Everything To Know About Skilled Migration To Australia

Are you planning to migrate to Australia as a skilled worker? Australia is a country full of opportunities, quality of life is excellent and the society is generally welcoming to immigrants. Read on to know more about skilled migration to Australia.

Over the years, Australia is a destination that every skilled migration aspirant desire to move to. For this reason, the Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP) each year receives thousands upon thousands of visa applications for its diversified visa programs, i.e. Skilled work visa, PR visa, student visa, visit visa, business visa, spousal visa, parent category visas and so on.

Skilled Migration to Australia has been tremendous over the years. It’s a situation that benefits for both parties when it comes to skilled workers migrating to Australia. Australia are looking for skilled workers to manage the skills shortage in the country in the high demand occupations.

Then again, a skilled worker loves the high employment rate, high-income jobs, improved infrastructure facilities, and high quality living standards of Australia

Immigration pathways in Australia

The government of Australian has put in place different visa programs to invite and accept immigrant workers into the country.

The widely popular skilled visa programs of Australia are, Subclass 190 State nominated permanent visa, Subclass 189 Permanent Visa, Employer Nomination Scheme 186 Visa, Skilled Regional (Provisional) 489 Visa etc.

The States of Australia, i.e. Western Australia, South Australia, Australian Capital Territory (ACT), Victoria etc. also invites applicants from overseas skilled workers for the nomination.

Applicants who apply for state nomination obtain the immigration points for the same and afterwards, file in for the desired visa category.

Point Based System

Just like many other advanced countries, Australia also uses the point system for skilled migration. Australia’s organized online point based immigration system is the standard of Immigration to Australia.

This is one of the meeting points for international migrant workers seeking to move to an overseas country for better life and career.

Australia accesses candidates based on their points scored for key credentials, i.e. age, work experience, educational qualification, language skills, etc.

The profiles that receive highest points, gets invitation to apply (ITA) from the immigration authorities. He or she subsequently, would have to apply for the visa within 60 days of the receipt of the invitation.

There are various skilled visas in Australia, which have visa processing time ranging from 6 months to 12 months, but, when compared with other advanced nations like the USA, UK etc, the PR visa processing time of Australia is still quite faster.

But ensure you secure help and assistance from MARA accredited Australian immigration agency to help reduce your timeline and assist you obtain the Australian PR visa without hassle or stress.

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