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4 Steps to Apply for Estonia Visa – Plus Fees

Do you intend to visit or work in Estonia? Then your best bet will be to know how to apply for the country’s visa. Estonia which is situated within Northern Europe borders has got the right ambiance that you can dwell or work in. Estonia is an innovative country that is secured with tech savvy people. You would be having a lifetime of fun with their fairs, beaches, theatres, concerts and galleries.

But, the truth is that you might need a visa to get into the country. All you need to do is first find out if you would need an Estonia Visa to get in. Having a long or short stay in this beautiful destination will need you to apply for a Visa if you are from a country that needs one.

In the meantime, this article will be providing you with detail information steps to apply Visa for Estonia, visa waiver Countries etc.

Estonia visa and its types

Getting into Estonia would be made easy for you if you have a Visa. Coming from a Non-European Union, EEA or Swiss country would need you to have an Estonia visa. This is because these countries do not have a visa-free agreement with Schengen. So depending on your reasons visit the country, you would need to get the right visa. Find below the types of Estonia Visa you can apply for:

Works visa: To be gainfully employed in Estonia, you would need to get a work visa and permit. However, your employer in Estonia must submit your details and possibly secure a work permit with the Border Guard Board and the police before applying for the visa.

Student Visa: As a non-EU, EEA, and Swiss person trying to study in Estonia, you would need to get the Estonia student visa. However, you can only do this, when you have admission already into any Estonia University. But if you are a citizen of Swiss, the EU, or EEA, you only need to register your residence with the local government authority.

Family visit:  the family Estonia visa can be obtained by family members or by a spouse moving to live with a spouse already living in the country. To get a Visa, you need to also apply for a temporary residence permit. This is to give one the power to enjoy and live like other family members that are residents.

Transit visa: if you are traveling to travel to another country and you need to transit via the Estonia Airport, you can get this Visa to be legally allowed. However, those from Swizz and EU countries don’t need this visa for their transition

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Schengen visa; the Schengen visa is issued for those that need a short visa to the country. You would be granted to visit Estonia for about 90 days within 180 days duration. Furthermore, you can visit other Schengen countries with this visa since Estonia is part of the Schengen agreement.

Investment visa:  Doing a business or investing in the country of Estonia is easy. You would need to get the Estonia investment visa to achieve this. You would then go further to apply for a temporary residence permit.

Documents required for Estonia Visa

Just like every other country that will need some documents before issuing their visa to the public, Estonia is no exception. There are documents that you would need to present before at the consulate of Estonia in your country as you apply for the visa. The below documents is a must presentation by you.

  • Application Form: You would need to complete the visa application online on their site and give your signature at the end. The embassy will need a passport that is valid for 3 months minimum after the return date. In addition, attach a copy of your previous visas this might be optional for your country.
  • 2 passport size photos: the passport-size photo should have a light background with colors

Cover letter: A cover letter stating why you want to visit Estonia is needed. Additionally, you would need to state the duration of your stay.

  • Health insurance: Another document you would be requested is the health insurance that is valid and covers the entire Schengen. The minimum coverage of about 30,000 pounds
  • Bank statement: your bank statement for the last 6 months and it must prove how you were able to finance your account.
  • Civil status: if you are married then you should present the document that will prove your civil status. With proof of living with your spouse as well as your child or children: for example birth certificate.
  • Flight itinerary: you have to present a document of your flight itinerary; this should include your date and time of flying, the airplane name with its agency, and other details
  • Proof of Accommodation: A document to show you have a place of residence: this can an invitation letter from a family member, a rental agreement letter, or from a friend already living in Estonia

Steps to apply for an Estonia visa

Applying for an Estonia Visa takes a few steps, you can follow the below steps to get it right

#1.Start by booking an appointment with the consulate at the Embassy: You would need to be in contact with the consulate of Estonia in your country to book an appointment. You would need to do this at least 14 days before the date of planned travel. You would prevent waste of time doing this

#2.Next, is to gather the requested documents as stated by the embassy to submit: Documents are always needed for the consulate’s perusal before an Estonia visa is granted. So you would need to submit the following; Application form, passport, two passports, health insurance, cover letter, flight itinerary, accommodation proof, civil status, and Bank statement. Be aware that you don’t need to misplace any document from this list; doing so will lead to your visa denial. Again, make your document official by having them translated into Estonian or English

#3.Then go-ahead to attend the interview; after the submission of your documents, you would be requested to be verbally interviewed. The interview will be on simple questions like the duration you intend to stay in Estonia, your purpose and plan for the visit. Also other questions surrounding you’re travelling to the country.

#4.The last step is to wait for a response from the embassy: After submitting your documents and attending the interviews you would need to wait for a response from the consulate. This might take about 15 -30 days. You would get the message in your mailbox.

Who doesn’t need an Estonia visa?

As earlier stated some people are exempted from getting or obtaining any visa before entry into Estonia. They include citizens of the European Union (EU), and the European Economic Area (EEA) these are EU countries and citizens of Norway, Liechtenstein, and Iceland or Swiss citizens.

People from a country with visa liberalization with Schengen, but with category of people can stay for 90 days in Estonia within 180 days. These include New Zealand, the United Kingdom, and Australia; however, if one needs a longer stay, it is still possible; it will need one to obtain an Estonian national visa.

How do I obtain Estonia Visa Extension?

If you want to extend your stay in Estonia more than the period stated in your visa, you would need to obtain a visa for it. You can apply for an extension of your Schengen visa but this one is granted for some reasons like humanitarian purposes. You can also apply for a long-term visa, you can be granted up to 12 months to stay in the country. During your stay with this visa, you can study or work in Estonia.

Frequently Asked Question 

Below are the commonly asked questions and their right answers

Do I need a visa to visit Estonia?

If you are from a non-swizz, EU or EEA COUNTRY that doesn’t have a visa-free agreement with Schengen, you would need a visa to gain entry into Estonia

Do you need to pay a fee for Estonia Visit?

Yes, you are expected to pay an application fee when you are submitting your requested documents at the embassy. The fee charge however depends on the type of Visa you are requesting. Therefore, attached your receipt to your documents

What is the processing time for Estonia Visa?   

The duration of the process is always between 15-60 days, but the period depends on when you made your documents available. To speed up the process endeavor to complete the application stages to prevent further delay.

What are the steps to take if my Estonia visa is denied?

Three things you can try out: Apply again for the same visa and right all the wrongs. Apply for a Schengen Visa to visit another Schengen country, thereafter, fly to Estonia with the same visa. Better still, appeal the decision of the refusal within 30 days of your visa refusal. You need to follow the instructions provided on your visa rejection. The fee for this appeal is 20 Euros

What are the different Estonia visa fees?

Estonia visa fees are not static: they are requested on one’s type of visa, location, and age. However, the estimated cost is listed below:

  • Estonia airport transit visa is 80 Euros
  • Estonia short-stay visa 80 Euros
  • Schengen visa for children that are minors 40 Euros
  • Estonia long-stay visa 100 Euros


Do you imagine yourself living in a country that out-of your box ideas are cherished and your input valued? Then going to Estonia isn’t a bad idea. With the above information you would be able to get your visa in a jiffy. Just go ahead and start the process because it would worth your time.

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