Best 10 Websites to Find Government Jobs in Canada

In this guide, you will surely know how to find government jobs in Canada.

One of the common ways to find government jobs in Canada is through a job search website. Come to think of it, we are in the 21st century and manually searching for jobs is a traditional method.

However, there are a wide array of online job boards as well as aggregators, social media, channels apps, staffing company websites, and networking groups to apply for government jobs.

Searching for government jobs in Canada does not have to be stressful, that is why we have collated the most possible way for you to find government jobs in Canada.

Therefore, in this article, we will enlighten you on the best 10 websites to find either federal government jobs, Provincial government jobs, or municipal government jobs in Canada. Stay with us!

What are government jobs?

Certainly, government jobs are the aspects of jobs that are overseen by either the government federal government, provincial government, or municipal government, offering great benefits and competitive pay.

So, when you hear someone say that they work for the government, it means that they are either a civil servant or civil service employee and are working for the government agency in either province levels, federal levels, or municipal levels.

Why find government jobs in Canada?

Oftentimes, you might be faced with the question- “what is so special about government jobs”. Yeah!, There is a lot of special benefit for you as a civil service employee in Canada, and many employees seek the opportunity to find government jobs in Canada owing to its job security and various incentives.

Basically, many perks come with working for the government. Moreso, these benefits are constant regardless of if you work for the state, federal, or local government. Here are some of the reasons why you should find government jobs in Canada

  • There’s a high employment rate
  • There’s an attractive pay
  • It has a better job security
  • You will get the opportunity to contribute positively to the public

Examples of Government jobs in Canada

Undoubtedly, the Canadian government both at the provincial, federal, and municipal levels houses a wide array of job prospects for employees who find government jobs in Canada.

Here are some of the areas where government jobs are available

  • Administration
  • Law enforcement
  • Science and engineering
  • Education, public health, and social services
  • Commerce and technology
  • International relations and linguistics
  • Emergency responder
  • Schoolteacher
  • Correctional officer
  • Social worker
  • Database administrator
  • Firefighter
  • Civil engineer
  • Linguist

Eligibility to find government jobs in Canada

To find government jobs in Canada,  there are requirements you have to meet to make you eligible for the job offer.

Not only are these requirements important for you to work at the federal levels in Canada but also at the municipal and provincial levels. Therefore, ensure that you don’t miss any of it

  • You must be aged 16 or older
  • Certainly, you must be Canadian citizens or permanent residents. However, if you hold a valid work permit following government requirements, you are eligible for work.
  • You must meet the screening requirements; and
  • You must meet the language requirements of the position. That is the Canadian official language.

Can immigrants find government jobs in Canada?

Yes, Absolutely, Canadian immigrants can find government jobs in Canada. Infact, the truth is that few government jobs specifically demand for Canadian citizens (However, you can obtain citizenship after a short period) but on the contrary, immigrants can easily find government jobs in Canada either at the federal, provincial, or municipal levels.

Interestingly, government jobs in Canada are sturdy with fewer layoffs. Also, they are very good benefits that come with your salary.

However, if you are bilingual (i.e if you’re vast in the Canadian official languages), your chances of finding government jobs in Canada will increase.

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Top websites to find government jobs in Canada

Welcome to the 21st century where technology has improved the life of every individual. Gone are the days where you have to walk from one company to another, or from one industry to the other, in search of jobs.

There are many websites to find government jobs in Canada, and we will be discussing the best 10 websites.

#1. CareerBuilder

Without a doubt, there is no list of best job search websites that will be complete without CareerBuilder. Basically, CareerBuilder is one of the longest-lived and biggest job boards on the internet that is well known for its size and longevity.

With its robust search function, you can find government jobs in Canada when you filter by several criteria including job title, pay range, and location.

Actually, CareerBuilder uses Google artificial intelligence to help you search for jobs with suitable opportunities as well as provide career advisor resources for your job need.

Also, you will have access to candidate management tools, targeted recruitment emails, and lots more if you subscribe to monthly plans.

