Eligible Occupations In Manufacturing: Alberta Semi-Skilled Worker Category

In order to be eligible under the Alberta Semi-Skilled Worker category, employers must observe the minimum Requirements for Employers. Which means the employer must:

  • Be incorporated or registered in Canada and operating in Alberta;
  • Operate in one of the five industries currently eligible under this category:
    1. Food and Beverage Processing;
    2. Hotel and Lodging;
    3. Manufacturing;
    4. Long-Haul Trucking;
    5. Food Services;

Manufacturing Employers must:

  • Demonstrate satisfactory recruitment, employment policies and retention/settlement plans.
  • Applicants must:
    1. Have a minimum of two years industry work experience;
    2. At least one of two years must have been completed in Canada; and,
    3. Be employed in Alberta for a minimum of six months before applying to the AINP.
Job title NOC Training/certification required
Shippers and Receivers 1521 Completion of a forklift certificate
Production Logistics Co-ordinators 1523 None
Purchasing and Inventory Control Workers 1524 Purchasing clerks require courses in purchasing management and inventory clerks require courses in production and inventory management
Heavy Equipment Operator (Except Crane) 7521 College or industry courses in heavy equipment operation or completion of a one to two-year apprenticeship program
Oil and Gas Well Drilling and Related Workers and Services Operators 8412 Certification in first aid

Certification in hydrogen sulphide awareness

Certification in blowout prevention

Certification in Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System (WHMIS)

Certification in Transportation of Dangerous Goods (TDG)

Awareness in cryogenic safety

Machine Operators, Mineral and Metal Processing 9411 None
Foundry Workers 9412 None
Concrete, Clay and Stone Forming Operators 9414 Mould makers that construct and repair wooden forms require carpentry or woodworking experience
Inspectors and Testers, Mineral and Metal Processing 9415 None
Metalworking and Forging Machine Operators 9416 None
Machining Tool Operators 9417 Completion of college level courses in machining
Chemical Plant Machine Operators 9421 Certification in first aid

Certification in Transportation of Dangerous Goods (TDG)

Fire fighting or Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System (WHMIS)

Plastics Processing Machine Operators 9422 Completion of Statistical Process Control (SPC) course

Moulding process operators require completion of hydraulics, pneumatics and electronic systems courses

Rubber Processing Machine Operators and Related Workers 9423 None
Sawmill Machine Operators 9431 College courses in wood processing technology

Certification in industrial first aid

Head sawyers and planer operators usually require several years of experience in other sawmill machine operating positions

Pulp Mill Machine Operators 9432 College diploma in forest products processing or a related subject

Certification in industrial first aid

Papermaking and Finishing Machine Operators 9433 None
Other Wood Processing Machine Operators 9434 Combination of college and company courses
Paper Converting Machine Operators 9435 None
Lumber Graders and Other Wood Processing Inspectors and Graders 9436 Graders and inspectors require experience as a sawmill machine operator, or other wood processing operator or as a labourer in wood processing

ƒLumber graders require a lumber grader’s license issued by a provincial lumber association

Woodworking Machine Operators 9437 None
Process Control and Machine Operators, Food, Beverage and Associated Products Processing 9461 None
Aircraft Assemblers and Aircraft Assembly Inspectors 9521 Completion of college program in aviation or aeronautical technology with emphasis on aircraft manufacturing
Electronics Assemblers, Fabricators, Inspectors and Testers 9523 Electronic testers require post-secondary courses in basic electronic theory, testing techniques and testing equipment

Electronics inspectors and testers require experience as an electronics assembler or component fabricator

Assemblers and Inspectors, Electrical Appliance, Apparatus and Equipment Manufacturing 9524 Completion of college program in electronics
Assemblers, Fabricators and Inspectors, Industrial Electrical Motors and Transformers 9525 Completion of college courses in electricity or electrotechnology ƒ

Inspectors and lead-hands require experience as an assembler, fitter or wirer

Mechanical Assemblers and Inspectors 9526 Inspectors require experience as a mechanical assembler
Machine Operators and Inspectors, Electrical Apparatus Manufacturing 9527 Inspectors require experience as an assembler
Manufactured Housing Production Worker 9533 None
Prefabricated Housing Assembler 9533 None
Furniture Finishers and Refinishers 9534 Completion of college, industry or high school level courses in furniture finishing or refinishing
Plastic Products Assemblers, Finishers and Inspectors 9535 Inspectors require experience as an assembler or finisher
Industrial Painters, Coaters and Metal Finishing Process Operators 9536 Industrial painters such as aviation painters require specialized training or college courses

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