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Finland Work Visa – Requirements, Application, and Documentation

Finland is a great place to work! It is a beautiful country with friendly people. The work culture is relaxed, but people are still very productive. If you wish to take up a job in Finland, you may consider getting a Finland work visa- if you’re not from a Schengen country.

The Finland work visa is a specialized visa type with the sole aim of helping foreigners gain employment opportunities in Finland. Without a doubt, Finland has a low unemployment rate, and it is considered one of the most stable economies in the world.

So, suppose you’re planning on working in a country proven to offer you financial independence and work security. In that case, you need to see this guide to know the documentation and requirements you need to apply for the Finland work visa.

About Finland work visa

The Finland work visa is often a long-term permit that allows you to carry out your job in Finland for more than 90 days. Hence, it is somewhat different from other visa types.

Finland is a Schengen country, meaning that citizens of other countries can travel to Finland without a visa. However, suppose you are not a citizen of a Schengen country. In that case, you will need to apply for a Finland work visa to enter Finland to work to earn money.

And yes, in addition to offering a friendly and comfortable work environment, you will enjoy its beautiful views of abundant forests and lakes and its progressive education and social welfare systems.

Eligibility requirements for the Finland work visa

If you’re not a citizen of the Schengen member states, or your country has no visa-free agreement with Finland, then obtaining the Finland work visa becomes a necessity to work in the country. But first, check if you’re eligible for this visa type before making a move. Here are some eligibility requirements you need to meet to get the Finland work visa.

  • You must have a work contract with a registered company in Finland.
  • Suppose you are not going for seasonal work. In that case, you must have a university degree related to the job you plan to do in Finland.
  • You must have no past criminal record from your home country or in the countries you’ve visited before.
  • Likewise, you must prove that you’re not a danger to the security of Finland.
  • All laws and regulations of Finnish must be accurately adhered to.
  • Significantly, it would help if you have no travel bans to any Schengen area.

Requirements for the Finland work visa

Applying for the Finland work visa requires separate registration and documentation. Therefore, we will be discussing the documents you will need to have a successful application. Stay with us!.

#1. Employment contract

Without a doubt, your visa will be ultimately rejected if you have no valid employment contract to tender at the embassy.

Because this visa type is unique for working in Finland, you need to reach an employment agreement with an employer in Finland before applying for the visa. Also, your employer must prove that a citizen or resident of Finland cannot undertake the work you are taking up.

#2. Valid passport

It would be best if you had a valid passport to transit from your country to Finland. Your passport must be valid and authentic. A destroyed passport with the front page torn will not be accepted.

#3. Passport photo

You will need at least two passport photographs that meet the Schengen rule for your passport for your application. Note that this passport photo must not be older than six months ago and taken against a bright background.

#4. Medical clearance certificate

And yes, you need to tender your medical certificate that proves that you are medically fit to work in Finland. This particular procedure is crucial to ensure that the health of the citizens and residents of England a safe while you are around.

#5. Police clearance certificate

The police clearance certificate is heavenly, and you must obtain it before applying for the Finland work visa. This is to ensure that you have no criminal records that can threaten Finland’s security.

Types of Finland work visa

Undoubtedly, the type of work visa and permit you will receive depends on the nature of work you will undergo in the Finnish company. Currently, about three categories of Finland work visas apply to most companies. They are:

#1. Business visa

The Finland business visa is a short visa that can last up to three months. You will not be able to do engaging work with this visa type. However, you can attend seminars and business conferences that apply to your job. Moreso, this visa’s relevance is often to orient employees during the onboarding process before they fully start work in Finland.

#2. Residence permit for self-employment

Many private entrepreneurs, cooperative members, or business partners can use this visa type. However, you must register your business with the trade register before obtaining these specialized permits.

#3. Residence permit for an employed person

Without a doubt, this is the most common work visa you can obtain to work in Finland. Most companies often use it to expand operations within Finland. Within this category, there are three types of visas which are Permanent (P), Continuous (A), and Temporary (B). In addition, if you seek a work opportunity in Finland for the first time, you can opt-in for temporary permits.

How to Apply for a Finland Work Visa?

Applying for a Finland work visa requires that you adhere to the procedures and steps in this prose. Here are the steps you need to follow

Step one: Find a job in Finland

Without a doubt, the very first step to obtaining a work visa is to apply for a job in Finland. This is because you must submit the letter of employment or work contract at the embassy or local Finnish mission before obtaining the visa. Note that with no work contract, there is no visa.

Step two: Apply for the Finland work visa

The next step after securing a job in Finland is to apply for a Finland visa. You can access this permit online or in person. However, checking the e-services online will be much easier for your application.

You can pay the visa application fee online if you apply through the service. However, if in person, you must bring your application fee with you when you visit the embassy or consulate.

Step three: Visit the Finnish Embassy or Consulate in your country

Upon collection of your documents (for instance, passport, travel insurance, civil documents, statement of accounts, etc.), and application for the visa online, you can proceed to visit the Finnish Embassy or consulate office in your country. You must apply in person for your biometrics.

Importantly, if your document is not given in English, you must translate and legalize it in Swedish or Finnish.

Step four: Await your visa response

So, once you have made all registration and documentation, you can patiently wait for an answer. It is important to note that the processing of your Finland work visa application is in two ways. Firstly, it will be processed by the Employment and economic development office, and a partial decision will be made upon your application. After then, the decision and final processing will be made by the Finnish immigration service.

If you apply through the e-service, the outcome of your application will be sent to you online. But if you applied on paper, the Finland immigration office will send the decision to the Finnish Embassy or mission you applied at in your home country, after which they will get across to you via post or email.

Step five: Visit Finland

Once all this is set, you can pick up your permit and move to Finland. Note that your personal information will be recorded in the Finnish population information system once the resident card has been issued. So, you can start to work in Finland anytime you want.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I get a work permit in Finland?

Yes, you can get a work permit in Finland. You must have a job offer from a Finnish employer to be eligible. The process is relatively straightforward, and the government of Finland provides detailed information on its website.

Is a Finland visa easy to get?

Finland is a Schengen country, so visa requirements are identical to any other country. Generally, a visa is easy to get if you have a valid passport, a return ticket, and proof of sufficient funds to support yourself while in Finland.

Can I move to Finland without a job?

Yes, you can move to Finland without a job if you are a citizen of the Schengen member country. But it will be much more difficult to find employment without a work permit. Finland is a great place to live, with a high quality of life, but it is also expensive. So you may want to consider other options before making a move.

How can I get a job in Finland?

There are a few ways to get a job in Finland. One way is to find a job opening online and apply online. Another way is to go to Finland and look for jobs in person. Lastly, a third way is to get a job through a friend or family member who lives in Finland.

What is the minimum wage in Finland?

The minimum wage in Finland is €8.86 per hour.


There are many well-paid jobs you can get in Finland. And even if you want to move to Finland as a self-employed, you will find Finland lucrative. We have provided the documents, requirements, and how to apply for the Finland visa. Ensure that you follow succinctly.

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