#2. Robert Half

Ultimately with Robert half, you will find thousands of remote job listings in Canada, as well as around the world. Mostly, many opportunities you will find in Robert half cannot be seen anywhere else.

Therefore, to find government jobs in Canada using Robert half you will have to submit your resume to apply for full-time or temporary positions and subscribe to a job alert to be updated on new opportunities.

Moreso, you will be offered tips to land a career and job development advice on how to find government jobs in Canada.

Not only is Robert have for employees but also for employers especially the government to browse candidates and submit hiring requests for follow-up.

#3. Indeed

Not only does indeed support posted jobs by employers but also aggregate posting from across the web including professional associations and from company career pages, allowing you to search globally or locally.

Undoubtedly, Indeed hosts more than 150 million resumes Wow! likewise, 10 new jobs are often added to the site every second.

Therefore, you can find government jobs in Canada with this awesome website. In addition, Indeed offers free resources for job seekers including a career blog and resume builder.

#4. LinkedIn

Being one of the top networking sites, LinkedIn allows you to find government jobs in Canada only through a direct employer list and also communication with your extended network.

Definitely, your profile serves as your resume, and you can quickly share and find career-related content, as well as diving deep into leadership posts from people in your field, supplying and soliciting recommendations.

In addition, you can participate in professional discussions and follow government companies you find interesting and relevant to your job search.

The basic LinkedIn is free but the premium is paid. However, the premium paid features offer advanced search services and functions

 #5. Google for Jobs

Most certainly, Google for jobs aggregate listing of jobs from sites across the web. Mainly, you will use it like you use Google on the same main search page.

For instance, if you want to find government jobs in Canada in the accounting niche, you will just input “government accounting jobs”, and the list of available positions will be shown. Also, you will be shown the rating and job salary for the position, if it is available.

Therefore, if a job position catches your eyes you can go to the source of the job listing and apply. Importantly, one of the benefits of Google for jobs is that it displays only one listing for each position and eliminates redundant results.

#6. Monster

Interestingly, Monster is a massive job site that offers services including networking, resume review, service company profiles, and mobile app in more than 40 countries all over the world. Basically, it is one of the first commercial websites and a major one at that.

Hence, you can utilize these websites to find government jobs in Canada. In addition, this site is perfect as it scores your potential fit with a role based on your interest and skills.

#7. Eluta

Specifically, Eluta is a Canadian search engine that helps Canadians or immigrants to find government jobs in Canada.

Not only does Eluta feature job posting for more than 10,000 employees across Canada but also links back to the original employer’s job postings. However, you can sign up for email alerts to notify you of new jobs that match your search criteria.

#8. Jobboom

Are you in Quebec? Or do you wish to find government jobs in Canada (Quebec precisely)?. Without a doubt, Jobboom is the largest recruitment site in Quebec that offers services in both French and English.

However, this website allows you to post your resume on the site and directly apply for jobs, or reply to job offer broadcasts.

Not only does Jobboom offer career guidance but also articles on topics such as market trends, self-learning, and hot cover paths.

#9. ZipRecruiter

Firstly, ZipRecruiter started as a tool for small businesses to affordably post jobs. However, it has now grown into an online employment marketplace that utilizes artificial intelligence to connect businesses of different sizes with job seekers through the web, email services, and mobile. You can use ZipRecruiter’s mobile app to apply and browse for jobs.

#10. Simply Hired

Also, Simply Hired is a search site that collects listing from the web including job boards,  pages company career pages, and niché job website.

It is an ideal website to find government jobs in Canada. Recently, it reported that it lists job openings from 700,000 unique employers and operate search engine in 12 languages and 24 countries.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do government jobs pay well in Canada?

Basically, government workers’ salaries are competitive with the nonprofit and private sectors. However, when you have solid work experience and strong academic background your pay can be quickly increased

How much do government workers make in Canada?

Averagely, public servants in Canada can make up to $62,882 per annum


In conclusion, it is not difficult to find government jobs in Canada. However, you have to meet the eligibility requirements to be a government worker. Regardless of if not you are a Canadian citizen or immigrant, you can definitely find government jobs in Canada