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Engineering Professionals: Hot-Pay US Jobs With A Bachelor’s Degree

Lest you spend time and money to obtain a Bachelor’s degree and pursue a career, it is best you look out for potential salaries. For engineering professionals, there are lots of high paying jobs out there. This list ranks the hot pay US jobs with a Bachelor’s degree. Sourced from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, with a description of the career, related job titles in the career field, recommended degrees to pursue the career and common personal qualities of professionals in the field.

Petroleum Engineers

They engage in research, design, and develop ways of extracting oil from beneath the Earth’s surface. These engineering professionals basically work with oil companies in offices and on drill sites, plan extraction projects and oversee teams and operations.

Average Annual Salary: $128,230

Related Job Titles: Petroleum Engineer; Oil Drilling Engineer; Natural Gas Engineer; Oil Exploration Engineer; Oil Well Engineer.

Recommended Degrees: Bachelor in Civil Engineering; Bachelor in Chemical Engineering; Bachelor in Petroleum Engineering; Bachelor in Mechanical Engineering.

Personal Qualities: Creative traits with strong analytical and interpersonal skills, along with math skills, and interpersonal skills.

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Computer Hardware Engineers
They engage in the development of computer systems and hardware components. Engineering professionals in this field require to research, test, design, and build the components they develop.

Average Annual Salary: $115,080

Related Job Titles: Computer Computer Hardware Designer; Hardware Engineer; Computer Hardware Developer.

Recommended Degrees: Bachelor in Computer Engineering; Bachelor in Computer Science; Bachelor in Electrical Engineering.

Personal Qualities: Computer hardware engineers should be skilled in problem-solving, critical and analytical thinking, and communication.

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Aerospace Engineers
They design aircraft, missiles, spacecraft, and satellite. Engineering professionals in this field engage in research, design, testing, among other duties to ensure their designs function as planned.

Average Annual Salary: $109,650

Related Job Titles: Aerodynamics Engineer; Aircraft Engineer; Aerospace Engineer; Aeronautical Engineer; Astronautical Engineer; Flight Test Engineer.

Recommended Degrees: Bachelor in Aeronautics; Bachelor in Aeronautical Science; Bachelor in Aerospace Physiology; Bachelor in Aerospace Engineering; Bachelor in Unmanned Aircraft Systems Science; Bachelor in Mechanical Engineering; Bachelor in Physics.

Personal Qualities: Aerospace engineers need fine mathematical, analytical, critical thinking, problem-solving skills, as well as business and communication skills.

Some other hot pay US jobs with a Bachelor’s degree for engineering professionals as well as their average salary are:

  • Nuclear Engineers: Average Annual Salary: $102,220
  • Sales Engineers: Average Annual Salary: $100,000
  • Electronics Engineers: Average Annual Salary: $99,210
  • Chemical Engineers: Average Annual Salary: $98,340
  • Engineers: Average Annual Salary: $97,300
  • Electrical Engineers: Average Annual Salary: $94,210
  • Mining and Geological Engineers: Average Annual Salary: $93,720
  • Materials Engineers: Average Annual Salary: $93,310
  • Health and Safety Engineers: Average Annual Salary: $86,720
  • Biomedical Engineers: Average Annual Salary: $85,620
  • Environmental Engineers: Average Annual Salary: $84,890
  • Industrial Engineers: Average Annual Salary: $84,310
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