Eligibility Criteria For USA Student Visa

Eligibility Criteria For USA Student Visa: A student who is not an American citizen but wish to study in the United States need a USA Student Visa to meet this objective.

The USA Student Visa is normally granted to those oversea students who have already obtained admission in one of the educational programs or institutions in the USA.

To be eligible for USA Student Visa you need to prove to the United States immigration authorities the following things:

Steps by steps guide to apply for US Student Visa

Prior to your application for USA Student Visa, ensure to have already acquired an admission into one of the educational institutions in the United States of America.

In addition, go through the document for Common Non-immigrant Visas to be sure about the kind of visa for which you are eligible. Once you confirm your eligibility for application, you can proceed with the following procedure:

Step 1: Secure the certificate of eligibility for non-immigrant student status

To be able apply for a US student visa, you should have first received Form DS-2019 or Form I-20. Form I-20 is meant for F visa or M visa while Form DS-2019 is meant for J visa.

Step 2: Scan through the photograph 

To secure a USA student visa you will have to lodge the Non-immigrant Visa Electronic Application form or the DS-160 form.

This form demands a digital photograph of the applicant to be scanned regarding the accurate requisites of the form and to be uploaded along with the form. Applicant should scan and save the photograph in JPEG/PNG format for this purpose.

Step 3: Complete the online DS-160 form

Applicant must carefully fill the DS-160 form online. Follow the instructions provided for filling the DS-160 form. Prove read all details to be correct and accurate. Note that you cannot make corrections to the application form once you lodged it for processing.

Step 4: Submit the online DS-160 form

Submit your online application form to get a confirmation page with a 10-digit barcode. Get a print-out of this page and save it carefully. This confirmation page will be needed for the US Student Visa interview.

Step 5: Pay US student visa application fee

Pay for your USA student visa application fee online or at the designated bank branches. You can lodge the payment in cash, cheque or as a DD.

Carefully save the two receipts you will receive for this payment. The receipts will carry the unique 10-digit barcode generated for your application form submission.

Step 6: Book a US visa interview appointment

Book your US student visa appointment for interview after checking the available dates at the closest US Consulate.

Step 7: Carry the required documents for your visa interview

Applicant should endeavor to reach the venue for visa interview on time. Ensure that you appear for the interview at the Visa Application venue along with the important documents required in regard to U.S. visa specifications.

Step 8: Attend the USA student visa interview

Applicant must ensure that interview questions are answered articulately and in a clear manner. Stay calm and avoid getting excited during the  interview process.

Required Fees for USA Student Visa

The visa fees for the USA Student Visa – 160 USD

Please Note: If your visa application is refused, your application fee will not be refunded. The conversion into your country’s currency is based on current conversion rates which may change.