Estonian Embassy in Canada – Top 5 Consular Services

The Estonian embassy is closed during the weekdays, however, Estonian citizens living in Canada can still get consular services from the embassy. But this time around, they must inform the embassy at least two days in advance of their intention. Therefore, before you visit the embassy, you must have an appointment with one of the staff, otherwise, you will not be attended to when you go to the embassy.

Moreover, the embassy is always closed during the weekend as well as on National holidays. Simply put, the embassy does not work these days.

However, in case of emergencies, you can still contact the embassy outside the working hours or on weekends and holidays. Nevertheless, you must do this by contacting the Foreign Ministry’s Officer on duty by calling +372 53 01 9999.

Above all, fees for consular services depend on the exchange rate and may change without prior notice. As a result, you may consult the State Fees pages to see changes. Moreso, you can contact the Embassy by phone or e-mail to confirm the current amount. 

What an embassy means

First of all, an embassy could be said to mean the headquarters of a country in another country. Hence, the Estonian Embassy simply means the headquarters for Estonian Government representatives serving in a foreign country.

Usually, an embassy is headed by an ambassador who represents the Estonian President’s in the host country, for instance, Canada.

Generally, an embassy is located in the capital city of the host country. However, sometimes, it has branches known as consulates in other major cities. 

About  Estonia

Officially, Estonia is called the Republic of Estonia. It is a country in northern Europe bordered to the north by Finland, to the west by the Baltic Sea across from Sweden, to the south by Latvia, and to the east by Lake Peipus and Russia. 

Basically, the country is made up of the mainland, the larger islands of Saaremaa and Hiiumaa, and over 2,200 other islands. In addition, it has other islets on the eastern coast of the Baltic Sea which covers a total area of 45,339 km2 (17,505 sq mi). 

The capital city of Estonia is Tallinn. It is also the largest urban area of the country alongside Tartu. 

According to the national census, the population of Estonia is 1,294,455. However, the estimated population is 1, 376,484. 

Estonian Embassy in Canada

The Estonian embassy in Canada represents the government of Estonia to the Canadian government. In other words, it acts as a middle man between the two governments. Therefore, its function is to make sure that there is a good and diplomatic relationship between Canada and Estonia. 

In addition to that, the embassy ensures that the rights and properties of Estonian citizens in Canada are respected and protected. Not just that, it also offers protection to Estonians in Canada during emergencies and national crises. 

For this reason, all Estonian citizens in Canada must register with the embassy to get assistance from it. However, those citizens who do register can still receive consular assistance from the embassy. Though this time, they must present evidence of Estonian nationality. 

Address of Estonian embassy in Canada

For any consular services, Estonian citizens and Canadian citizens can visit the office of the embassy of Estonia below:

Embassy of the Republic of Estonia

168 Daly Avenue

Ottawa, Ontario  K1N 6E9


Tel. (613) 789 4222

Email: [email protected]

Estonian Honorary Consulates

In addition to the embassy, Estonia has a number of honorary consulates in Canada. Therefore, depending on your location, you can use any of the following honorary consulates in Canada. They include:

#1. Estonian Honorary Consulate General in Toronto

958 Broadview Avenue, Suite 202


Tel: +1 416 461 0764, +1 416 461 0448

Email: [email protected]

Operating region: Ontario

#2. Estonian Honorary Consulate in Toronto

958 Broadview Avenue, Suite 202


Tel: +1 416 461 0764, +1 416 461 0448

Email: [email protected]

Operating region: Ontario

#3. Estonian Honorary Consulate in Edmonton

109, 21252 Twp Rd 540 Ardrossan

T8G 2A2, Alberta

Tel: +1 780 233 0706

Email: [email protected]

Operating region: Alberta

#4. Estonian Honorary Consulate in Halifax

25 Lyla Drive

Lawrencetown, NS

Tel: +1 902 434 2816

Email: [email protected]

