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Eligible Jobs For Provincial Nomination

Eligible Jobs For Provincial Nomination.

There are eligible jobs that can make you get nominated easily for you permanent residence.

Meaning Of Provincial Nomination:

Provincial Nomination is that which creates an avenue to immigrants getting a Canadian permanent residence.

The principal nominee program is an immigration program rub individual provinces in Canada. This program helps one gain permanent residence in Canada. .Immigrant can be nominate through this system. For immigrants to contribute to the economy of the province, they must have the required skills, education and work experience. Immigration programs targets groups like business people, groups , students, skilled workers etc.

Different Ways Immigrants Get Nominated (Eligibility)

1) Non-Express Entry System: Here, immigrants has to apply through the paper based process and if after applying they are found eligible, the person in question send an application to Immigration Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC).

2) Territory Express Entry System: If an immigrants is nominated here, he must meet the necessary requirements for which this system covers.

How To apply For Provincial Nomination Program

1) You must have in mind the province for which you want to be nominated.

2) Be sure that you have been nominated

3) Apply to IRCC to become a permanent resident then be sure of how long it takes to process the IRCC example application through the express entry system takes about 6 months or less.

4) After you have applied then prepare for your arrival then be sure of what to expect when you finally apply.

Jobs Which Make One Eligible For PNP

There are jobs which makes one eligible for provincial nomination program which are

1) Hospitality Sector: Immigrants who are attendants, staff, food and beverage servers in hospitals can easily apply for permanent residence/

2) Truck Drivers: Immigrants working as truck driers in Saskatchewan with atleast 6 months experience can easily apply.

3) Students: Students who already have a work experience of about 6-24 months can easily apply also they can gain the residence by been graduate of a recognized post secondary institution.

4) Health sector: Nurses and physicians who work here can easily get their permanent residence.

5) Farmers: farmers with required capital in the farming sector can easily get their residence.

6) Entrepreneurs: Entrepreneurs can get their permanent residence only if they are interested in been in partnership with the province.

7) Work Permit: having a valid work permit can give you access to getting the permanent residence.

8 Immigrants with highly skilled qualification can easily get their permanent residence.

The above are some of the likely jobs that can make immigrants get their permanent residence. immigrants should make sure they have these details at heart to get their permanent residence easily.

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