Financial Aid In MaKami College in Edmonton, Canada

The scholarship was created for students who are willing to further their education at higher institutions of learning but will require financial assistance to achieve that.

Makami College is a privately owned vocational college in Alberta. It has campus locations in both Edmonton and Calgary which are licensed by the Provincial Government of Alberta. MaKami College makes many financial aid options available to its students.

Students who are interested are usually advised to visit their Student Advisors for guidance on what financial aid they can benefit from.

MaKami College, Edmonton was instituted in 2001 and has since then risen to become the largest massage therapy school in the province of Alberta. Students are trained to become health care aides, massage therapists, instructors, and so on.

The school is popularly known for its Advanced Clinical Massage Therapy Diploma Program which students are to take over a 3000 hour, 2-year schedule.

Other programs offered at the College include:

  • Alberta Basic Security Training Program
  • Business Administrative Assistant  Diploma  Program
  • Health Care Aid Certificate Program
  • Master Instructor Diploma Program

MaKami College Filipino Canadian Heritage Scholarship

Filipino residents of the Province of Alberta stand a chance to benefit from the sum total of $50,000 given out yearly to students through the College’s Filipino Canadian Heritage Scholarship.

Students who can apply are Filipinos residing in the province of Alberta and are in need of financial assistance. Such students must also be enrolled in the Health Care Aide Program.

Selected students will receive between $1,000 and $5,000 as financial aid towards their education at the college. Those who benefit from the scholarship will be required to cover for other programs they are enrolled in asides from the Health Care Aide Program.

Once students are accepted for the scholarship, they are given one year to enroll for the MaKami College Health Care Aide Program or their scholarship award will be forfeited.

The Financial Aid Scholarship Fund

The Financial Aid Scholarship Fund is courtesy of MaKami College and the Pavkovic family which instituted the college. The scholarship was created for students who are willing to further their education at higher institutions of learning but will require financial assistance to achieve that.

The scholarship is open to students 18 years and above residing in the province of Alberta who will be willing to take any of the programs at MaKami College and will also be able to demonstrate the need for financial assistance.

Students who benefit from the scholarship will receive amounts between $500 to $5,000 towards their education at the college. All amount to be disbursed through the Financial Aid Scholarship fund will amount to $100,000

The scholarship will be used to cover students’ tuition fees and other needed educational materials. Students who apply and are selected for the Financial Aid Scholarship Fund are given up to one year to submit an application at MaKami College or they will forfeit the award.

Student Loan Maintenance at MaKami College

As part of the financial aid made available to students of MaKami College, loans are provided to students who are in need of financial assistance. Such loans are interest-free and students are not expected to make payments while they are still students in college.

Students who receive loans from colleges are usually contacted and provided with the guidelines for repayment of the loans after their graduation. Students are offered a grace period of six months after graduation before they receive their repayment schedule and are expected to begin the repayment process.

Students of MaKami College can obtain loans through:

  • Maintaining your Canada Student Loan
  • MyLoan Alberta
  • National Student Loan
  • Student Aid Alberta

Alberta Student Aid

Student Aid Alberta is the Province of Alberta’s financial assistance made available to its residents for their post-secondary education.

Students who submit applications to Student Aid Alberta will be considered for both loans and grants from the Provincial Government of Canada and the Federal Government of Canada. Students may be able to receive financial assistance from both government bodies at once or only from one of them.

Students are advised to apply for financial aid from Student Aid Alberta at least 60 days before the commencement of the academic year to ensure they receive feedback before their session begins. Students may apply for student aid every year and one application covers 12 months or a full academic session.

As already mentioned, loans received through Student Aid are interest-free and students do not need to make the repayment until six months after the end of their program. Students who benefit from grants however do not require to make a repayment.

You will receive due notification on what kind of financial aid you are to receive from the government.

