European Visa Face-off with America can lead to visa-free travels

European Visa Face-off with America can lead to visa-free travels. The EU Visa War with America Can Lead To Visa Free EU Travels. This is in line with the war between the EU and America. The European Commission on Tuesday (2 May) told reporters that such a move would not be in the mutual interest of EU citizens.

European citizens who live in Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Poland and Romania are not allowed to enter United States without visa. Canada had also imposed restrictions on Romanians and Bulgarians.This is because the visa free ban has not been implemented.

The lawmakers in the EU parliament has passed a bill demanding that the EU commission reintroduces Visas for US and Canadian Citizens.

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Visa Waiver Program

this is a program of the United States government which allows citizens of specific countries to travel to the United states for tourism, business, or while in transit for up to 90 days without having to obtain a visa. This program runs with several countries of the European continent ever since the 1980s

EU law obliges the commission to impose the visas on the US because of their refusal to lift restrictions on the handful of EU states.

Visa Waiver Program Impact Suspension

A number of bills aimed at upgrading the security of Visa Waiver Program had been introduced, but none had been enacted. It was in April 2014 the European Commission was first made aware that the US – along with Australia, Brunei, Canada and Japan – was failing to ensure the same visa waiver rights for its citizens that Europe offered in return.

The Trump administration has brought about changes which are not in compliance to many countries and this is one of them.