Financial Aid And Resources In Vancouver Institute Of Media Arts, Canada

Financial Aids are meant to reduce the financial burden of the students so that the students can focus on their studies.

There are many financial aid and resources In Vancouver Institute Of Media Arts, Canada for all eligible Canadian or Permanent Resident students. Any student at VanArts that is eligible irrespective of his or her nationality can apply for any financial aid or resources of their choice.

In addition to any funds you or your family already have saved up for your education, the most common options are Government Student Loans and/or a Student Line of Credit.

However, for those who have them, there is the option of withdrawing funds from RESPs or RRSPs for education.

Why Canada for your Studies?

Many students who choose Canada as their destination of study as international students do so for a number of reasons.

Some choose Canada because of their high rate of education, some choose Canada because of the number of scholarships, while others choose Canada because the Canadian population is friendly to other cultures.

So, for whatever reason you prefer to study in Canada, the truth is that you have made the right decision.

The Canadian government is one of the most friendly governments to foreigners and has made coming into Canada relatively easy for visitors who want to enter Canada either on a permanent basis or on a temporary term.

Students who want to study in Canada now find it easy to get Canadian visa for their immigration into Canada.

Also, many students prefer Canada as their preferred destination for their studies because of the low cost of tuition fees across Canada and also for the high standard of education in Canada.

Canadian Universities are ranked among the best in the world and students who graduate from these universities are likely to get employed after graduation.

Hence students prefer to study in Canada with the knowledge that after graduation, they would get employed.

Furthermore, Canadian universities and governments are known for the number of scholarships they offer to their students including international students who qualify for such scholarships.

So, students choose Canada to have access to these number of available scholarships.

Vancouver Institute Of Media Arts, Canada

Many students prefer VanArts because of the financial aid and resources In Vancouver Institute Of Media Arts, Canada

VanArts is a designated institution specializing in visual arts where students from many countries around the world come together to learn from the best teachers in the field of visual arts.

There are also many financial aids is available for all qualifying Canadian and permanent residents in VanArts.

Why Would you choose VanArts?

There are great reasons why you should choose VanArts from the multiple choices of institutions in Canada to study for your degrees in visual arts. The reasons are

VanArts have Graduates who are Working all over the world

Most of VanArts graduates are always employed within 6 months of graduation from the institution with over 90% of their graduates working in their preferred choice of career.

VanArts students are highly employable because they receive good training from the institution during their course of study.

They also offer programs needed to solve immediate problems in the world market. VanArts have produced graduates who work in the animation, visual effects, video game and film industries and are known as the best in their field.

These students have their names in the credits of popular movies, TV shows and games. VanArts graduates are everywhere, making things happen in the best studios in Vancouver and around the world.

VanArts enjoy seeing their graduates appear on the screen, and the entertainment industry is always looking for fresh talent and this is what VanArts offers you.

You could be the next one to join them the new talents in demand in the entertainment industry.

VanArts have a lot of Successful Graduates

When you graduate from Van Arts, you have the opportunity of being one of their successful graduates working in the best studios around the world.

There us constantly reoccurring stories from the graduates of VanArts and their successful careers. Their success stories come in different forms and in unique ways.

While some are winning awards, some are travelling the world as the best photographers, others are broadcasting at the Olympic games, while a few others are building the next generation of apps and online businesses, in whichever way they do that, the bottom line is that every VanArts graduate has their own unique success story to tell to the world.

Whatever you want to accomplish creatively and professionally, VanArts can give you the tools for a successful career.

Financial Aid And Resources In Vancouver Institute Of Media Arts, Canada

The financial aids and resources in Vancouver Institute of Media Arts, Canada can come in different forms.

These are meant to reduce the financial burden of the students so that the students can focus on their studies. The following are financial aids available at VanArts.

Canadian Government Student Loans

All Canadian provinces participate in the Canada Student Loans Program and have their own loan and grant programs to supplement your tuition and/or living costs.

For further information, contact the Student Financial Assistance Program in your residence province. A minimum of three weeks should be given before the program start date.

Student Line Of Credit

A student line of credit through a bank is different from a loan, as money is withdrawn only as you need it, and also paying only on what you withdraw during your studies.

The minimum amount is normally $5,000 and is based on your need, ability to repay, and possible required co-signer.

Check with your bank to see if they provide this service, or contact these other banks listed below:

  • Royal Bank of Canada
  • Bank of Montreal
  • HSBC
  • CIBC
  • Scotiabank
  • TD Canada Trust

LLP – Lifelong Learning Plan

Revenue Canada’s LLP allows Canadian residents to withdraw funds from RRSPs, without penalty to fund education. In doing so, you must first have a letter of acceptance to a full-time program from VanArts to apply for the fund.

The LLP allows qualified students to withdraw up to $10,000 tax-free from their RRSP, repayable over 10 years.

RESP – Registered Education Savings Plan

This is a tax-deferred savings plan used by parents to save for their children’s college education. It also makes you eligible for the Canadian Education Savings Grant.

VanArts Scholarships

Scholarships are not included in the financial aids and resources in Vancouver Institute of Media Arts, Canada. Even though VanArts is working so hard to keep the cost of programs affordable for all students, they do not so through scholarships.

Rather, their target is to keep tuition fees as low as possible for many of their students. Instead of having high tuition fees and then offering many scholarships to reduce the pains, VanArts decided to make sure that the tuition fees and the cost of their programs are as low as possible so that many students will be able to afford the tuition fees for their programs.

Rather than higher tuition and then offering large scholarships, VanArts has reduced the cost of its programs.

Admission Requirements into VanArts

Students must know that there are many financial aids and resources in Vancouver Institute of Media Arts, Canada before applying for admission into VanArts.

The first requirement you must meet to enrol in any full-time diploma programs at VanArts is that you must have at least reached the age of 19 years OR you must have graduated from a high school. Admission into VanArts is based upon a comprehensive review of your completed application.

All applications must be done online and after applying online, you must complete your application by sending the admission requirements below by email to [email protected] or by posting to VanArts, 570 Dunsmuir Street, Suite 600, Vancouver, BC, Canada V6B 1Y1.

Admission Materials Required for Full-Time Programs

  •  Portfolio (or Audition) Portfolios should consist of 12 examples of your best artwork, from whatever skill level you are at.
  • Letter of Intent (A one-page personal statement describing: your career goals, what sparks your interest in your chosen program of study and why you have chosen VanArts.)
  • Resume
  • Proof of age with Photo ID (photocopy of passport or driver’s license)
  • Transcripts (VanArts encourages applicants to submit all recent secondary and post-secondary transcripts. High school transcripts are required for candidates under 19 years of age.)
  • English Proficiency Requirement For students who have not completed their education in English these are the options available for you to demonstrate English language proficiency. We may also require a telephone or in-person interview with you. To see the partners of VanAtts for about English proficiency test for admission into Vancouver, click here

International Students Required Documents For Canada Visa

Every international student seeking admission into VanArts has a nominal fee the Student must pay for Authorization/Visa which is paid to Citizen and Immigration Canada.

When applying for your study permit, you will likely be required to submit the following documents

  1. A letter of acceptance for your program of study from VanArts.
  2. Evidence of financial support during your study period, i.e., a notarized letter or affidavit from your bank or parents, or student loan documents.
  3. Proof of intentions to return to your country of origin after your studies are complete.
  4. Evidence of prepaid tuition fees, your tuition receipt or a certified cheque or bank draft payable to VanArts.
  5. Proof of citizenship, i.e., passport or birth certificate.
  6. Include the Designated Learning Institution (DLI) number O19331363352 on your study permit application.