Eligibility Requirements for the Alberta Student Aid

The following are the eligibility requirements for applying for Student Aid with the province of Alberta:

  • Full-time students must be enrolled in 60% or more of their program workload while part-time students can be enrolled in less than 60% of their program workload. Full-time students with disabilities are required to be enrolled in at least 40% of their course workload. Part-time students with disabilities can be enrolled in less than 40% of their course workload.
  • Students must be Canadian citizens, permanent residents, or protect persons. In all cases, students who can apply for the Alberta Student Aids are those who are currently residing in the Province of Alberta. You are considered a resident of Alberta if you have lived in the province for the immediate past 12 months before you started schooling or you have been schooling in the province for the immediate past 12 months or you have a parent who has been living in Canada since the past 12 months.
  • Students who are to apply must be able to demonstrate financial need, that is, their cost or expenses must be more than their financial resources or income as at the time they are submitting an application.
  • Students must be enrolled in schools and programs that are considered eligible for the Alberta Student Aid.

The amount students can receive as financial aid will defer based on their workload (full-time or part-time). Other special circumstances that can increase the number of financial aid students receive are the presence of a disability and participation in an integrated internship, co-op, or practicum.

Documents required to apply for the Alberta Student Aid

All students of MaKami College who wish to receive financial assistance through the province of Alberta must provide the following documents or information:

  • Personal details such as name, address, phone number, date of birth, gender, and email address.
  • The Social Insurance Number (SIN)
  • The Alberta Student Number
  • Emergency contact details
  • Total income received in the past year. This can be deduced from line 150 of the Income Tax Return
  • Other financial information such as the amount of money to be received from parents, through awards, and other sources.
  • Details on nature of program, duration, and start and end dates.
  • Dependent students will provide the name of their parents or guardians, their total income amount, and their family size.
  • Married or common-law students will provide their spouse’s name, birthdate, SIN, and total income amount.
  • Students with dependent children will provide the name and birthdate of their child or children and the monthly childcare costs. This will apply to children below 12 years of age.
  • Students with permanent disabilities will provide proof of such.

Applying for the Alberta Student Aid

Full-time students who wish to apply for Student Aid must first create a Student Aid Account through the Alberta Student Aid website. This is optional for part-time students. Full-time students will complete their application by submitting the form online through their account while part-time students must also complete the application form designed for them.

After submitting an application students can receive an award letter for a grant and/or loan, a request to supply a piece of missing information, or a rejection letter. Information about students’ financial aid status will be received via email within eight weeks of submitting an application.

How to Determine Financial Need

Student Aid Alberta requires students to be able to demonstrate the need for financial assistance before they can receive grants or loans. This is usually determined by subtracting the number of resources students have from the cost or expenses they have at and. A tangible marginal difference between both will determine how much financial aid a student requires.

Student Aid considers all expenses towards education and living as part of student costs. This can also include childcare and healthcare costs. Students’ resources include parent’s contributions, student salaries, AISH payments, and so on.

The Alberta Student Aid Service Centre can be reached through the North America toll-free number 1-855-606-2096 Monday through Friday from 7:30 am to 8:30 pm Alberta time. Students can also send mails to this address:

Alberta Student Aid

Box 28000

Station Main Edmonton,

Alberta T5J 4R4

The Makami College’s Student Advisory Services (SAS)

The Student Advisory Services (SAS) of MaKami College was created to help students receive updated information on financial aids from the Provincial and Federal Government, charitable organizations, individuals, and other private-owned organizations.

The department helps students answer popular questions on applying for financial aid and repaying loans. The department is responsible for offering advice to students on how best they can manage their finances and get access to affordable housing in Edmonton. Other services offered by the SAS of MaKami College are:

  • Provision of Academic Advice
  • Healthcare services
  • Mental Health Counselling
  • Childcare Services
  • Employment Opportunities
  • Community Support
  • International Student Services
  • Alumni Support

For inquiries on any subject as regards financial aid at MaKami College, students should contact the school at:

#137, Bonnie Doon Shopping Centre

8330 – 82 Avenue NW

Edmonton, AB

T6C 4E3

Telephone: 780-468-3454

Toll-Free: 1-833-262-5264

Fax: 780-485-6081

Email: [email protected]