Express Entry Invitations 2019 – Canada Surpasses 70,000 Mark

Canada surpasses 70,000 marks in Express Entry invitations for 2019. The Immigration Refugee and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) invited 3,900 Express Entry applicants to apply for Canadian permanent residence in a new draw held October 30.

Today’s draw brings the sum number of invitations to apply (ITAs) to 71,700 rolled out thus far this year via Canada’s Express Entry system.

The lowest Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) score in this draw was 475.

Express Entry manages the pool of applicants for Canada’s three Federal High Skilled economic immigration programs — the Federal Skilled Trades Class, Federal Skilled Worker Class and Canadian Experience Class.

Qualified applicants are ranked in the Express Entry pool based on a score allotted under the Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS), which provides points for factors such as age, educational qualifications, skilled work experience and proficiency in French or English.

A predetermined number of the highest-ranked candidates are granted an invitation to apply for Canadian permanent residence via regular draws from the Express Entry pool, which usually take place on fortnight bases.

One reason for the high CRS cut-off points in today’s draw was the fact a full twenty-eight (28) days passed between all-program draw. On October 16, the Canadian government held a smaller, Federal Skilled Trades Class-specific draws rather than all-program draws which involve the three (3) Express Entry-managed program.

A longer period between all-program draws often time results in a higher minimum CRS score because other, higher-scoring applicants have time to enter their profile in the Express Entry pool.

The cut-off score of 475 surpasses the previous score with eleven (11) points over the last all-program draw on October 2.

IRCC made a tie break of August 29, 2019, at 03:50:24 UTC. This means that all applicants with CRS scores above 475, as well as those with scores of 475 who entered their profile in the Express Entry pool prior this date and time, got an invitation.

The year-to-date total of 71,700 ITAs puts the Canada 2,500 behind last year’s mark, which produced a record 89,800 invitation to Apply.

Canada has bigger admissions targets for the three Federal High Skilled economic immigration program for 2019 and 2020, which means it could still exceed this record by the end of 2019.

Applicants with scores below today’s cut-off points who wish to improve their score may have a number of alternatives for doing so, from improving their language scores to getting a provincial nomination for Canadian immigration.

Express Entry candidates with a provincial nomination receive an extra 600 CRS points and are practically guaranteed an invitation to apply for PR.

The previous weeks have seen Express Entry-linked provincial nominee program in Alberta, Saskatchewan, Nova Scotia, British Columbia and Manitoba sent out more than 2,000 invitations to Express Entry candidates.

Saskatchewan conducted record draw for almost 1,000 Express Entry applicants through the Express Entry sub-category of its immigrant nominee programs on October 18. It followed this with another invitation round on October 24 with 550 Express Entry candidates invited.

On Monday, Nova Scotia rolled out invitations to 430 people with work experience as registered psychiatric nurses or registered nurses through its Labour Market Priorities Streams. Nova Scotia said there was no minimum CRS requirement for these applicants.

Alberta selected Express Entry applicants with CRS scores as low as 350 in a selection round conducted October 9 through the Alberta Express Entry Streams. Earlier selection rounds through this stream have seen Express Entry applicants with scores as low as 300 obtained invitation for a provincial nomination from Alberta.

The first step to being considered for a provincial nominations through one of these streams is to create a valid profile in the Express Entry pool.