Eton College Scholarships – Vancouver, Canada

Eton College is recognized as a career college that helps students acquire knowledge in their desired career through simple learning techniques.

Eton College makes giving financial aid to the student through scholarships one of its core values. Such scholarships are based on merit and cater to the tuition fees of students for a certain period.

There are also a couple of scholarship schemes that are strictly meant for students with high academic performance who may need financial support.

About Eton College, Vancouver

Eton College is a private post-secondary institution located in the metropolitan city of Vancouver, British Columbia. Eton College was founded in 2003 and has since then sustained a reputation for producing about 2000 graduates who have become successful in the career path they chose while in the school.

The institution is recognized as a career college that helps students acquire knowledge in their desired career through simple learning techniques. The college features a friendly learning environment that embraces education, technology, and culture.

In addition, the college offers programs that may span from a couple of months to a few years. Students of Eton College also have the opportunity to transfer credits to other universities that have a standing relationship with the college.

Some of the programs available at Eton College are:

  • Business Administration Major in Hospitality Management (BAHM)
  • Business Environment Communication
  • Diploma in Business Administration
  •       ” in Business Environment Communication
  • Diploma in Hospitality Management and Flight Attendant Preparation
  • Diploma in Travel and Tourism Management
  • Flight Attendant Preparation
  • Hospitality Management

Scholarships Available at Eton College

Eton College is open to indigenous and international students from all works of life and cultural backgrounds. Although schooling at the school is relatively affordable, certain students may find it challenging to cater to their financial needs while in school. Eton College, therefore, offers financial aid in form of scholarships to students who may need financial support to cover their tuition fees.

Some other scholarships and awards are given to students based on their outstanding performance in academic and extracurricular activities. Some of the scholarships at Eton College are provided by the school itself while others are sponsored by alumni and other external bodies such as the government or willing individuals.

Scholarships that are given as means of financial aid require that the beneficiaries be able to prove their urgent need for financial support.

Also, it is important to note that scholarships and bursaries do not mean the same thing at Eton College. Bursaries are strictly given as a means of financial aid while a scholarship may not be strictly for that purpose.

A student who is currently a beneficiary of a scholarship scheme may also apply for a bursary if he needs financial aid and the scholarship will not be able to cover all of his fees at that time.

Some of the scholarships available at Eton College are:

The Eton College Canada Scholarship Award

The Eton College Canada Scholarship Award is available for new students who apply to study in the school. Students are awarded C$1,000 to C$$5,000 based on their GPA scores.

60% – C$1,000

70% – C$2,000

80% – C$4,000

90% – C$5,000

The scholarship award received is prorated to cater to student’s tuition fees for their first academic year or first eight months in the school.

Students who are awarded scholarships also have the option of transferring their scholarship to a later intake if they are not able to resume school as when expected.

Eton College Financial Aid Options

Domestic students who are in need of financial support can apply for financial aids offered by the school through the office of the registrar.

Students can find out about what financial aids are available for them per time by contacting a financial aid officer at 604-677-3866 or sending a mail to [email protected]

StudentAid BC Program

StudentAid BC is provincial funding for post-secondary students who are schooling in the province of British Columbia. Financial aids from StudentAid BC come in form of loans, grants, and scholarships. The financial aid program may also connect students to federal and individually sponsored financial assistance.

Students are given aid based on their financial needs and there is usually no fixed amount for any particular scheme. A number of supports students may receive to study at Eton College through the StudentAid BC are:

Grants: Grants are given to help students cover important schooling expenses such as tuition fees, textbooks, or accommodation and feeding costs. A grant awarded to a student by StudentAid BC does not need to be paid back.

Loans: These are financial aids given to students which are expected to be paid back (without interest) after a fixed amount of time. Loans are given to students based on their financial needs and interested students may apply for any of them.

Scholarships: These are awarded to students based on their academic performance and outstanding display of leadership abilities, or participation in community development roles. Scholarships may also be awarded to students who show exceptional talent in sport, music, art, etc.

Bursaries: Bursaries are financial aids given to students with exceptional academic performance but require financial aid to be able to continue their studies.

You can contact StudentAid BC for available financial aids through:

1-800-561-1818 (Toll-free number in Canada and the US)

+1-778-309-4621 (for other countries)

Other Student Services Offered at Eton College, Canada

Asides from financial aid, Eton College offers a range of services to help students ease their way through education and finding a career path. Some of such services include:

  • Academic and career guidance during the interview with an admission officer before admission into the school for any program
  • Issuing of regular progress reports helping students track their performance
  • Post-graduate career preparation programs
  • Practicum programs
  • Mentorship opportunities for students
  • Provision of industry and community connections
  • Lifetime post-graduation career support for all Eton College graduates who meet all graduation requirements.

How to Apply into Eton College, Vancouver, Canada

Eton College, Canada is a Designated Learning Institution (DLI) and is recognized by the Private Training Institutions Branch (PTIB) which is under the British Columbia Ministry of Advanced Education, Skills and Training.

The following steps are what you need to take to apply to Eton College, Canada as an international student:

  • Take an interview (remotely or physically) with an admissions officer to discuss your career choice and the programs available for you at the school. The admission officer will also access your willingness to attend the school, as well as any other peculiar needs you have.
  • Submit evidence of proficiency in the English Language to the admission office of the institution
  • You will also need to provide the following:
  • A copy of your passport
  • A copy of the highest qualification you’ve had. This could be a previous degree or diploma
  • copy of the transcript from your high school
  • Complete and sign the Eton College application form
  • Make a non-refundable payment of C$150 for any program you choose. COOP programs require the payment of C$250

Payment Options

For international students, the following options are available to make payment for the application process:

  • Flywire transfer
  • Wire transfer to provided bank details
  • Credit card authorization form

Indigenous or foreign students who reside in Canada may pay through the following options:

  • Email transfer
  • Wire transfer to provided bank details
  • Credit card authorization form

All students who apply should send their remittance information document to [email protected]

If your application is approved, you will receive a confirmation letter or a Letter of Acceptance which you can use to apply for a Study Permit with the Canadian government. Your first year in the college requires you to make a tuition deposit of C$6000.

Applying for Study Permit to Study at Eton College, Canada

Some programs at Eton College do not exceed 6 months. In such a case, you do not need to apply for a Study Permit to take such programs.

You may however apply for a Study Permit if you think you will want to take another program in Canada once done with the one you were offered admission for.

If your program extends for a duration of 6 months or more, you will need to apply for a Study Permit.

Should you apply for the permit before coming to Canada, you will be able to request an extension should you require one.

If you did not get a Study Permit earlier, you will not be able to request an extension once your six months stay is over, neither will you be able to apply for a Study Permit as a foreign student while you are in Canada.

To apply for a Study Permit, you need the DLI number for the institution you are attending. Eton College’s DLI number is 019330008162.



Q. Does Eton College Accept International Students?

Eton College, Vancouver admits both indigenous and foreign students so long as they meet the eligibility requirements and pass all entrance exams.

Q. How Can I Contact Eton College, Vancouver?

Physical Adress:

333 Terminal Ave Unit 706

Vancouver, BC, V6a 4C1


Phone: (604) 677-3866; (604) 569-3896

Fax: (604) 677-4431

Email: [email protected] [email protected]