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Equatorial Guinea Visa Requirements – Who and How to apply

Do you know about the Equatorial Guinea visa requirements? Perhaps you do. Maybe you don’t. However, before applying for any visa for Equatorial Guinea, it is always a good idea to first learn about the visa requirements.

You can get more information from the Equatorial Guinea embassy in your country. Alternatively, you could look up the Equatorial Guinea visa requirements online. Whether you visit Guinea for tourism, work, business, or visiting a friend, you must apply for a visa.

Are you planning a trip to Equatorial Guinea soon? Do you know the visa requirements for the Equatorial Guinea visa you want to get? If not, this article will walk you through the process with a quick read. Let’s find out if you are eligible for an Equatorial Guinea visa and how to apply.

About Equatorial Guinea

Equatorial Guinea is a country in Central Africa made of the Rio Muni mainland and five volcanic islands offshore. It is home to pristine beaches and rainforests.

The country consists of a western border that lies towards the Atlantic coast. Furthermore, the State of Guinea consists of two regions on both the African continent and the Atlantic Ocean.

With a temperature measurement between 22 and 32 degrees Celsius, Guinea falls under the tropical countries. The region of the country lying in the Atlanta Ocean comprises islands; islands of Corisco, Ilope Giande, Ilope Chico, Annobon, and Bioko near the Atlantic Ocean.

In addition, massive rainforests are found in the country but mainly on the islands. The largeness and abundance of the rainforest in this central African country consequently result from its location in the Equatorial belt of the earth.

The position of Guinea on the earth’s surface also creates a suitable environment for wild animals such as gorillas, chimpanzees, elephants, and leopards.

For what is Equatorial Guinea known?

Before learning about the Equatorial Guinea visa requirements, find out why Equatorial Guinea is famous.

Equatorial Guinea is well-known for its colonial architecture, volcanic landscape, fishing villages, beaches, and rainforests. However, the rainforests are home to endangered primates, birds, and sea turtles. Furthermore, these landscapes and natural attractions make Equatorial Guinea a must-see African country.

In addition, this central African nation is known for its Ro Muni mainland and five small islands: Bioko, Corisco, Great Elobey (Elobey Grande), Little Elobey (Elobey Chico), and Annobón. Continental Equatorial Guinea, the Guinea mainland, shares borders with several African countries. In the North, it shares borders with Cameroon; in the East and South, Gabon; and in the west, the Gulf of Biafra.

The majority of the people are indigenous to the country’s mainland. Spanish is the official language of Equatorial Guinea. English is also a language spoken in certain particular regions of the nation.

Equatorial Guinea visa requirements – Meaning

Equatorial Guinea visa requirements are prerequisites that every foreign citizen seeking entry into the country must meet. Yes! Before this central African country issues you a visa, you must satisfy every requirement indicated in the country’s visa policy.

However, the embassy of Equatorial Guinea visa can still refuse to approve your visa application. Therefore, your visa application can be rejected despite meeting the criteria for a particular Equatorial Guinea visa requirement. You can also experience delays in processing and obtaining your visa.

To avoid visa delay or rejection, learn about the general Equatorial visa requirements and the specific Equatorial Guinea visa requirements.

But before you read on, who can enter Equatorial Guinea without the hassles of meeting the Equatorial Guinea visa requirements?

Exemptions from Equatorial Guinea visa requirements

Before their trips, foreign passport holders of these countries do not need to apply for the Equatorial Guinea visa. So, the Equatorial Guinea visa requirements have no hold on them.

However, these foreign citizens require a passport valid for more than six months beyond their date of arrival in Equatorial Guinea. Furthermore, despite the privilege of free entry into Guinea, these foreign citizens cannot stay in Equatorial Guinea for more than 90 days.

In addition, when entering the country’s borders, you must hold a confirmed flight return ticket. Moreso, you must provide proof of financial sufficiency. This proof is required to ensure you can support yourself financially throughout your stay in Equatorial Guinea.

The countries that can bypass the Equatorial Guinea visa requirements and enter the country visa-free include;

  • Barbados
  • Cameroon
  • The central African Republic
  • Chad
  • China
  • Gabo
  • Republic of Congo
  • Tunisia
  • United Arab Emirates

Also, the United Arab Emirates is the only Asian country eligible for a visa on arrival.

General Equatorial Guinea visa requirements

The general Equatorial Guinea visa requirements include;

#1. Two Equatorial visa application forms

The Equatorial Guinea visa application form is in English. Therefore, you should fill out the form in clear and correct English. Also, you should sign and date the forms.

#2. Copy of applicant’s international passport

An international passport valid six months from the applicant’s arrival date in Equatorial Guinea. It must meet the criteria listed in the Equatorial Guinea visa requirements and policies.

#3. Two new digital photos

All facial features of the applicant must be visible.

#4. Copy of an identification card

A birth certificate or a national identification card is acceptable.

#5. Copy of a residence permit

If you are not living in your home country, you should submit a copy of your residence permit.

#6. Photocopies of international passport

The photocopies of the pages of your passport containing your biodata and signature are necessary for the Equatorial Guinea visa application.

