Greece Visa

10 things to know before deciding to Visit Greece

Visit Greece

Are you anxious to visit Greece? Then, check out our unique tips for a perfect journey! From the beachy island getaway or an Athens (or perhaps Thessaloniki) city break that blends sightseeing by day with ouzo gulping by night, this region has everything for your classic holiday. Greece is a …

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Greece Long Term Study Visa – A Full Guide

Greece Long Term Study Visa

This article discusses the Greek long-term study visa program, which allows foreigners to stay in Greece for up to three years. Meanwhile, it is an open program for students, researchers, and members of professional associations. Therefore, applicants must have a valid passport and adequate funds to cover their expenses while …

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Greece Transit Visa – Application and Documentation

Greece Transit Visa

Traveling to Macedonia, Albania, Kosovo, and Serbia, you must pass through Greece. Therefore, you must need a Greece Transit Visa. The question is, what should you do to have this visa? Of course, most countries today demand that international travelers must obtain a visa to pass through their airport. So, …

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