Where to find the Best Oil and Gas Jobs in Canada

There are thousands of oil and gas jobs across provinces in Canada.

Looking for a job in the oil and gas industry? Canada could be the place for you, Canada is one of the finest countries in the world, which provides you with a very impressive varied options of  lucrative job opportunities in oil and gas production.
Being the fourth largest oil producing and exporting nation in the world, demand for more oil workers like drillers, mud loggers, operators, engineers among others is ever in the increase in the Great North. Nevertheless,  where precisely in Canada, should you look in anticipation of such jobs?

The territory of Canada is very large with 13 provinces. However, it is good news that your job search can be narrowed down to three provinces, which are responsible for 97 percent of the oil and gas production in Canada.

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Top Oil Producing Provinces in Canada

Despite the fact that there is only three top oil producing provinces in Canada. There are however,  thousands of jobs in this sector across these provinces in Canada.

Therefore, locating a province where your profession is in demand will enable you to narrow down your job search, in addition, you may even qualify for a Provincial Nominee Program

1. Alberta

The number one province on this list and taking the first spot as the largest oil producing province in Canada, in addition to being the largest oil sands producer in the world is the Canadian prairie province, of Alberta.

In this province is located major oil fields in cities like Brooks, Medicine Hat, Caroline, and Red Deer. Here, you are bound to also find oil refineries and upgraders like Shell Canada Scotford Upgrader and the Shell Canada Scotford Refinery, which produces as much as 100,000 barrels of oil per day. In addition, from Alberta are pipelines, which transport crude oil to other provinces and the United States.

2. Saskatchewan

Saskatchewan is another prairie province and its the second largest oil producing province in Canada, it is responsible for nearly 13.5 percent of heavy crude oil, light crude oil, and natural gas production in Canada.

There is a good news around here, and the good news is that knowing where to find the best oil and gas jobs in Saskatchewan, is easy, simply because there are four distinct oil producing regions in the province, namely the Lloydminster area, the Kindersley area, the Swift Current area, and the Weyburn area.

3. Newfoundland and Labrador

Newfoundland and Labrador is one of the smaller provinces in Canada, this province depends heavily on its incredible oil and gas industry as its major economic driver.

In Newfoundland and Labrador, there are four fields, which produces an average of 240,000 barrels per day and a fifth oil field, the Hebron project, a $14 billion project, which produced its first oil in November 2017.

Newfoundland and Labrador could be a great place for you to search for jobs, whether in the oil and gas industry or some other sectors, if this province interest you, then you can check this list of designated employers which is part of the Atlantic Immigration Pilot program.

Through this Atlantic Immigration program, you can find yourself permanently living and working in this province if you succeed to obtain a job offer from a designated employer.

Major Oil Producing Companies in Canada

The career page on any company website is a good avenue to find oil and gas jobs in Canada. So do well to always check out these career pages.  For instance, Enbridge Inc posted about 42 job positions available for hiring across Canada.

Furthermore, you also get to learn more information about the different companies, their vision, their mission, in addition to the benefits of working with them. Being armed with this sort of information, can help you create and tailor your CV adequately, including polishing up your cover letter when you apply for jobs.

Below is a list of the 10 biggest Canadian Oil & Gas Companies

  • Enbridge Inc.
  • Suncor Energy Inc.
  • Imperial Oil Ltd.
  • Canadian Natural Resources
  • Cenovus Energy Inc.
  • Husky Energy Inc.
  • Parkland Fuel Corp.
  • TC Energy Corp.
  • Gibson Energy Inc.
  • Pembina Pipeline Corp.

Oil and Gas Jobs in Canada

The oil and gas industry in Canada offers much more than just working on a rig. There was approximately 533,000 Canadian jobs created by oil and gas exploration and production in 2017, therefore, there are lots of opportunities available in this sector.

Encompassing from truck drivers, janitors, chefs to accountants, the oil and gas industry is made up of a wide variety of workers and professionals with different skill sets.

