Everything About Visa Invitation Letter – How To Get It?

Visa Invitation letter is an official identification that someone knows you in Canada, which increases your visa processing chances.

Even though visa invitation is not the criteria for all visa candidates but it is surely good to have one than not!

To obtain a visa invitation letter for your travels to Canada, you have to know someone in Canada. The person in Canada can be a family member or siblings, relative or distance relative, friend or even a friend of friend.

Although, it is recommended that you must get an invitation from the person who knows you well as it will increase your chances of getting a visa.

Only those individuals who have a Canadian status like permanent residency or Citizenship can give you a visa invitation letter.

Ensure you instruct the individual writing your visa invitation letter to add the below listed key information. After completing the information, they should send the letter so that you can lodge it with your visa application form. (Temporary visa application)

Occasionally, the visa officers may request you to legalized invitation letter, applicable to some countries. Thus, it is recommended that you obtain the letter notarized ahead of time to prevent any last minute delays.

Below mentioned are some tips that you have to be followed for Visa Invitation Letter:

Information About The Visa Applicant

The sponsor who has to write a letter for the person coming to Canada (tourist/visitor) have to include the following details:

  • Complete personal information including name, surname, middle name, date of birth etc.
  • Present address and telephone numbers
  • Your Relationship with the sponsor inviting you
  • A valid reason for the purpose of your visit
  • Period of your stay
  • Place of accommodation
  • Financial expenses
  • Date of leaving Canada

Information About The Sponsor/Invitee (Canadian)

The person inviting you to have to include the following details about themselves:

  • Their personal information (surname, middle name, name, date of birth etc.)
  • Home address in Canada and their contact number
  • Job title in Canada
  • Canadian status (whether Canadian citizen or permanent resident)
  • Valid ID card to Proof their Canadian status
  • The total number of individuals living in the household anyone who was sponsored for PR in the past, or anyone presently being sponsored inland.

Well, it is advisable to legalized your invitation letter as you don’t know when the mood of immigration officials changes.

Then again, If you are asked to include biometrics as part of your visa application, the person who is invited to Canada should have their letter legalized before sending it to you.

Also, get your invitation letter legalized if you had any problem with the immigration department of Canada in past.

After the invitee/sponsor has signed the letter, he or she can scan and email it to you for fast processing. Your invitation letter needs to be lodged with your initial Canadian visa application.