Eight (8) Top Skills in demand in Canada 2021

Many skilled and unskilled jobs are in demand in Canada. Having at least one of such skills will expose you to opportunities in Canada.

Learning and acquiring more skills is so helpful if you want to immigrate or find work in Canada. You need to focus your plan on the top skills employers want in Canada in order to guarantee your employment chances. However, you will be availed of numerous job opportunities when you possess not less than one of the eight (8) top skills in demand in Canada 2021.

Eight (8) Top Skills in demand in Canada 2021

As a foreign national, you need to understand how to get a job in Canada. Hence, it is necessary that you act wiser and prepare yourself to make more findings on choosing your next skills.

In addition, there are many skills in demand in Canada. Having at least one of such skills will make you eligible for various job positions in Canada.

However, below are the top skills in demand in Canada

  1. Cleaning skills
  2. Administrative skills
  3. Accounting skills
  4. Customer service skills
  5. Web developing skills
  6. Veterinary skills
  7. Caregiving skills
  8. Quality Control (QC) skills

#1 Cleaning skills

Cleaning services are requisite in all environments. As one of the eight (8) top skills in demand in Canada 2021, you will certainly receive calls from several facilities that need your cleaning services.

More so, the obligation of cleaners is to tidy up various premises, including offices and homes in Canada. Your duty is also to maintain buildings and their environments with your cleaning services.

However, this requires you to wipe, sweep, mop, vacuum, and eliminate all kinds of unwanted substances like dirt and stains.

Besides, you have to wash dishes, dispose of refuses, as well as disinfect different surfaces on time.

In addition, cleaners are required to possess some skills, which include attention to detail, multitasking, punctuality, decision-making, among others.

Furthermore, cleaners can work in Canada as a dishwasher, housekeeping worker, passenger car cleaner, laundry worker, light-duty cleaner, cleaning supervisor, campground cleaner, janitorial cleaner, and many more.

#2 Administrative skills

You need to possess administrative skills to undertake most offices and clerical jobs in various parts of the world, including Canada.

Besides, working in an office requires you to have certain skills. You also have to be computer literate. Clerical/office jobs often require the preparation of several documents using a computer.

Moreover, some other skills are required such as superb written and oral communication skills, problem-solving, organizational skills, teamwork, time management, etc.

With your administrative skills, you can work in Canada as an administrative assistant, data entry clerk, administrative coordinator, booking clerk, administrative clerk, project management administrative assistant, administrative secretary, and so on.

#3 Accounting skills

Accounting skills is one of the eight (8) top skills in demand in Canada 2021. Employers worldwide, including Canada, will only hire an accounting staff with a certificate.

Therefore, you might need to complete an academic program in a post-secondary institution to get an accounting certification, as well as to learn some professional skills.

Besides, accounting covers a vast range of areas taught by certified accounting specialists. Foreign nationals can also apply for accounting jobs in Canada.

Examples of accounting jobs in Canada include part-time bookkeeper, junior accountant or bookkeeper, general accountant, property accountant, intermediate accountant, settlement analyst, and so on.

Furthermore, you can enroll for many recognized professional certifications, which helps to build your portfolio.

Canadian employers demand that their accountants possess a number of skills such as excellent communication, critical thinking, system analysis, problem-solving through analytics, time management, etc.

They also need to be computer literate. Hence, you need to add your skills and professional certifications to your resume in order to inform the Canadian employer of your qualifications.

However, you can apply for jobs in Canadian accountancy firms where you will be able to implement your accounting skills in preparing and managing various types of accounts.

These accounts include cash accounts, tax preparation, payroll, income accounts, credit cards, bookkeeping, undeposited funds, trial balancing, reconciliations, and so on.

Accounting and bookkeeping software skills

As an accountant, you must be proficient in running popular accounting and bookkeeping software.

More so, such software includes Invoiced, NetSuite ERP, CCH ProSystem, XERO, QuickBooks (Online, Pro, Self-Employed, Enterprise, Premier, etc), Kashflow, SAGE, Zoho Books, IRIS, Wave Accounting, Moneysoft Payroll, Kashoo, FreshBooks, DIGITA, MYOB, and many more.

#4 Customer service skills

All organizations strive to satisfy their customers in various ways. Acquiring customer service skills gives rise to flexibility, which enables you to work in any organization.