Top 10 Highest Paying Oil And Gas Field Jobs

Below are the top 10 highest paying oil and gas field jobs in 2021, as proscribed by Indeed.

Top 10 Highest Paying Oil Field Jobs in 2021
Job Annual Salary in USD
1. Gas plant operator $41,451
2. Well testers $44,061
3. Chemical engineer $63,844
4. Sales representative $65,169
5. Petroleum geologist $70,578
6. Vessel manager $72,125
7. HR adviser $72,174
8. Drilling engineer $75,770
9. Crude oil driver $76,874
10. Executive account manager $77,099

Best Ways to Work in Canada’s Oil and Gas Industry

Do you plan or wish to work in Canada? The right question is How? Canada offers over a 100 types of visa programs, which allow foreign nationals to immigrate to the country either on a temporary or permanent basis.

Therefore, if you are interested in this job hunt move, there are a number few options, you could consider.

However, here are two very popular visa programs that you could consider, which in addition, allows you to bring your family members with you to Canada.

1. Express Entry Program

The Express Entry Immigration program is one of the quickest and easiest ways as a skilled worker such as an HSE advisor, accountant, engineer, manager or geologist to work in Canada’s oil and gas industry.  Should your application be successful you will receive a Canadian Permanent Residence Visa.

A major advantage of following the Express Entry route is that you do not have to get an oil and gas job in Canada to qualify for an Express Entry program, however, it would improve your application with an additional 50 – 200 points.

Advantages of Express Entry

  • Does not require any job offer, nevertheless, you’ll need settlement funds
  • Applications are Processed within 6 months
  • You have the opportunity to live and work anywhere in Canada, unless you are a provincial nominee
  • The entire application process is online based, giving you the needed convenience.

2. Canadian Work Permit

If you look forward to settle in Canada, maybe not now, but sometime in the future, what you’ll need is a job offer to qualify you for a work permit, which will allow you work in Canada on a temporary status. A Canadian work permit is often offered along with a temporary resident visa, this determines for or with whom you can work, where you can work, in addition to how long you can work in Canada.

It is very important to state that gaining work experience in Canada is a very effective means of earning permanent residency status in the long run. Canada, gives priority to applicants who have gained local work experience, this it provides through a few immigration programs such as the Provincial Nomination Program.

Therefore, It is always a great idea to have adequate understanding of your visa in addition to the immigration options available to you, before you take the leap of faith, so that you are consequently empowered with an optimal plan for your future in the Great North.

Work in Canada With Professional Help

Canada’s oil and gas industry is a booming economic sector, posing a very high demand for workers who are both in skilled and intermediate skilled positions. What this implies, is that if you dream to up your career and by so doing earn a better living then Canada is where you need to be to make that a reality.

You can start your new life journey through work immigration to Canada by knowing your visa options with the professional help of workstudyvisa and get the necessary information required to guide you through the complex visa application processes.


Aside from The provinces of Alberta, Saskatchewan and Newfoundland and Labrador, in what other provinces of Canada is oil and gas produced?
British Columbia and Manitoba, are also oil producing provinces of Canada, they produce approximately 1% each of Canada’s oil.
Is Ontario included as part of the oil and gas province of Canada?
The answer is yes. Though Ontario is not a significant producer of petroleum or a major player in the oil and gas industry in Canada, this is because the province has just over 2,300 producing oil and gas wells. However, Ontario’s manufacturing sector is a very important supplier for Canada’s oil and natural gas industry.
Can foreign immigrants get job in the oil and gas industry in Canada?
The answer is yes. Through the Federal Skilled Trades Program (FSTP) Permanent Residence Visa is granted to eligible foreign nationals in high-demand occupations such as; contractors and supervisors for oil and gas drilling services, structural fabricators and ironworkers, machinists, oil and gas well drillers, and welders and several other skilled trades.