Everything About Ontario French-Speaking Skilled Worker Stream

The French-Speaking Skilled Worker Stream is part of the Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program (OINP) designed by the Ontario’s immigration authorities to select candidates in the federal Express Entry pool with English and French ability for immigration to Ontario.

Basically, this stream targets French-Speaking skilled workers with strong English language abilities planning to immigrate, settle and establish themselves in the province of Ontario.

The Ontario province is looking to welcome more French-speaking individuals to complement an already-existing population of about half a million Franco-Ontarians. Successful candidates are allotted 600 additional Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) points, followed by an Invitation to Apply (ITA) for Canadian PR.

One particular benefit of this OINP stream is that having a job offer is not required. Ontario assesses candidates based on their human capital credentials, with much focus on language ability.

Program Requirements For Ontario French-Speaking Skilled Worker Stream

Candidates must:

  • Have created a profile in the Express Entry pool;
  • Qualify under any of the Canadian Experience Class (CEC) or Federal Skilled Worker Class (FSWC) and
  • Demonstrate an interest in coming to either Ontario or “All Provinces and Territories” in the Express Entry profile.

Additional criteria

  • Work Experience: Applicants must possess a minimum of either: one-year work experience during the past five years according to the requirement under the FSWC; or one-year work experience during the past three years according to the requirements listed under the CEC.
  • Education: Bachelor’s degree or higher.
  • Language: Have at least Canadian Language Benchmark (CLB) level Seven (7) in French, and level Six (6) in English
  • Intent: An intention to reside in Ontario.
  • Settlement Funds: A sufficient level of savings or income.

How Ontario French-Speaking Skilled Worker works?

It is entirely possible for an applicant to finish all the entire process of immigrating to Canada in the Ontario French-Speaking Skilled Worker Stream within One year period, if not even earlier than that. Below is a brief explanation of the process, from beginning to end:

  1. Meet the requirements of the CEC or the FSWC (note that applicants eligible under the Federal Skilled Trades Class only are not qualified under this stream)
  2. Create a valid Express Entry profile.
  3. Meet the requirements for the Ontario French-Speaking Skilled Worker Stream.
  4. Receive a NOI from the OINP (please note that not all eligible applicants may be issued a NOI).
  5. Apply to the OINP for a provincial nomination certificate within Forty-Five (45) days of receiving the NOI.
  6. Obtain a provincial nomination from the OINP.
  7. Get 600 additional CRS points and an Invitation to Apply for PR in the next draw from the pool.
  8. Submit an application for Canada permanent residence within 60 days of receiving the ITA.
  9. Finally, Become a permanent resident of Canada.

To apply for this stream, it’s suggested you get the help of some immigration expert or professionals to help you carry out the application process.