Operating region: Nova Scotia

#5. Estonian Honorary Consulate in Quebec

Gestion MPMN inc., 220 avenue de la Falaise

Québec, QC, G1E 3H6

Tel: +1 418 933 7007

Email: [email protected]

Operating region: Quebec, administrative regions 1, 2, 3, 9, 11 and 12

#6. Estonian Honorary Consulate in Montreal

C/O Stanton Asset Management, 1010 Sherbrooke St. West, 21st Floor

Montreal, QC, H3A2R7

Tel: +1 514 849 2007

Email: [email protected]; [email protected]

Operating region: Quebec, administrative regions 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 10, 13, 14, 15, 16, and 17

#7. Estonian Honorary Consulate in Vancouver

PO Box: 46896 STN D

Vancouver, BC V6J 5M4

Tel: +1 604 742 2241

Email:[email protected]

Operating region: British Columbia

#8. Estonian Honorary  Consulate in Vancouver

PO Box: 46896 STN D

Vancouver, BC V6J 5M4

Tel: +1 604 742 2241

Email:[email protected]

Operating region: British Columbia

Ukrainian Embassy in Canada

Consular services provided by Estonian Embassy in Canada

The Estonian embassy in Canada provides the following consular services and assistance to Estonians as well as Canadian citizens. 

#1. Visa

All Canadian citizens moving to Estonia will need an Estonian visa, especially those who plan to stay beyond 90 days. You can get an Estonian visa from the Estonian embassy in Canada.  

#2. Passport 

Estonian passports are available for Estonian citizens in the Estonian embassy in Canada. Therefore, Estonian citizens in Canada can contact the embassy for their passports. 

Generally, there are three ways to apply for a passport and/or ID card from the embassy. Firstly, you can go in person to the embassy. Secondly, you may decide to apply for your Estonian passport by mail. Then, thirdly, you can still apply for your passport at a self service portal.

Applying in person at the Estonian Embassy in Ottawa

You must apply for a passport and/or ID card in person at the embassy, especially if it is not possible to submit the application through self-service or by post. Also, first time application must be done in-person at the embassy. Meanwhile, you must book a prior appointment with the embassy between the working hours of Mondays to Wednesdays between 13:00 to 16:00.   

3. Legalization of documents

Public documents issued in Canada which are to be used in Estonia must be first authenticated by Global Affairs Canada and then legalized by the Embassy of Estonia in Ottawa.

In order to have Canadian public documents legalized to be used in Estonia, please bring them along to the consular appointment or send the following documents to the Estonian Embassy in Ottawa:

  • Application for legalization 
  • Document to be legalized (original and already authenticated by the Global Affairs Canada);
  • Legalization fee 
  • Self-addressed, pre-paid envelope if documents are to be returned by mail. 

4. Issuing the Certificates

Apart from the Estonian embassy in Canada, any of the consulates may issue an extract or certificate of birth, death, marriage, divorce and name change from the Population Register. However, certificates of vital statistic events can be issued only for those events that are registered in the Population Register. 

When applying for a certificate, you must present the following documents:

  • an application form
  •  a copy of your passport/ID-card  
  • state fee to the Embassy either personally or via mail.

5. Ordering Documents from Estonia

Estonian citizens may order official documents issued in the Republic of Estonia like birth, marriage, death certificates and various other documents. This can be done through the Embassy of Estonia.  

Meanwhile, you will need the following documents while ordering documents from Estonia. Therefore, you will need to send them to the Estonian embassy in Canada before ordering the documents. They include: 

  • Completed Document Order Form
  • Completed archive/registry questionnaires
  • The application fee which is non-refundable.


In conclusion, for any consular service, the Embassy of Estonia in Canada can help you. Moreover, you may still get some assistance from any of the honorary consulates in Canada. Though this depends on your location.

Meanwhile, workstudyvisa will always give you an expert guide about Canada. Therefore, for information regarding immigration, studying in Canada, working in Canada or scholarships, don’t fail to contact us.

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