#7. Travel itinerary

You must present copies of your flight entry and return reservations to the embassy.

#8. Proof of accommodation

You must provide details about your accommodation.

#9. Travel medical insurance

Present an individual travel insurance certificate to the embassy.

#10. Letter of entry authorization

You must obtain the letter of entry authorization from the Equatorial Guinea visa immigration service.

#11. Police clearance report certificate

The National police commission of your country must issue you a certificate of report clearance.

#12. Letter of Invitation

The Equatorial Guinea Migration Service should approve the invitation from your host.

#13. Vaccination Certificate

Your vaccination certificate against yellow fever is mandatory.

#14. Proof of paid visa fee

Attach your visa payment slip to the other documents and submit it to the Equatorial Guinea embassy in your country.

Equatorial Guinea visa requirements: Steps to apply for an Equatorial Guinea visa

Below are the steps to applying for your Equatorial Guinea visa.

#Step 1. Determine the reason for your travel.

The first step is to identify the type of Equatorial Guinea visa you require.

#Step 2: Decide the number of visa entries you need

How many times do you intend to travel to Equatorial Guinea? First, you have to decide whether you want to enter the country once or more than once.

#Step 3. Set an appointment with the embassy

The reason for the appointment is to enquire and clarify the documents you need for the visa application.

#Step 4. Start your application

Fill out your visa application forms. Enter the necessary information correctly and upload the required documents.

#Step 5. Pay the Equatorial Guinea visa application fee

After uploading the documents to the website, you should pay for your visa application.

For a physical application, you don’t need to upload any documents. Instead, pay your application fee at the payment counter and receive your payment slip.

#Step 6. Submit your Equatorial Guinea visa application

After uploading the payment slip on the application portal, submit your documents.

For the physical application, submit your documents to the staff in charge.

#Step 7. Await for a response from the embassy

After submitting your application, wait for feedback from the embassy. Positive feedback means you should proceed with other travel preparation. However, negative feedback means you should clarify your information with the embassy.

Before you visit Guinea! – Know about the transportation services in the country

Equatorial Guinea, the wild West African country, is home to some breathtaking landscapes, including remote hills, virgin rainforests, and cascading waterfalls. It is ideal for those who enjoy immersing themselves in Mother Nature.

However, public transport is scarce in the country. Moreover, the few you can find during your visits are always overcrowded.

But there is good news.

The country engages in Car rental services. So, you don’t have to worry about transportation when you visit Equatorial Guinea for a tour.

Below are a few things you should know about the nation’s car rental services.

#1. Car rental companies

The country has a list of established and approved car rental companies. However, a foreign tourist should book a rental car online before you visit Equatorial Guinea.

Also, there are local car rental companies where you can rent pocket-friendly car services.

#2. Documents for car renting

Before renting a car in the country, you will need a valid driver’s license. Furthermore, you will need other government-issued identification such as; your passport.

Also, if your original driver’s license is not in Roman characters, you will provide an International Driving Permit. However, you need not worry as you can quickly get an IDP through the International Drivers Association website.

#3. Vehicle types

There are different vehicles that you can rent. The most common types include sedans and SUVs. In addition, upon request, vans and luxury cars are available. But most importantly, the car you get depends on your budget.

#4. Car rental and insurance cost

You can rent a car in Equatorial Guinea for as low as $8.99 daily. Rental fees depend on the type of vehicle you rent, the size, and insurance.

Additionally, optional products and services such as GPS navigation, WiFi, and child seats influence the cost of a car rental.

You won’t have to worry about car insurance costs because most car rental companies include insurance in their rates. However, if you rent a car from a company that does not provide insurance, you should obtain it from an outside provider before driving into Equatorial Guinea.

#5. Age requirements

The legal driving age is 18 years old. However, most global car companies charge additional fees for minors under 25 years due to accidents caused by inexperienced driving.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the time limit for processing an Equatorial Guinea visa?

It takes an average processing time of two to fifteen working days for the Equatorial Guinea embassy to process your visa application.

What is the cost of the Equatorial Guinea visa fee?

Generally, the average Equatorial Guinea visa fee is about $100 to $200. However, the visa fees can vary for different Equatorial Guinea embassies.

Where can you apply for an Equatorial Guinea visa?

The place for your Equatorial Guinea visa application is the embassy. But if there is no Equatorial Guinea embassy in your country, you must apply at the nearest embassy.

Can foreigners eligible for visa free-entry experience any problems at the Equatorial Guinea border?

Yes, you can. But this challenge can only come up if you meet any of the below;

  • The purpose of your trip to Equatorial Guinea is not clear.
  • You do not present your passport.
  • Your passport is not valid beyond six months from your arrival date.
  • You fail to show proof of financing yourself throughout your stay in Equatorial Guinea.
  • You don’t hold a confirmed flight return ticket.
  • You come off as a threat to security or public order in the country.


The steps above will help you have the sweetest Guinea visa application experience. Read the article and proceed with your application at any Equatorial Guinea embassy near you.

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