Cyprus Visa

Cyprus Long Stay Visa – Application Guide

Cyprus Long Stay Visa

Many people do not know that Cyprus also offers a Cyprus Long Stay Visa option for those who wish to stay longer in the country. Meanwhile, the long-stay visa allows visitors to stay in the country for six months. However, Cyprus is an attractive destination for tourists because of the …

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How to obtain a Cyprus Immigration Permit – requirements

Cyprus Immigration Permit

Are you planning to immigrate to Cyprus from your home country? If yes, you’re making an ideal decision. Cyprus has been recording many immigrants who have positively influenced the country, some of which obtained a Cyprus immigration permit. Cyprus is a Mediterranean island country located in the eastern Mediterranean Sea. …

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Cyprus Tourist Visa: How to Apply

Cyprus Tourist Visa

If you plan to visit Cyprus, you will need a Cyprus Tourist Visa. Cyprus is an attractive island destination that’s easy to access from Europe. Nevertheless, Cyprus has a rich history and culture, and its mountainous landscape is popular for hiking, biking, climbing, and skiing. Also, the country is known for its …

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Cyprus Visa Requirements: How to Apply

Cyprus Visa Requirements

Are you wondering about Cyprus visa requirements to be eligible to enter the country without restrictions? This blog post will be resourceful to you in obtaining a visa to Cyprus. Cyprus is an island country with a total area of 9,251 km2. The country has a population of nearly 1.2 …

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Cyprus Visa Fees: Who can apply and exemptions?

Cyprus Short Stay Visa

Do you want to visit a safe and beautiful country with a meager crime rate? Then, you can consider Cyprus. Undoubtedly, Cyprus is an outstanding country with significant growth and glamour. It is popular for its wreck diving, carnival, etc. If you want to visit Cyprus, you may need to …

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