Factors To Be Considered By Australian Skills Assessing Authorities

Your occupation and work experience should relate with each other because if your qualification and work experience differ, it might give skill assessing authority the cause of removing the years more than you expect.

Ensure to submit complete original documents to skill assessment authority as any discrepancy in your documents can result into a negative report. Submit any additional detail so as to show more clarity to the skill assessing authority. so that your documents can support your qualifications and experience. Check for the documents required for Australia PR.

Occupations under Computer and IT are inspected by an authority such as ACS (Australian Computer Society) and trade occupations like painting and decoration are inspected by TRA (Trade Recognition Australia) or VETASSESS (Vocational Educational and Training Assessment Services)

What Are The Factors Considered By Assessing Authority?

There are various factors on which skill assessing authorities place sharp emphasis which includes:

  • The occupation must be selected yourself
  • Your qualifications
  • Your work experience
  • The importance of your work and occupation
  • The visa category within which you are applying

Therefore, you must forward all possible document that can widen your immigration chances and a positive skill assessment. You can submit your certificates, academic transcripts, and experience letters, etc.

Most importantly, you should have a language assessment test sheet ready as some skill assessment bodies often request for your report at the skill assessment stage. The most recognised language test formats for Australia PR are IELTS and PTE.

Check for the score required for the English language under Australia PR
Skill Assessment analyzes your education and work experience, thus, the following are important documents which you must submit for work experience:

  • Payslips
  • Employer reference letters
  • Recent bank statements that shows salary credits

Therefore, as Skill Assessment is an essential factor, the information above will help you get a positive skill assessment report.

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