Additionally, customer service staffs are important in majorly all organizations. Among their responsibilities is to attend to customers’ complaints, inquiries, and concerns.

With adequate customer service skills, you can work in Canada as a customer service desk, parking enforcement customer service representative, customer service associate, bilingual customer service associate, on-train service attendant, food service worker, customer service supervisor, among others.

However, you can consider getting a customer service job in Canada if you possess excellent skills in communication, active listening, conflict resolution, decision-making, attentiveness, and so on.

Furthermore, do not forget to include all the relevant skills you possess in your resume.

#5 Web developing skills

Web developers are people who design websites for businesses, organizations, as well as nonprofits. Besides, working as a web developer in Canada requires a high level of computer literacy skills.

With your web developing skills, you can earn a lot of money in Canada. Virtually all establishments will request your service in building a website from scratch or in developing their existing website.

Additionally, web developers need to possess vast skills such as communication, web design skills, back-end basics, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), creative thinking, analytical skills, problem-solving, testing, and debugging skills, among others.

Furthermore, you need to be extensively proficient in HTML5 (Hypertext Markup Language revision 5), PHP (Hypertext Preprocessor), Cascading Style Sheets (CSS), JavaScript (JS), ASP.NET by Microsoft, Angular.js, etc.

#6 Veterinary skills

When you are skilled as a veterinarian, it is your duty to give medical attention to animals. Veterinarians are doctors for pets and livestock like chickens, cats, dogs, rabbits, donkeys, birds, guinea pigs, camels, etc.

Moreover, you are obligated to counsel pet owners, diagnose health issues and treat ill/wounded animals, immunize animals, as well as provide dental services for animals. You may also have to assist animals in dealing with reproduction.

In addition, veterinarians have a large number of opportunities open to them in Canada. This serves as a great opportunity for you. Thus, you can work as a veterinary surgeon, animal attendant, veterinarian assistant, and more.

Furthermore, you can apply for jobs in several animal establishments in Canada, which includes zoos, animal charities, and so on.

Examples of animal charities in Canada

Below are Canada’s animal charities that might need your veterinary skills.

  • Canadian guide dogs for the Blind
  • Toronto Cat Rescue
  • S P C A Saguenay (Societe Pour La Prevention De La Cruaute E)
  • Battlefords Wildlife Federation
  • Canadian horse Rescue and Re-Homing Society
  • Thornton Creek Hatchery, and many more.

#7 Caregiving skills

You can apply for many jobs in Canada with your caregiving skills. As a caregiver, you need to provide care to children or dependent adults. Possessing caregiving skills qualifies you to become a caregiver.

Moreover, you are required to fulfill certain criteria before you can work as a caregiver in Canada.

There are different kinds of caregiver jobs in Canada, which include child & caregiver support workers, family caregivers, live-in caregivers, etc.

Additionally, caregivers must possess several skills such as great communication skills, problem-solving, confidentiality, reliability, time management, and so on.

#8 Quality Control (QC) skills

Most manufacturing plants in different parts of the world, including Canada, need to ensure quality control of their products and services.

Moreover, industries with staff that possesses quality control skill will be able to maintain the quality standards of their products and services. Quality control has a significant impact on customer satisfaction.

With quality control skills, you can apply for several job positions in manufacturing plants and industries in Canada.

Examples of these job positions include quality control officer, quality assurance coordinator, quality control technician, manufacturing quality engineer, quality control inspector, quality assurance manager, quality control site manager, among others.

Additionally, quality control requires you to be adept in communication, analytics, statistics, decision-making, leadership, problem-solving, and so on.

In conclusion, you will be versatile for many jobs if you possess a minimum of one of the eight (8) top skills in demand in Canada 2021. These skills are also likely to become the most in-demand skills for the future. Thus, honing these skills will offer many advantages to your career.

FAQs about the eight (8) top skills in demand in Canada 2021

What computer skills are in demand in Canada?
Microsoft Office (Word, PowerPoint & Excel), data analysis, graphics design, etc.
What is the average wage of customer service workers in Canada?
It ranges from $15 Canadian Dollars to $48 Canadian Dollars per hour.
How can I get a job in Canada?
Ans – Popular job sites in Canada include;

  • Google for Jobs
  • Glassdoor
  • LinkedIn
  • Indeed
  • Talent Egg
  • Neuvoo
  • Monster
  • Job Bank, among others