistic activities. Interestingly, you to work as a digital nomad in Ecuador without bothering about getting jobs.

Convention Visa

As a staff in any international organization related to Ecuador, you can obtain the visa type to carry out your official duties.

Mercosur Visa

If you are a citizen of Mercosur countries, you can work, do business, and live in Ecuador legally. You can visit Ecuador’s zonal coordination officers or diplomatic missions to get a visa.

Unasur Visa

On the other note, if you are a citizen of South America, you can work, do business and live in Ecuador legally. However, to achieve this, you must visit Ecuador’s zonal coordination officers or diplomatic missions to get a visa.

Commercial Activity Visa

This visa is for foreign nationals who arrive in Ecuador in commercial, industrial, or special vessels to carry out some specialized activities on those vessels. Usually, this visa has no time limit, and you have multiple entry access to the country.

#2. Non-Resident Visas

Under the non-resident visa category, there are special tourist visas and tourist visas. Check below for more information.

Special tourist visa

This is a 180-day visa type that is specific for individuals who want to carry out a specialized activity in Ecuador. You can obtain the visa at your country’s consulate or the embassy of Ecuador.

Tourist visa or 12-IX visa

This tourist visa differs from the special tourist visa because it is valid for 90 days and has to be used for tourism purposes only.

It is noteworthy that you can only apply for a special tourist visa once every five years. However, you can get a tourist or 12-IX visa every year.

#3. Permanent Resident Visa

With a Permanent Resident visa, foreigners will be permitted to stay in Ecuador as long as they like. Meanwhile, getting this visa will require that you reside in Ecuador for at least 21 months with a Temporary Residence visa.

During the first two years in Ecuador, you have the privilege to travel out of the country for not more than 180 days. After the two years are completed, you can travel for as long as allowed. Permanent residents can become citizens in due time.

Amparo/Family Visa:9-VI Visa

As a foreigner, Amparo Family Visa allows you to live in Ecuador, provided that you are married to an Ecuadorian citizen or someone with a permanent residence visa. Also, if you have a family member in Ecuador (either a resident or citizen), you can get this visa to visit them.

Requirements for Ecuador visa

Applying for any Ecuador visa is relatively simple once you have all it takes and meet the requirements for the application. Here are the crucial and general requirements for the Ecuador visa.

#1. Valid passport photograph

This should be a recent colored passport with 2×2 inches in size. However, it must be taken on a white background without headgear or face cap.

#2. Valid international passport

It would be best to get a valid passport with a validity of at least three months upon entry into Ecuador. Moreso, your passport must have at least two blank pages where you can appropriately fix your Ecuador visa

#3. Travel health insurance

Without a doubt, you will need evidence of insurance from private or public companies to cover your stay in Ecuador should in case you have any medical emergency.

#4. Proof of accommodation

You will need to provide proof of accommodation, either a private house address of where you will be staying or a hotel lodge.

#5. Proof of fund

This is your bank statement to prove that you have sufficient funds for your stay in Ecuador. In addition, you must prove that you make more than $600 monthly to cover your expenses.

#6. Police clearance certificate

This is an attestation document from the security agency of your country to prove that you are not a criminal.

How to apply for an Ecuador visa

Undoubtedly, applying for the Ecuador visa is somewhat straightforward, in as much as you follow these steps strictly.

Step one: Visit the Ecuador embassy in your country

You will need to visit the Ecuador embassy or consulate of your country to know the documents you are to submit (in addition to the general requirements provided above). This is because every country has specific requirements.

Step two: Fill the Application form

You must print out your Ecuador visa application form, fill it out accurately, and ensure that you cross-check before submitting it for verification.

Step three: Pay your Ecuador visa application fee

The Ecuador visa fee varies with the country you are applying from. In addition, every consulate fee varies and you must pay the fees for your application to undergo the right processing.

Step four: Book and attend a visa appointment

It is very paramount you book your appointment with your country’s consulate. You can either do this online or go in person to the embassy.

Moreso, attending your booked appointment is also crucial because you will have to submit all your documents and biometric screening at the embassy.

Step five: Wait for visa Approval

After you have met all the requirements and made an application, you must wait for at least four to six weeks for your visa to be successfully processed and approved.

Step six. Collect your Ecuador visa

As soon as the embassy approves your Ecuador visa, a mail will be sent to you. Then, you can go directly to the consulate or embassy to collect your visa.

Frequently asked questions

Can I get an Ecuador visa?

Yes, you can get an Ecuador visa provided you are qualified and meet all the requirements.

Do I need a vaccination certificate?

There is no legal requirement for vaccination certificates when traveling to Ecuador. However, it is advisable to have proof of your vaccinations..

Can I overstay in Ecuador?

No, overstaying in Ecuador beyond 180 days of your visa attracts a fine of USD 788. In addition, you will also be banned from entering the country for 2-years.

How long does it take to get a visa in Ecuador?

It typically takes about two weeks to get a visa in Ecuador.

Can foreigners buy property in Ecuador?

Yes, foreigners can buy property in Ecuador. However, there are some restrictions on the amount of land that can be purchased. Although, foreigners can buy a property just like Ecuadorians. The process is relatively simple, and several real estate agents can help you find the perfect property.


In conclusion, getting an Ecuador visa is an excellent move you need to make because of the numerous opportunities available for you. In addition, of course, the cost of living in Ecuador is not as expensive, and you get the freedom to explore the land.

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