How to extend Study Permit in Canada – Foreign Students

If you are furthering your studies or taking a new program, it means you have to extend your Study Permit.

If your Canadian Study Permit expires, it means you are to stop all academic activities in the country. It is therefore important that you apply to extend study permit before it expires.

This page is a complete guide on how to extend your Canada Study Permit online. It also answers questions related to study permit extension and reapplication. The Government of Canada through the Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) is responsible for issuing Study Permits as well as extending or renewing it.

The expiry date of your Study Permit can be found on the top right hand corner of the document. The duration of your permit is also not hard to determine since it remains valid for your period of study in Canada plus extra 90 days to wrap up and leave or pick up a new residential document to extend your stay in the country.

If you finish your program earlier than expected, the expiry date for the permit will be the date marked on the permit for you study period to extend. The extra 90 days will no longer be included.

If you are furthering your studies or taking a new program, it means you have to extend your Study Permit. This is an easier and cheaper option than applying for a new Study Permit altogether.

Documents Required to Extend Study Permit in Canada

  • The Letter of Acceptance from your school
  • An application to change conditions, remain in Canada, or extend your stay as a student. This document is known as IMM 5709. You will create it depending on your reasons for applying for an extension of Permit.
  • Scanned copies of your passport and current study permit.
  • A digital passport-sized photo of yourself
  • Proof of financial support
  • Proof of medical condition or co-op letter (if applicable)
  • Your current permit
  • A valid credit or debit card for paying the application fee

All scanned documents must be clear. If the content of your documents are not readable due to poor quality, your application may be unattended to or the process delayed.

How to Extend Permit Online in Canada

Applying online is the most common procedure for Study Permit extension in Canada. Only students with grave disabilities or those who online applications developed issues may apply for the renewal on paper. Applying online also saves you cost from courier fees, and prevents time lag from mail delivery.

You can also review your online application and include other details on documents you did not provide initially.

The application procedure for Canada Study Permit extension has been provided below.

The IRCC also provides a comprehensive Study Permit Extension Application Guide. It is very important that you go through this guide even if you have understood the application process.

The IRCC constantly includes updates on document application and you may miss out on important information if you don’t check the guide.

  • Sign up to an IRCC account or login if you already have one. You can also register with IRCC using GCKey
  • Begin the application by clicking on ‘Apply to come to Canada’
  • Enter your personal reference code if you have one or click on the question mark for other options available for those who don’t have the code.
  • In the next page, answer the questions displayed. Your answers will be used to determine your eligibility for the application. Answer ‘study’ to the question on what you’ll like to do in Canada. You can also select ‘yes’ in the appropriate question if your program requires you to have a study permit.
  • Answer other questions appropriately and then upload all documents using the document checklist.
  • Provide your information correctly and as required. Needed information are
  • Personal details
  • Contact and mailing details
  • Language and proof of proficiency in English Language (if required)
  • Passport details (passport number, issue and expiry date, country of issue)
  • Details on when you hope to come to Canada and your purpose for coming
  • Your school and program details. This includes your student ID and DLI number.
  • Information on previous education and employment
  • Information on previous permits you’ve had and how many extensions you have applied for, including the number of refusals you’ve gotten
  • Pay the application fee

What is Canada Study Permit?

A study permit allows you to study at a Designated Learning Institution (DLI) in Canada. If your school is no longer recognized as one, you must transfer to another DLI to be able to renew your permit. Before the current one expires however, you can still continue studies in that institution.

Applying for Permit extension costs 150 Canadian Dollars. The fee is non-refundable and will be the last thing you are to do in your application. You can pay using a credit or debit card. While you wait for feedback from the IRCC, you can also view your application status from you online account.

Since you are extending your stay in Canada by applying for renewal of study permit, you also need to update your visa. You can begin to do this before or immediately after your application for extension of study permit

When Can I Begin Application for Extension of Study Permit?

It takes the IRCC 36 working days to process your application for extension when you submit it. You should therefore submit an application for renewal, latest 30 days to the expiry of the current one. You must also ensure your passport still has a long time before expiry or that you have renewed it. This is because your study permit cannot be extended beyond the validity period for your passport.

Can I Remain in Canada after my Permit Expires?

Since a Study Permit is not the same as a Student Visa, you may still remain in Canada after your Study Permit expires so long as your Visitor Visa or Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA) which is your means of entry into the country has not expired. However, you are not permitted to continue any academic activities neither are you allowed to work so it is just advisable that you start the extension process in time if you have not completed your education.

If you are able to submit a request for extension before your current permit expires, you may still continue your study until you receive information on the extension process.

This means that the conditions of studying in Canada with your expired Study Permit still remains valid if you have applied for an extension before the expiry. As this stage you have a ‘maintained status’ which was formerly referred to as an ‘implied status’.

You can also remain in Canada if your visa has not expired and you are applying for another kind of permit such as a Work Permit or a Work and Study Permit. Since you are applying for a new kind of permit altogether however, you must stop all activities related to study.

You cannot also begin work until you have obtained the new work permit from the Government of Canada.

What Should I do if my Permit has Expired and I’ve not Applied for Extension?

The first thing to do when your permit expires as have been maintained in this content is to stop attending classes and also stop all work and study activities. If you are caught disobeying this rule, you may be given a form of punishment or the other by the Canadian government.

If you still wish to extend your Study Permit, you have 90 days from when the previous one expired to apply for the extension. If it’s already past 90 days and you did not apply for extension, you have to start a new application for a fresh Permit.

At this point, you have lost your student status and will need to restore it. This will cost a restoration fee of $200 and $150 for obtaining a new Permit.

Questions Students have about Extending Study Permits

Is Study Permit the Same as Student Visa?

The Study Permit and Student Visa are two different things. A Student Visa allows you to enter into Canada to study. Without your visa, you may not be allowed in at the Canadian border or be permitted to board a plane from a recognized airport.

The Study Permit, on the other hand is the document that permits you to begin study in a recognized Designated Learning Institution in Canada.

The Student Visa is your ticket to enter into Canada, while your Study Permit is what allows you to remain in the country for study purposes.

It’s easy to get both mixed up because IRCC Canada does not issue a Student Visa in that sense to international students. Once your Permit has been approved, you can immigrate to Canada using a Visitor Visa or the electronic Travel Authorization (eTA).

Can I Study in Canada without a Study Permit?

Yes. You need a Permit to study in Canada. Only on special occasions which are included in the IRCC guide for Study Permit application are students not required to have a permit to study.

For example preschool students and online or distance learning students do not require a Study Permit. Irrespective of your study plan and program type however, you do not need a study permit if you are:

A family member or staff accompanying a foreign representative who has been approved by Global Affairs Canada.
A member of the armed forces of a nation and you are part of those selected for the Visiting Forces Act.

How Much Time does it Take to Extend Permit in Canada
It takes about 36 working days for the IRCC to process your application for extension of Study Permit in Canada.
Can I Extend my Permit Outside Canada?

No. You can not apply for extension when you are outside Canada. You must therefore understand when your permit will expire and plan your travels to ensure they don’t impact your study negatively.

You may travel after you have applied for extension so far as you have a means of obtaining a digital copy of the new permit after it has been processed or you will return before the old one expires.

Your Permit will always be required of you by the officer at the border. If it is still being processed, you can prove this by providing a copy of your application or extension, or the payment receipt when you applied.

Not in Canada yet?

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