Bulgaria Visa

Bulgaria Visa for Minors – Requirements and Application

Bulgaria Visa for Minors

What are the conditions for applying for a Bulgaria visa for minors? What documents should they bring along? Bulgaria allows minors to visit without a passport or other official document. This is possible because the Bulgarian government has signed the European Convention on Nationality (ECNR. Therefore, the ECNR permits minors …

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Bulgaria Visa Fees – Who can apply and exemption

Bulgaria Visa Fees

There’s a lot to learn and see in Bulgaria, ranging from wasting time on any of its amazing beaches to visiting its abundant historical sites; there’s no doubt that Bulgaria is an amazing destination. Being a country rich in culture and natural mineral springs, it is an outstanding destination that …

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Bulgaria Visa Requirements: Eligibility and documentation

Bulgaria Visa Requirements

If you want to visit Bulgaria, make sure you go through Bulgaria Visa Requirements on time. Bulgarian visa requirements depend on your nationality and purpose of travel. Meanwhile, Some common reasons for needing a Bulgarian visa are tourism, business, or family visits. Nevertheless, Bulgaria belongs to the European Union and has visa-free …

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