Eligibility Criteria To Become An Elementary Teacher In Canada

The requirements to become an Elementary Teacher In Canada are similar to that of the United States. Individual provinces in Canada has an established standards which you must meet if you want to become an elementary teacher, but all requires that teachers earn at least a four-year undergraduate degree.

In most cases, they must pass an exam to be certified to teach in that province. In most provinces, fluency in English or French is sufficient to be certified, in Quebec, fluency in French is required.

  • As part of the eligibility criteria, you must earn a four-year degree in pre-school and elementary school education or a related field. An elementary school education program which include pedagogy, child development and child psychology classes, as well as classes in content area specialties such as math, science and history.
  • You must have completed at least 10 weeks of supervised student teaching, depending on the location you plan to teach. 10 weeks of student teaching for certification is required in Alberta, while 24 weeks is required in Manitoba. Also, those teachers returning to the profession and have not taught in 10 years must also complete a specified amount of supervised student teaching. You work with experienced and certified teachers during your student teaching.
  • Send your application directly to the department of education or teachers college in the province you plan to work to become certified as an elementary teacher. All provinces require teachers to have at least a four-year degree as well as one year of educational focus. Most provinces, especially Quebec, require candidates to pass an exam before becoming certified.
  • You need to take and pass the teacher certification exam if it is required in your province. Usually, the exams include sections on preparing curricula, pedagogy and child development. You will be awarded your teaching certificate after you have passed the exam.


  • It is required in Manitoba for teachers to have both an undergraduate degree and a bachelor of science in education, which typically means additional two years of school.

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