Serbia Visa

How to Apply for a Serbia Short Stay Visa

Serbia Short Stay Visa

Serbia is a country rich with notable historical landmarks and fascinating cultural heritage. Located in south Eastern Europe in the central region of the Balkans, the country attracts its share of international tourists each year. However, before you visit, you may need a step-by-step guide on applying for a Serbia …

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How to Apply for a Serbia Official Mission Visa

Serbia Official Mission Visa

Serbia Official Mission Visa grants you access to one of Europe’s oldest nations. Interestingly, you can stay up to 90 days in Serbia with this visa. Amazing! Right? Meanwhile, it is essential to acquire basic information about the visa application processes, fees, and requirements, before applying for Serbia Official Mission …

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Guide on how to apply for a Serbia Permanent Residency

Serbia Permanent Residency

Are you looking to move to Serbia permanently? If yes, you should read this guide on applying for Serbia permanent residency. Serbia has become one of the most attractive countries for ex-pats worldwide. The country offers excellent opportunities for those who want to start their new life there. Living in …

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Guide on How to Apply for a Serbia Temporary Residence Permit

Serbia Temporary Residence Permit

Are you looking for a guide on obtaining a Serbia Temporary Residence Permit? This blog post covers several aspects of getting the permit, including its eligibility criteria, requirements, processing time, validity period, and more. A Serbian Temporary Residence Permit undoubtedly offers its holders a wide range of benefits. The permit …

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Top 12 Places And Times To Visit Serbia This Year

Visit Serbia

Serbia offers a lot of excitement to tourists and visitors, especially first-time visitors. But, unfortunately, you might not have heard the best things about this country. On the contrary, it has a lot to offer to visitors, from the gigantic capital city of Belgrade to the historic towns. Therefore, you …

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